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... and its now almost the new year... I seriously cant take this intense itch anymore! Please someone help! My doctor has no idea and dermatologist dont know.. ... (15 replies)
... e or something, because as soon as I could smell the strong fragrance coming through the vents, my pet birds started sneezing, and very quickly I started itching all over, from head to toe! A really annoying, troubling sort of itch, that doesn't stop no matter how much you itch, it just keeps moving around on the body!! ... (7 replies)
... and its now almost the new year... I seriously cant take this intense itch anymore! Please someone help! My doctor has no idea and dermatologist dont know.. ... (9 replies)

... Does anyone have severe "itchies" all over your body, but no visible rash, no hives, no discoloration, etc.? ... (0 replies)
... Hi, my boyfriend moved in with me several months ago, we are in our 20s and otherwise healthy, but he has developed a quite severe rash all over his neck, back, torso, and it's starting to spread down his arms. We cannot for the life of us figure out what is causing it. ... (1 replies)
... eekend. First the scent coming through the vents. Then my pet birds started sneezing. Then I started to feel itchy, and it very quickly grew very intense. Lasted all night, barely got any sleep at all!!! ... (9 replies)
... everything ive tried has not helped at all... and i dont have much choice of drs as im on medicaid due to other medical problems (15 replies)
... nt been checked for that.. in fact i was only checked for very few environmental allergies and that was numerous years ago. .. Since i did this post the rash and itch has become increasingly worst and i called around to my doctors and soonest i can get in is the 11th.. ... (15 replies)
... gy which has now progressed to being air born. Just being in the same room as a balloon or an open box of latex gloves causes breathing difficulties and my legs itch ALOT. Latex comes in many forms and depending on the chemicals it was mixed with while being produced. ... (15 replies)
... om several leaves of the aloe and add it. A juicer could be used, a garlic press might work or gently scrape the inside of the leaves with a knife making sure it all falls into the pot of herbs stir well then using a fine strainer or even cloth strain out the herbs allowing the water to pour into another clean pot. ... (15 replies)
... years of bad chewing and poorly digested food. I would try to do some juicing of various vegetables including Romaine lettuce. A person told me Romaine contains all the elements of blood except the iron ring and contains the magnesium ring in its place and fruits to try to catch up a bit. ... (15 replies)
... I know Sinequan is for depression but my doctor consulted with a more advanced veteran doctor who suggested i try that because its something they used for itching a long time ago i guess. All i know is i am beyond wits end with this itching and my rash and lesions are getting severely worst and im about to scream.. ill be seeing my primary dr in about 3 weeks (would be... (15 replies)
... Ive had trouble with my teeth for years, they seem to rot alot.. but ive gotten them all filled and fixed.. ... (15 replies)
... It began on my thighs, but quickly went EVERYWHERE! I called my primary physician and he prescribed me terazole cream. The yeast infection went away, the itching all over did not. ... (9 replies)
... I don't know what it is but I have it. I've been to numerous doctors and they can find nothing. I take zyrtec and I do not itch anymore. I take it once a day. I have to take the name brand because the off brand doesn't stop the itching. ... (10 replies)
... i have had this itching all over for about a year now. it started out i would itch here and there. now it seems constant and just miserable sometiems. i get real hot and sometimes my skin burns with it. ... (0 replies)
... why do i itch all over my body? ... (2 replies)
... I had a case of all over body hives daily from February 7th to April 20th. ... (1 replies)
... The itch is almost painful sometimes and wanes a little bit only to come back really strong. ... (1 replies)
... Like your skin is all the hair on your arms are getting up and dancing. Like the inside of your eyes and ears are itching like mad. ... (9 replies)

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