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... normal. I was sure I would have a diagnosis after my ACTH stim test. Unfortunately, I've hit another dead end. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there... I thought that knowledge was power, but now am finding that I just worry more. I am being tested for Addisons Disease and just received the below test results. I don't see my endo until 12/4/13, and wondered what the results might indicate. Any thoughts? Historically I presented with low Cortisol and High ACTH. * After a Dexamethosone Suppression test my... (1 replies)
... I recently had an ACTH stim test because my endo suspected that I might have adrenal insufficiency. ... (1 replies)

... My doctor wants to run an ACTH stim test on me. ... (0 replies)
... I wasn't taking fludro when I had my two ACTH stim tests, but had to stop the last hydrocortisone tab the day before and not take the morning one on the day of the test. ... (1 replies)
... Will being on .1 of Florinef negatively affect the results of an ACTH stim test? ... (1 replies)
... I had an ACTH stim test today (started at 11:00). My endo says I have no adrenal issues, but I thought it was supposed to double if your adrenals are healthy. 10:50am CORTISOL 21.0 mcg/dl 11:50am CORTISOL *30.6 mcg/dl (0 replies)
... Can anyone help interpret my ACTH stim test results? ... (0 replies)
... Also, for my records, these have been my symptoms chronic fatigue - muscle aches - joint pain - unexplained nausea - hair has changed texture - rash on my cheeks that is a bit painful and is now flaking off - hives - inability to focus - trouble recalling words/holding a thread of conversation (2 replies)
... so I was definitely on the low end. She ordered a cortisol an ACTH stim test for two days later. ... (2 replies)
... Ok. I had my ACTH stim test done on the 9th and here are the results. ... (1 replies)
... I recently had my ACTH Stim Test and was able to get some of the results, but won't meet with my doctor to discuss for another 2 weeks. ... (0 replies)
... Just in case anyone does a search for ACTH stim test results and finds this thread. ... (4 replies)
... ACTH stim test results are as follows: Cortisol Base 22.9; after 20 minutes: 22.9; after 30 minutes: 26.4. Is this really normal? (0 replies)
... c I wanted to make sure I would be able to have a test if needed after my doc appointment. Anyway, doc had me do an acth stim test a few days later. ... (0 replies)
... would love some input on my ACTH stim test. ... (0 replies)
... Looking forward to your input. son has an excessive peeing problem. suffers from anxiety. do you think he would do well on some Cortef (HC) and Florinef? if so what dosage? Even though sons baseline cortisol looks good (porbably due to major stress of the test) his labs did not double after the stim. 08/26/09 ACTH stim test (low dose 0.001mcg Cortrosyn via... (1 replies)
... I just had an ACTH Stimulation Test yesterday August 14 and would like your opinions on the results. ... (1 replies)
... PRIOR to being seen on Feb 2nd. I've read about the stim test and I pretty well understand what to expect. I've also read that low cortisol levels lower blood sugars. ... (0 replies)
... Okay, this is weird. The Endo ordered another ACTH Stim test on me, (because I guess the first one and the 24-hour saliva panel were "unreliable" or something). I went in on Tuesday to do the test, and just got a copy of the results today. Check this out - Baseline Cortisol: 10.7 ug/dL (5 replies)

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