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... I hope it is okay to post here as I have no idea what I have regarding my adrenals..I have my thyroid test results and cortisol results to give you a little idea of my condition... Free triiodothyronine 4.5 RANGE 3.5-6.5 Senstitve TSH 1.37 RANGE 0.35-5.00 Free T4 16 RANGE 9-23 ANTI -PO 48 HI RANGE <35 ANTI-TG <20 RANGE <40 ANTINUCLEAR ANTIBODY POSITIVE (0 replies)
... Hormoneman- I am so glad you said this- I need help with a similar issue. I had very low adrenal steriod results from a 24hr urine test given by Dr Therese Hertoghue and very low saliva cortisol results. I've had hypotension all me life. Then my TSH was 4.1 and my Ft3 was 297 (240- 420 range) and low FT3/ rt3 ratio - 14.9. So my Doc started me on 5mgs medrol- I was so tired I... (7 replies)
... I would definetly go to a good Endocrinoligist and get tested, explain that you've been on cortef in the past and you need to see how your adrenal glands are. I would ask for an ACTH stimulation test. ... (1 replies)

... and I had one four yrs. ago already. After that one my Dr. tested me for adrenal fatIgue and I was deffinately having a problem. She put me on cortef and I did feel better. But eventually she took me off of cortef cause she said she didn't want to leave me on it too long. ... (1 replies)
... ituitary gland deficiency. My testosterone is low, and my Cortisol has been low in the past. I am seeing a hormone specialist. He wants to start me on 17.5 MG of cortef a day. 10 in the morning, 5 at lunch, 2.5 at dinner. ... (1 replies)
... I'm still holding out for that magic pill! I'm hoping for me it will be Cortef or Metformin. I think of my thyroid meds as a magic pill. The cure was not immediate but I sure felt like death before I started taking them. ... (13 replies)
... Hello everyone. I was diagnosed hypothyroid 2 years ago and with adrenal fatigue about a year and a half ago. Felt better as my thyroid stabilized and have had some good stretches along with some bad. ... (13 replies)
... They are extremely low results.. so it seems you may benefit alot from the Cortef i'd think. ... (20 replies)
... I was so happy when finally I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and prescribed Cortef. For years I have been struggling with intolerance to thyroid meds, iron and other supplements, and everything I have ever tried to take. ... (7 replies)
... I have never had thyroid problems with this. I only have half, so I just fight the fatigue and keeping the medicine regulated. ... (11 replies)
... I have hashimotos thyroid disease with adrenal fatigue. I am on thyroid meds and just recently went from 15mg cortef to 25mg. I am also taking Isocort 12mg. I still have some shakiness and muscle fatigue, though I am so much better than when I was on Isocort alone. ... (1 replies)
... If you have any questions I will glady help. I still struggle the most I think with CFS and the FATIGUE involved. My pain has gone from about an 8 to about a 1 so I am very thankful for that, I just have this fatigue problem. ... (16 replies)
... I take it for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. It has made more difference than anything I have tried so far. ... (16 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Jul 30, 2007
... dizziness, fatigue etc. How do I start a thread or do I just stay on this one? ... (88 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Jul 26, 2007
... Hi Dial, sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. You are right, you probably don't need to be on Testosterone replacement right now since you are so young. There is something called HCG which will not shut down the testicles from producing testosterone but will boost the natural production. There is a board on here that deals with testosterone issues and some very... (88 replies)
Adrenal Fatigue??
Jul 22, 2007
... DIAL/Nick, how are you doing? It's been a month or so. Hope you're still able to hang in there. Regarding the salt recommendations, let me vote for that too. I still have trouble drinking salt water, so I add it to my food (which I never did for 30 years) and take salt tablets with meals. Along the lines of what earlier posters state, the carbs often call me, and when salt... (88 replies)
... So, cortef experts, what do you think? ... (6 replies)
... ust your diet it will not help you. there are alot of books out there that have info about what should be eaten and what to avoid, one real good book is "adrenal fatigue the 21st century stress syndrome" by James Wilson. Also take probiotics, you possibly have candida overgrowth in you intestinal track from all the Mountain Dew. ... (88 replies)
... Judit, could you tell me what tablets you are taking? Are they cortef? Some kind of vitamin or other supplement? I'd really appreciate it, thanks. (4 replies)
... my about too much of a good I think I had a mini crash last week. Not nice. My endro. dr. wants to try to start weaning me off of the cortef again... ... (7 replies)

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