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... ynthroid. The most recent one told me that the only I need to get off of all hormones in order to do an ACTH Stimulation Test in order to know whether I have an adrenal problem. ... (0 replies)
... years ago, I was fed up and started looking online, taking quizes etc... I came up with Adrenal Fatigue. ... (2 replies)
... I am at a total loss for what this could be. It is effecting my thyroid, ovaries, and it looks like my adrenal glands! I disagree with the diagnosis of Schmidt's Syndrome since you have to have Addison's Disease to have Schmidt's. ... (0 replies)

... saliva testing kit. When I took the results to an MD I was finally noticed. It started off normal in the AM and went downhill from there. Also found to have high testosterone and lowish DHEA. The MD ordered some other hormones including HGH which was low. ... (17 replies)
Adrenal crisis...
Sep 28, 2010
... With all that said, does this seem like an adrenal crisis? ... (1 replies)
... After 3 years of pain, fatigue, etc, I read the book Adrenal Fatigue and felt like I was reading about my life. ... (0 replies)
... I am hypothyroid and have hashimotos....which lead me to.... Crisis #1 is what brought me to these boards...I was getting very weak and felt like I might pass out, plus feeling like I had low blood sugar and/or low blood pressure (both were always normal), dizziness, no appetite. which led me to my doctor and my TSH had gone up a bit so she suggested increase my... (1 replies)
... They found i had VERY low testosterone when i first got sick in 2000, below the lowest end of the normal range. Put me on andriol caps which i was on for about a few years before testogel came out. ... (20 replies)
... I don't have muscle atrophy, if anything i've gained a little without even doing anything. Im on testosterone aswell though, have been for years, so perhaps this prevents the muscle breakdown. As mentioned, was very thin and unwell before diagnosis. ... (20 replies)
... I would suggest that you should be taking the T shots instead. The gel is not always reliable and low testosterone could be contributing to your symptoms. ... (20 replies)
... Sypher7, have you considered Prednisone or tried it before? It's half-life is much longer than the HC and might cover you better. I'm just curious b/c you sound like you are doing so poorly on the HC. I started on Pred, changed to HC b/c of sleeping probems, but felt like I was on a rollercoaster with the HC and switched back to Pred (it's cheaper here too!). Now that I am... (20 replies)
... denisehb, I would recommend, given your liver and pancreas issues, that you seriously look at hypothyroidism (testing T3 and free-T3 levels in particular), and I'll guess ALL of your hormones are low (progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol). I also developed shingles as my physical well-being deteriorated, and also had chronic sinus infections and colds (I would... (13 replies)
... If you are feeling depressed, it is not your fault, it is very much a consequence of your thyroid issue, and possible adrenal issue. Any search of Pubmed will provide you with tantalizing titles of articles related to psych issuses and endocrine disease. ... (12 replies)
... Dont know if this post is still really active but the problems seem pretty obvious. You need to adress the candida infection and treat the low testosterone. You are showing lots of symptoms of low testosterone.Low T will mess your life up, however most doctors are clueless to treat. BTW, creams dont make estrgen shoot up more, shots do. However, creams can have a harder time... (88 replies)
... I am very sorry you and your family are going through so much. I have Lyme disease and adrenal fatigue. I have had many of the symptoms you list. ... (45 replies)
... It has been shown that depression and low thyroid are related. Low growth hormone leads to self social isolation and a type of depression known as apathy. Low testosterone is associated with depression. ... (45 replies)
... Does your condition have a genetic or congenital component, or is it completely random? Based on my family on my Dad's side, it looks like we are looking for something genetic or something that carries a pre-disposition for certain problems. Also, what are some of the other markers they used to verify your condition? Anything to keep an eye on from a CBC, CMP, Minerals,... (45 replies)
... I took the test in the morning after fasting. I am a 20 yr old female. Here are my results: Aldosterone 6 ng/dL (normal: 28 ng/dL) Cortisol Before injection: 26.10 UG/DL (normal: 6.7-22.6) 30 minutes after injection: 37 UG/DL 60 minutes after injection: 43.7 UG/DL (0 replies)
Mar 25, 2008
... It slowly destroys your thyroid, interferes with the pituitary gland and while mucking with those two.. make you feel like a horse's backside and kicks your adrenal gland's tail to boot. ... (6 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Mar 19, 2008
... Here is my 2 cents for what it's worth. That low of testosterone can wreck your body alone, mentally, physically, emotionally. ... (88 replies)

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