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... ur physician even agree that some of the psychiatric features you have been experiencing are related to an endocrine dysfunction, i.e., addisons or some form of adrenal insufficiency? ... (45 replies)
... At this point, I'm basically on nothing, and want to stay that way until we figure things out. I had previously been on anti-depressants and ADHD stims, but after years of having my brain/body locked in a constant tug-of-war, I finally decided to go off everything "cold turkey" style about this time last year. I don't want to muddy up the waters with supplements, since my... (45 replies)
... Makeing the move to complete disability is a hard one to accept. I at times feel like I can work and at other times it is just impossible. I have went days without eating...lying in bed.... ... (45 replies)

... I realize this is an old post but I wanted to jump in and say I am 23, I have Addisons, hypoparathyroidism, hypothyroidism, and am at a high risk for diabtes and have my a1c checked monthly! I am currently 5 months pregnant and in nursing school and am able to handle the stress of everything. I do my best to not let all of my disease hinder me from doing what I want,... (45 replies)
... Forget short term leave from work. In 38 states that is ground for complete disability. (45 replies)
... I do not have kids like the 2 of you but I was told by my endo that infertility, the lack of libido and all is tied to an adrenal problem ? ... (45 replies)
... ticker - I've already had a saliva test done @ Diagnos-Techs. Showed "flattened" rhythm where the morning was 1/2 as low as the minimum, but the midnight was about the same level as the morning but "Elevated" for that timeframe. DHEA was a 9 (of 10), T was low, E2 was high, Prog was ok; bloodwork confirmed DHEAs was high, T was borderline low, yet E2 was found to be ok. ... (45 replies)
... I am very sorry you and your family are going through so much. I have Lyme disease and adrenal fatigue. I have had many of the symptoms you list. ... (45 replies)
... Hi, No my job is more mentally intensive, I work for an airline and manage and update (soley me) their website. I have to write html/javascript as well as design and produce animations and pdfs for our site. I joined on a Grad programme directly from uni and so have been here 12yrs now and have worked in several roles whilst on training. I am not cut-out for physical... (45 replies)
... You refer alot to the Pituitary gland, do you have addisons disease too or just Pituitary problems, because the symptoms seem more associated with the adrenal glands and 'simple' blood tests can measure the cortisol level throughout the day which is more beneficial than a one-off blood test. I'm not suggesting that it is not the pituitary gland just that there are several... (45 replies)
... it was inconclusive three times. On the fourth try the test clearly showed I had almost no growth hormone, no sex hormones and zero adrenal reserve. ... (45 replies)
... test done than you can. I do feel that it is your adrenal gland and you do need that cortisol level check like I mentioned before. Your adrenal gland can be on the way out but still producing adrenaline but towards the lower level of normal. ... (45 replies)
... What other tests would you suggest, and what tips do you have on getting my Endo to do them, (when he would more then likely feel they are not warranted because I get the feeling he's one of those that thinks the Adrenal problems are an all-or-nothing affair). (45 replies)
... That's what I mean...but you are still alive and so whatever gland it is pituitary or adrenal has not completely packed up....its just a simple blood test for the pituitary and adrenal glands... ... (45 replies)
... s, which I believe are the first things to go with Pit problems. I have no experience with ACTH in HypoPit problems, but since my first ACTH stim test showed my adrenal reserves couldn't get hight enough, and since I had a high ACTH compared to my Cortisol I would think it was more Adrenal then Pit. ... (45 replies)
... that point to Adrenal problems. ... (45 replies)
... term disability after I was diagnosed because I had missed so much work in the mornings before the diagnosis. It depends on your employer. ... (45 replies)
... I have had adrenal crisis and needed the IV injection but I have recovered every time and gone back to normal. ... (45 replies)
... I have long term disability based on it. ... (45 replies)
... Term Disability leave? ... (45 replies)

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