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... Well, I notice when I'm low on cortisol I am fatigued but I can't sleep, when I raised my cortef to 20mg I sleep all the time but wake up tired still usually. Yeah I seem to be gaining weight easily now. I've never been overweight but everyone says it looks like I'm bigger, like I've been working out (my face is just more full and my weight gain is more proportionate than... (18 replies)
... If you aren't feeling better on 20mg versus 12.5mg, you could try Hydrocortisone to see if you feel better on it. Adrenal problems require experimenting to find what works best for you. ... (18 replies)
... I was using the hydrocortisone cream with the prednisone last week and I really did feel better. After about 4 days, MY CAT WENT HALF BALD. ... (4 replies)

... done well on it when I've tried it over the years for different things. It's like I trade a half a dozen problems for a half a dozen new ones. The Kenelog and hydrocortisone feel perfect to me with no obvious side effects. ... (5 replies)
... I am wondering why your doc put you on prednisone as it does take longer to work. It lasts longer in your system. Not sure about the hours. ... (5 replies)
... dinner, put away groceries... then hit another wall at 7. I gutted it out until 8, then took my nightly dose of 1.75. Again, it took an hour and a half for the prednisone to kick in, but when it did I was rolling right along. ... (5 replies)
... No, I understand. Thanks for your advice though! :) Nope, I didn't see the results. I'm having them sent to my new PCP, so I'll ask for them when I get to that appt in 2 weeks. The only symptoms I have besides fatigue is a stiff/sore neck (in the back). This started the same time the fatigue did. I also crave sugar/salt (8 replies)
... I'm not a doctor, so my opinions are just "opinions". You still need to rule out adrenal problems if you have any of the symptoms. Are you having symptoms other than being tired? Did you actually see the results of your thyroid check? We are often told things are normal when they are not. Good idea to get copies when you have bloodwork done so you can refer back to... (8 replies)
... :confused: :( Great.... Yeah, the blood work for my TSH and t3/t4 came back normal. (8 replies)
... That would be my opinion. Have you had your thyroid checked? What is yout TSH level? (8 replies)
... Yup. It was tapered off in the end. So, what your saying is, if this was an adrenal issue, I should have felt better on this med? This has me worried then.... (8 replies)
... forth several times from Hydrocortisone to prednisone. Since you were taking the max dose of prednisone it made you feel good. You are also taking the max dose of Hydrocortisone, but it doesn't last as long so splitting it helps. ... (4 replies)
... asthma is giving me trouble so I have switched to all Prednisone for a few days. Trying to stay at the same dose as when on Hydrocortisone. ... (11 replies)
... alwaystired, The fillers are different in Hydrocortisone & Cortef. One is not better than the other. It is just a matter of which one you do better on. I do best on Hydrocortisone or Prednisone, but know of many who take Cortef & do fine. We are all very different. When I have to increase for a cold or broncitis I use Prednisone. Sometimes use total Prednisone for... (20 replies)
... takes an additional 2.5mg hydrocortisone each hour of a marathon. This same gal has days when she must rest. ... (16 replies)
... Have you tried hydrocortisone split into 3 or 4 doses each day? ... (16 replies)
... Actually if you take replacement doses of prednisone or hydrocortisone then your body doesn't produce ATCH and can't make cortisol or DHEA. ... (17 replies)
... What is the reason his endo has him taking prednisone instead of Cortef or Hydrocortisone? ... (17 replies)
Looking for help
Oct 1, 2006
... then goes away in a week or two. Work with your doctor. I would guess you could taper your prednisone after being on Florinef for a bit. ... (9 replies)
... There is no "natural" steriod. Unless you mean Cortef or it's generic, hydrocortisone. I use hydrocortisone which is like what a normal body would produce. I don't do well on Cortef, but many do. You are on a "high" dose of prednisone. ... (7 replies)

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