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... I had my Cortrosyn Stim Test repeated last Wednesday after an original diagnosis of secondary adrenal insufficiency in August 2004. I'm putting the lab's reference ranges in parentheses. ... (2 replies)
... How generous of you, Bonaro, to take the time to share with us despite your diagnosis. As you say, at least you know. I had my ACTH Stim test last Friday (no results as yet) and I said to the RN then - "I don't know what to hope for, I want to know why I feel so poorly but I don't want a disease. " I know I am not alone in feeling that way. Well, you are among your peers... (5 replies)
... I hope everyone is happy and doing well today. On Thursday I had what my doctor called a Cortrosyn stimulation test done and got the results yesterday, here are the results along with the range that they should be. ... (5 replies)

... brown patches on toes. I am having the stim test done tomorrow. What was the end result of your condition? ... (3 replies)
... Stim test looks normal to me, I am not a doctor but I do have Addison's and failed the stim test. ... (3 replies)
... I am wondering though if it's a good idea to request the cortrosyn stim test along with the four saliva cortisol levels or if one should be done first to determine whether or not the other needs to be done. ... (1 replies)
... I recently had an ACTH stim test because my endo suspected that I might have adrenal insufficiency. ... (1 replies)
... would love some input on my ACTH stim test. ... (0 replies)
... Most doctors do not know of these tests. Keep looking until you find a doctor who knows of these 2 tests and is willing to test you. ... (5 replies)
... According to what your doc said about at least doubling, my test did exactly that. It doubled in number. Thanks again for sharing. Feel better soon! ... (5 replies)
... Hi SQ, Well itís the least I can do, hopefully it will help someone else down the line if they can actually see what the results are supposed to be, mine just had a general reference range but the way the doctor explained it to me he said its different for this test because itís a stimulation test and he gave me the ranges for the test, Iím still waiting for some of the... (5 replies)
... I just had this test done.They were basicaly checking for adrenal fatigue.. ... (3 replies)
... and it was low or less than 15, then the cortrosyn stimulation test will be the most informative next test. ... (1 replies)
... Let's just say I feel one heck of a lot better with than without the Cortef! :) That's for doggone sure! I'm very thankful for modern medicine and the endocrinologists and internists of this world. :) (2 replies)
... I'm so sorry the test results didn't improve like you had hoped. ... (2 replies)
... thanks so much for your response. i'm supposed to be getting a call from my endo later today, and i will ask her about that test. are there any other tests that i should get done? is there a blood test for anti-adrenal antibodies? (5 replies)
Test Results
Oct 12, 2004
... Had a Cortrosyn Stim test done last week. This was done at 7 am. ... (4 replies)
... I'm new here and have just been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. I had a test drawn for something else inthe hospital lab prior to the Cortorsyn challenge test done in the doctor's office, but I don't have the results of that yet. I think it was for ACTH. ... (9 replies)
... I've been sick for about 6 months. Pcp mentioned pots but I think it's a endocrine issue. History of reactive hypoglycemia since 16 (34 now)††asthma and newfound allergies. Symptoms are : extreme fatigue, Vertigo, cold all the time, irritability, shaking, brain fog, losing periods of time, falling asleep (did this driving), not feeling rested, short of breath, weight gain,... (1 replies)
... Cortrosyn was given 1 hr after baseline cortisol was taken. I'm wondering if that invalidates these results. Also, only 1 hr cortisol was taken. 10:10am 7.4 12:09pm 23.6 Does anyone know of an experienced Addison's endo in the SoCal/OC/LA area? (1 replies)

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