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... When my pituitary hormones came back with an ACTH of 161. ... (0 replies)
... norm later in the day. So I guess it's not a ACTH producing tumor because it has this rythm? ... (2 replies)
... In the evening, both my ACTH and cortisol drop down to normal range. ... (0 replies)

... My doctor ordered a morning ACTH blood test and 24 hour urine cortisol. Said I didn't need an ACTH stim test if my ACTH is already through the roof. I will do the test next week and report back the results here. Meanwhile if anyone cares to speculate? ... (2 replies)
... I wasn't sure where to post my question but I thought I would start with a board who dealt with ACTH and Cortisol levels often. ... (0 replies)
... I had some similar tests. Turned out to be congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Get your docor to test 17 Hydroxyprogesterone. They screen newborns for it now, but didn't when you were born. (2 replies)
... ormones in general are just messed up and are creating all kinds of havoc. Not one doctor ever mentioned the word hormone. Most importantly, I found out I have elevated cortisol with a pm spike. Cortisol is catabolic to muscle and that explains the weight loss. ... (6 replies)
... would love some input on my ACTH stim test. ... (0 replies)
... I am new here and i am looking for advice on my recent ACTH stimulation results. ... (0 replies)
... Ditto. I've got 2 ACTH Stim tests that can't hit the magic "20", elevated ACTH, low & "flat-lined" 24-hour saliva Cortisol panel, but my DHEA(s) lab was high (461 on a 110-370 scale). If it was a Primary AI issue, wouldn't you expect the DHEA to be low as well? Or, is this a Congenital Adrenal Hyper/Hypo-plasia thing where one of the steroid systhesis pathways are... (3 replies)
... flattened Cortisol daily rhythm, and elevated ACTH vs. ... (45 replies)
... hydroxylase" I would think we'd see elevated Progesterone. ... (31 replies)
... Doesn't the high ACTH in response to chronic lower Cortisol make Hypopituitarism less likely? ... (31 replies)
... in the blood serum and only in normal region at 8 am. After i take my DHEA supplementation. ACTH Stim high.. ... (31 replies)
... I got a copy of the latest ACTH / Cortisol results (Test #3) myself and haven't been in for a follow-up with my Endo, but does this look like Primary Adrenal Insufficiency or am I just jumping to conclusions? Test #1 - ACTH Stim Test (Done @ 2:00pm): Baseline Cortisol - 3.2 Baseline DHEA(S) - 461 (110-370) - (135% of range) Baseline Pregnenolone - 11 (13-208) - (-1% of... (31 replies)
... or an ACTH stimulation test if Addison's is suspected. ... (7 replies)
... could be elevated bp? ... (1 replies)
... I know when he has been hospitalized and on IV steroids, his glucose has been elevated but last time it was tested when fasting it was in the normal range. I do worry about diabetes with him. I will see what I can find on past blood work. ... (12 replies)
... I'm no expert as to people using cortisone, but when you said he had kidney stones and a bout of pancreatitis, plus ongoing headaches, I would definitely ask to have his calcium and PTH checked to see if they are elevated. Those are symptoms of that, but, then again, they could have their connection elsewhere. (12 replies)
... Forgot to mention..I do have sarcoidosis, sinus tachycardia, polyneuropathy, liver enzymes elevated before..nothing came of it, IBS, 3 polyps removed so far and have had pit. gland tested years ago. Does anyone suspect diabetes as well? ... (9 replies)

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