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Well, my problem basically sucks. My mucous is so incredibly thick and it sits between my nose and throat where I can't spit it out or blow it out, so it causes me to gag, cough, and vomit twice a day. It happens mostly after brushing my teeth (which stimulates my sinuses) and up waking up in the morning. I'm 7 months pregnant, so of course my sinuses are 1000 times worse than they were before (and they were bad before). I also constantly clear my throat all day. Tonight, I'm drinking hot tea after my episode to help thin it out. What else can I do? I'm afraid to use a saline nasal spray because I think it'll make me gag some more. Anyway, I've spent the past 7 months puking and gagging twice a day. The docs have tried antibiotics to no avail. I guess I need some type of safe, home remedy until I after the baby is born (when I can see a specialist). Any ideas? It must be driving my husband nuts by now. I cough all the time. (Makes me wonder if I have a nodule hanging back there or something). Oh, Sudaphedrine doesn't help behind my throat..only my nose *if* it's stuffed up. Tavist helps a little bit (better than nothing) and other antihistimines do zilch for me.

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