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I cannot figure out why my nose is always running and I always feel stuffed up.I take Benadryl but this year it does not seem to work like in prior year's.the only thing I can think of is I have a Siberian husky who is almost 10 year's old now and a 3 month year old German Shepard puppy.I am with the dogs constantly but I get allergies just walking outside in the air.The only other thing is I eat alot of peanut butter and I heard that this can cause some allergic reactions in patient's.Instead of taking 2 benadryl tablets I usually take another tablet an hour or 2 later.Also when I sit out in the sun for a long time I get terrible allergies.Sometime's it feels like a cold but my sister also has allergies.I have no idea what Im allergic to but I am going to have to find out because it interfere's with working out and is a nuisance.Maybe I need something different then Benadryl.My sister says she's allergic to dog's but if I am, I could not live without my 2 dogs.It was 90 degree's today and my nose was running like a faucet.I would hate to take medicine for these allergies because I take other medicine for totally different reasons.I was wondering what is more common,the allergies to dog's,dust or peanut butter:confused:

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