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... cremental dose increase that you stuck with for several weeks, then yes, you are describing what some hypothyroid patients consider to be possible indications of Adrenal Exhaustion. ... (4 replies)
... It was pointed out to me, that on this board, there is a lot of controversy over the condition we speak of, known as Adrenal Exhaustion. Conversely, that condition is readily accepted on the Thyroid board. Which view is accurate, I am not sure. ... (4 replies)
... Anytime I took a high dose of thyroid meds, I was SO sleepy which is what people tell me is another sign of adrenal fatigue. ... (4 replies)

... I was told by doctor that it show an early stage of adrenal fatigue. ... (4 replies)
... What sent me to the doc in the first place was oral thrush. Pitiful immune system. Started bunches o labs and Diflucan. Started hydrocortisone shortly thereafter. Now taking compounded T3 and armor thyroid as well. ... (1 replies)
... I have some labs the the Endo ran but he is not willing to share with me why he keeps sending me for more and more tests.. ... (0 replies)
... You should also consider that you do have adrenal issues as well as probable hypothyroid by your symptoms. Stop playing around with meds if you don't have a firm understanding of what they're for. E.g. ... (17 replies)
... but his labs confused me. I'm wondering whether I should call the doctor and ask for retesting, and then a stim test? ... (0 replies)
... about 8 years ago when I was hospitalized for low blood pressure that left me going in and out of consciousness. At that time I was put on cortef and told I had adrenal insufficency but was never told if it was primary or secondary. ... (3 replies)
... I have PCOS, hypothyroid being treated, and have had high levels of DHEA in my labs for years. My prior endo doc thought it was one of the symptoms of PCOS. ... (0 replies)
... The experiment continues... First, a reference point. I do reasonably well at 50mg Hydrocortisone per day (40mg upon arising, 10mg at lunchtime). I realize that's a LOT, but since (1) I have no symptoms of getting too much and (2) I am needing 2-5x other hormones and meds to get my labs normal on other conditions - i.e. malabsorption is suspected, my MD has kept me around... (3 replies)
... I think I have adrenal fatigue. I also suffer from hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and placed on medication. ... (8 replies)
... function. I didn't know there was a difference with adrenal issues. I read that your cortisol levels will double if your adrenals aren't diseased. ... (8 replies)
... my "normal range" results for you. I noticed that out lab ranges AND results are close to the same. I think this means we are normal. But I was wondering about adrenal fatigue and how that may look on this type of test. Is this your question as well? ... (8 replies)
... Just got my labs. Here is what they say: 7am-9am: .51 (.27-1.18) 11am-1pm: .11 (.10-.41) 3pm-5pm: .06 (.05-.27) 10pm-12am: <.03 (.03-.14) DHEA 7-9 am: 166 (71-640) DHEA: Cortisol Ratio/10,000: 325 (115-1,188) (13 replies)
... ed to know as I don't seem to find that many addisons persons have trouble with the HC. I wonder if secondary persons have more trouble, since there may still be adrenal function, tho no ACTH to prompt it. ... (21 replies)
... hi S916 i got sick in 2000 but didn't start HC untill 2007. been to tons of docs. got fed up w docs that don't know what they are doing so I whent to UPENN to see the endo. she said my adrenals are fine but my pituitary isn't signaling them. she told me to take 20mg HC. my last visit she told me to bump up to 30mg. i don't have my lab results right now.i don't fit the... (21 replies)
... ticker - I've already had a saliva test done @ Diagnos-Techs. Showed "flattened" rhythm where the morning was 1/2 as low as the minimum, but the midnight was about the same level as the morning but "Elevated" for that timeframe. DHEA was a 9 (of 10), T was low, E2 was high, Prog was ok; bloodwork confirmed DHEAs was high, T was borderline low, yet E2 was found to be ok. ... (45 replies)
... so my Endo is confused and convinced that my labs are flukes and probably thinks it's all in my head. ... (45 replies)
... inflicted stupidity has any effect on my Adrenal functioning, and if my ACTH vs Cortisol will improve as my iron levels normalize. ... (4 replies)

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