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... how do I get rid of wrinkled skin on arms? ... (21 replies)
... I am 64 and I noticed in the past year that I have developed wrinkly skin on my upper arms. I have a small frame and my weight is normal and I haven't gained or lost weight. My weight remains constant. I am 5'4", 118 lbs. ... (21 replies)
... So how about 6 months of RetinA on one side and compare. ... (21 replies)

... Then utilize the cover up to your hands and depart on for 20 mins or so. ... (21 replies)
... No exercise or creams will make one iota of difference. The only way is to see a plastic surgeon and have a strip of skin removed so what is left is taut. Probably expensive. ... (21 replies)
... and I now have man arms with muscles that I can "Make move". Additionally, when doing this, try and make sure that you are also using your abs. ... (21 replies)
... DID U KNOW THAT MUSCLE HAS A MEMORY AND WHEN YOU LOSE IT AND START EXERCISING, IT COMES BACK. That's if we're not to old to see it. In March before my surgery my skin hung when raising my arms. It has tightened up alot and I now wear short sleeves. ... (21 replies)
... Thank God we have our arms. Such special things to have. Anyone with no arms or only one arm would not complain if they could just have two good working ones again. We can be miserable or realise it is part of living and embrace every stage of our lives and be glad we are here to enjoy it. who cares as long as we wake up every day and have all our bits :) . Sure I have... (21 replies)
... Hi, also new to the board with same horrid problem, 51, great body but wrinkly arms aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, after reading all the write ups it does not sound a promising future for these arms of mine!! ... (21 replies)
... My hopes are that if the muscle is somewhat still secured to the skin it wont be as wobbly. Now for that crepey skin... ... (21 replies)
... years spent in the sun as much as possible, inactivity of the upper arms due to cervical issues and finally a large weight loss, my upper arms are disgusting. I continue to use collagen firming creams especially with marine botanicals but I know I am whistling in the wind. ... (21 replies)
... Well, I am 52 and have pretty well developed arm muscles from years of working out and I still have noticed the beginning of the crinkly arm skin. I don't think there is anything you can do to avoid it... it's a natural process of aging. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.... this will help, but it isn't going to make it go away. (21 replies)
... I am 59 and also have noticed my upper arms have gone very old and wrinkly also I have lost a lot of weight recently so its a combination of weight loss and old age any ideas for a quick fix any good creams lotions anyone knows about - thanks (21 replies)
... Yep, Im a crinkle too. I use an organic body lotion right after showering and it helps for awhile. I also use alpha or beta hydroxy products and stay out of sun. But I think it's just. part. and. parcel. of...omg, I don't want to say it... getting older. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (21 replies)
... I got those all of a sudden too. I'm 52. I have old crinkly skin around where my elbow bends on the inside. I would think that exercise to tighten the arms would be the only way to go. ... (21 replies)
... Have you tried Eucerin? You can find it anywhere. I like the Eucerin Calming Creme best. ~Belle~ (21 replies)
... Plastic Surgery? or maybe RetinA will help. Good Luck. ~Belle~ (21 replies)
... Sounds interesting, we should have some folks do only one arm for a few weeks or months and then compare. James (21 replies)
... hey try to take proper medication in order to solve your problem. one thing which i would like to mention is to amke sure that you are taking right medicine because wrong medicine can affect you alot... (21 replies)
... Cathy1 is correct. The only thing -- short of surgery -- to correct this is using the weight machines at your local gym. This I know, because I also had the same problem after I lost over 40 lbs. a few years ago. Since then, I look better than I did at least 15 years ago. (I am now 55). And NO, there is no lotion or magic potion/pill that will cure this! I certainly... (21 replies)

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