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... I've never taken ritalin, but I have taken adderall and focalin. I quit the adderall because it was really difficult to deal with as it wore off and seemed to depress my personality too much, if that makes sense. When I tried focalin, I never felt sleepy, but I've always been a bit of an insomniac. I was told by others, however, that it really affected my attitude, even in... (1 replies)
... I didnt feel like Adderall was giving me the same happy and focused effect as it did when I first started taking it a couple of years ago. I began taking Focalin two days ago, at 10mg and didn't feel anything. Today I boosted it up to 20mg and I still don't feel any since of focus, and it has been 9 hours... ... (1 replies)
... Chaosmom, I had the same issues with Ritalin. I had taken the short acting Adderall for years and it was a miracle. Then when the shortage happened I switched. Awful. If you cant go on Adderall, you could ask to try Focalin. It's similar to Adderall in that you don't get the moodiness and such. I have used it and it works pretty well. Katsiebug, you really do need to take... (5 replies)

Kid with ADD
Jan 6, 2012
... My daughter is only seven, but started Focalin about a year and a half ago. The impulsive behavior related to her ADD is quite dominant and often results in many arguments and somewhat aggressive behavior. ... (6 replies)
Kid with ADD
Dec 7, 2011
... Now, it is incredibly difficult to have ADD in school. Imagine how awful it would be to work your very hardest, only to be told you don't measure up and you aren't trying. He may simply have given up. ... (6 replies)
Kid with ADD
Dec 7, 2011
... My 14 year old kid was diagnosed with ADD and "executive functioning disorder." He was not doing well in school, and in some ways did not seem to care about whether he did well or not. ... (6 replies)
New to Focalin
Oct 24, 2011
... Uggg. I had such high hopes that by finally agreeing to take medication for my ADD, it would help immediately. After 5 days on Focalin, I think the ONLY thing I can foicus on is how dry my mouth is! Am I too impatient? I thought these types of medication worked really quickly. But then again, I don't really know how I am supposed to feel on them. Does it take a while to... (1 replies)
... Both myself and my daughter have ADD. My daughter has not experienced being sleepy on ADD meds. However, she found Focalin to not be very helpful. ... (3 replies)
... Ok. I started taking 5mg of focalin a day now i am at 10 mg. Iv noticed that I have become very sleepy. Not the crash that comes whens it wears off just sleep during the day and tired. ... (3 replies)
... Hi ccmitche, I'm new here also and these guys have helped me and answered my questions too :) I'm sorry if this posts 2 times....something weird happened to the computer so now I have to retype everything! I'm ok with that since I just took my adderall! Anyway, I think everyone has answered most of your questions so the only thing I can contribute is my own experience. I was... (37 replies)
... Never having tried Vyvanse, I can't say from personal experience, but 50mg is not overly high according to the dosage recommendations I've read. The recommended dosage ranges from 30mg to 70mg, with 50mg being approximated to a 20mg dose of Adderall. That said, I see a lot of wisdom in the above post, and I would wholeheartedly suggest that you consider the issues raised... (4 replies)
... my 4 yr old is diagnosed ADD and anxiety... we started adderall xr last month and the first day was awful.... i was determined, so i stuck with it and the first week of the meds was great! ... (0 replies)
... I was diagnosed with ADHD, ADD and anxiety. I was placed on 10 mg. of Focalin to start, but I was still not fully focused. ... (4 replies)
... I wouldn't say one ADD med is better than another it will depend on the person and how they react to it. ... (4 replies)
... I also never really asked what the meds would do since I was astounded at the diagnosis. From what I understand, please correct me if I'm wrong, if I truly have ADD then the stimulant medicine will not make me into a housecleaning spaz, but slow me down and make me more focused. Is this right? ... (13 replies)
... So your dose can vary between 28 and 92mg of Methylphenidate every morning? Wow. Talk to your doctor again, and you may need a second opinion. 72mg (4 18mg tablets) is the maximum recommended dose for Concerta for treatment of ADHD. For Focalin, the recommended dosage for adults is 20-40mg daily. I'm afraid your doctor is pushing the limits awfully quickly without... (13 replies)
... e back about it, but I'm pretty sure he did tell me to take both. Anyhow, my friend said that if the medicine makes me hyper and full of energy then I don't have ADD and that the meds are doing nothing but making me high. I don't really feel that, but I don't feel "mellow" either. ... (13 replies)
Is it Adult ADD
Jul 15, 2009
... You might find the ADD meds have the opposite effect on you. For some with ADD the medications make them tired. ... (8 replies)
Apr 26, 2009
... does anyone know how many hours a 30mg focalin xr will last for? ... (1 replies)
... completely apart. Really my fault. An insightful counselor had me answer a bunch of questions, referred me to a psychiatrist, diagnosed with adult ADD, been on focalin xr about a month. Really seems to be helping. ... (9 replies)

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