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... Can anyone tell me what kinda symptoms happen when coming off hydrocodone? ... (9 replies)
... Your story is much like mine. Ive been an addict on hydrocodone and xanax for 7yrs off and on. In the beginning I took them to get high and hide from my problems. I still do on occassion but now mostly its just for pain. ... (11 replies)
... d my doctor switched me from Hydocodone 10.325 8 per day to morphone sulfate 100mg 4 x a day and 8 mgs diladid 4 times a day plus a muscle relaxor. I want to go off of my pain meds to clean up my system for a while and I have done this before while taking hydrocodone. ... (4 replies)

... cially in people who have taken them longer than you did. i had to actually take them for quite awhile after my knee replacement surgery and the leg cramps after coming off of the meds were worse than the surgery itself. ... (10 replies)
... This is hell at times, but I believe it will be so worth it!! How long have you been off these hydros? ... (40 replies)
... re you to. With 2 small children, that is a task in itself. Today has been okay so far. No more back aches but feel weak still. I haven't taken any meds for pain coming off the lortabs. I did take many hot showers and that helped a lot. I have started on vitamins now to try and rebuild my system. ... (40 replies)
... am aware of the liver damage that these cause, and I pray now, and see a doctor next...I have to get past all of the withdrawls, all of the symptoms that go with coming off this stuff because thats where I will need the will to tell my doctor no, no more pain meds for me... ... (40 replies)
... I've been taking about 30 mgs of Hydrocodone everyday for 2 years some for pain but mostly recreational. I ran out Monday and I'm so tired of depending on these things so I quit cold turkey. ... (10 replies)
... I didn't know that. I honestly don't remember if I yawned during my dependency. But, yawning was the first withdrawal that I experienced coming off of Percocets that alerted me that I might be having withdrawals, and YES it was very annoying!! ... (2 replies)
... Hey, I have been thinking about you. I have been sleeping pretty good, but if I can't sleep, I take as dose of Nyquil. I am coming off hydrocodone, and not suboxone, and I hear coming off of suboxone is worse. 5 hours of sleep in 9 days!!! That is terrible. God, I am so sorry. That stinks. ... (8 replies)
... Cymbalta did nothing for my pain and when I tried to stop taking it, I once again had terrible withdrawals. This was a totally different type of withdrawal than coming off opiates. The most disturbing symptom with Cymbalta withdrawal was the dreaded "brain zaps" ... (4 replies)
... truth be told im coming off an upper respiratory infection (bacterial) so that added some sickness to the dope sick. antibiotics are kicking in so i think my infection is on its last leg. taking loperamide and acetemenophen did wonders (thanks granny - no more shits or fever). i also got my hands on some xanax and thats the real "magic pill" for dope sickness (and dont worry... (4 replies)
... and refilled it then took it when I was coming off the vicodin and it made it SO MUCH EASIER. The chills stopped, the sweats stopped, I stopped throwing up but I still had pyschological symptoms and cravings. ... (12 replies)
... I wanted to give you my husband Ed's Subutex taper schedule. It worked very well for him. Please keep in mind that while he was tapering he was off work so he was able to have go thru a 'bad day' while he was tapering without having to worry about working. ... (7 replies)
... Percocect addiction. Athought the opiate WD's aren' what I would call fun, they are nothing compared to what I went through coming off my alcohol habit. The point I want to make is this...............I had to go through the pain of the WD's to get where I am today. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for the "happy Thanksgiving" really this is the 1st Thanksgiving in 3 years I have been off hydrocodone. ... (12 replies)
... ly if you're goin cold turkey as I did, expect pretty intense discomfort. Like you, I did this all at home, so it's not impossible...but you need to cut yourself off from the drug supply, and if possible, tell someone about your situation and see if they can watch over you, at least for the first week or two. ... (6 replies)
... Down to 3 hydrocodone per day. ... (9 replies)
... Would I do this in lieu of my hydrocodone or after the weened off process? ... (9 replies)
... In a nutshell, follow your doc's advice, get off of this as QUICKLY as your pain can handle it. ... (9 replies)

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