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I've always had an itchy nose, my whole life. I remember as a kid I would often have a runny nose in the mornings and be sniffing and wiping my nose with the palm of my hand every few minutes. This would fade after a few hours and I'd feel fine by lunch time.

Anyway, for the past 2 years or so, I wake up feeling like my nose has been stuffed with twigs and salt water. It feels as if it is full to the brim with liquid and that I have to sneeze constantly. Whenever I do sneeze (which is about every 5 minutes before I actually get up, when I'm still half asleep just before getting up), it feels like an immense pressure inside my nose, and I hear a loud squelching sound inside. Whichever side of my face is lying on the pillow, that corresponding nostril will run endessly.

Once I get up, the sneezing continues. I blow my nose over and over, and so much discharge comes out, and I feel a bit better for a few minutes but then I sneeze again and it all repeats itself. My nose runs, full of liquid, and incredibly itchy and irritated.

It also doesn't stop after a few hours anymore. All day when I'm at work, I am sniffing and blowing my nose, and sneezing. I sneeze every 10 minutes at least, and each sneeze is incredibly powerful and causes a deluge of liquid to have to be blown out. Every time I sniff, it sounds really thick and gurgly and it actually hurts inside my nose slightly. What I'm blowing out is just pale and fairly clear liquid.

What is wrong with my nose? Is this actually allergies?

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