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I'm 57, male, and in the past year I've noticed the occurrence of acne-like whitehead pimples and smooth, low raised bumps (like small welts) on my scalp. I had thought it wasn't much because, even though I'm balding on top, it seemed no one had anything to say about it. Then, in the past couple of months the activity seems to have accelerated and my wife has asked if I'll be doing anything about them. I guess they're easy to see with a balding head. I prefer a home remedy, if anyone has one. I'm terribly confused about this because I haven't had acne since I was a teenager, and prefer to save going to the dermatologist for when all else fails.
My 68 year old husband has had the same thing for several years. They come and go. He thought it was a side effect of one of his medications, but it turned out not to be caused by that. I had him using strong medicated shampoo, thinking that would help, but his primary care Dr. said gentle shampoo was better. He switched to baby shampoo and had about 95% improvement, with a minor breakout every now and then. You could try the baby shampoo and see if it helps your scalp.
I've gotten those little bumps on the scalp and the culpurt for me is hair products (shampoos and conditioners) I was especially effected by one brand of hair product, so I gave the shampoo to my husband. Two weeks later my husband complained about the little pimples on his scalp. Some of these products contain silicone and varnish type ingredients. You could also be allergic to something that you are using. Best thing to do is use something mild and the last post suggested a good alternative, baby shampoo. The less you put on your head the better!

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