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... it will never look old. It's way too small to droop. She's 41 and she does have an inherited double chin like I have. ANYONE HAVE OR HEARD ABOUT LUMINEERS? ... (32 replies)
... It all depends on the age, if you are young, losing weight can make you look younger, but if you are in your 50's and up, then losing too much weight can make you look older not younger. ... (16 replies)
... Are there any that give a golden or bronze look without looking so fake. ... (16 replies)

... r puss mouth does it for me. Those smile lines, when not in use, can be very aging. I think it is best to approach others with a big smile and sparkly eyes, that makes anyone look young and alive. ... (16 replies)
... Even though you may not be able to guess their actual age, you may be able to tell if a person is in their 40's, 50's 60's, 70's or up? ... (16 replies)
... I think the big giveaway is the hands and neck. That,s what I look at first when someone is trying to act younger then they are. ... (16 replies)
... Weight I think is the primary factor when I see someone. I myself use to be 170lbs before I started to workout and now i am 120lbs lean. Before people seem to think I was around my late 20's now I get people telling me I look 18-19. So for me it's diff weight. (16 replies)
... akeup and wear nice clothes whenever I leave the house. I also keep my hair colored and cut in a trendy style. I don't want my gray to show or my hair style to look dated. ... (16 replies)
... Until the 60s or there abouts, women at least in the UK, were expected to wear clothing to suit their age. Nothing too bright after 40! If a mature woman wore the clothes suited to much younger one the expression was " Mutton Dressed as Lamb". Nowadays there seems to be very little difference between age groups and clothing. Just as well. James (16 replies)
... James, maybe I was partially wrong about the gray hair aging, some men with a full head of grey hair actually do look pretty charming. I've heard other's say this as well. ... (16 replies)
... A full head of gray or white hair actually makes a person look youthful to me", you made my day. ... (16 replies)
... Surprisingly some young people can wear retro clothing and still look young, but when an older person with grey hair does it, there's no questions asked. ... (16 replies)
... I think old type clothing style and grey hair are very ageing :) (16 replies)
... sag and my own children ask me why I look so mad and then I would get mad at them for bringing it up because I wasn't mad, I just looked it! ... (16 replies)
... So true about the eyes, and yes the loss of innocence seems to show in the eyes but I think it happens long before old age comes upon us. ... (16 replies)
... The eyes and the skin, mostly. When SOME people lose that innocent look in their eyes, after years of worry and stress or sins, it shows up in their eyes and expression. The skin after age 40 or so, tends to lose the youthful glow. ... (16 replies)
... and he asked "how old do you think I am." I looked closely, blonde, no gray, minimal wrinkles, a little sagging at the neck. I said 48, he's 59! But yes you can good genes, others premature aging is probable due to smoking, and sun, and lack of face lotion!!! ... (16 replies)
... Dorri, I agree leading with chin and posture especially is a dead give away....also, nothing ages you like stress and worry. BTW what is knitting of the eyebrows. Unfortunately I am in my early 50's and with age have ALL eyebrows, what do you do about that anyone? ... (22 replies)
... I'm 56 years young. I never minded growing old or the wrinkle here and there, but I made the mistake the other morning of wearing my eyeglasses while putting on my makeup and wow... what a shock! ... (35 replies)
... I think sun makes us look younger when we are tan...but ultimately puts years on your life. I live in FL and you can tell the women who never used sunscreen, it has opened my eyes! ... (22 replies)

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