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... and needed a bunch of Benadryl after. ... (5 replies)
Need Help
Oct 29, 2016
... g when back to crap. I went back to my DR and he referred me to an allergist. The allergist was absolutely awful. She did two different test and determined I was allergic to dust mites. She gave me a nedipot and prescribed another kind of nasal spray that would help my sinuses start to drain. ... (1 replies)
... d indoor mold as well as tree pollen. However when I called the allergist who did the testing the following day to go over it she said she did not feel it was an allergic reaction at all, but rather just a sensitivity. She said if it was an actual allergy I would have reacted right away. So I am not sure what to think. ... (23 replies)

... Well today I talked to the original allergist to did the testing to go over everything. She tells me she does not believe this was an allergic reaction at all! She said it is likely more or just an irritation reaction. I am not sure what to believe. ... (57 replies)
... This is crazy. I just want to find a way to get my nasal passages to stop swelling up and to not be so irritated. Not sure about the ocean spray. Also I believe Benadryl will only work if it is an allergic type issue right? ... (57 replies)
... had an allergic reaction Christmas day. He broke out in hives and had swelling inside of his mouth. He was taken to the ER because his throat was narrowing. ... (3 replies)
... I was admitted to ER with moderate allergic reaction to what was presumably a newly found seafood allergy. Symptoms were tight chest and shortness of breath, cherry red face. ... (5 replies)
... I've never been tested for either of these suspicions, but being allergic makes the most sense as far as cause goes. ... (4 replies)
... It is not unusual at all for an allergic reaction to an antibiotic to show up toward the end of treatment. I hope the PCN has been stopped. I would never take it again, as the next time could be worse. ... (3 replies)
... You will have to see what the doctor says, but there is hope. For instance, I am severely allergic to peanuts ( in fact, I ate a vanilla cupcake that had peanut butter in it tonight and had to use my epi-pen and go to the ER and get an I'V of Benadryl and some steroids), but one of my favorite foods is cocoa covered almonds and I am absolutely fine and tested negative for... (4 replies)
... soaked gauze pads and red speckles everywhere else that had been covered by the splint. Doc said I was having a "minor" allergic reaction. ... (2 replies)
... Alright, I will check the local clinic and see what type of testing they offer. Also, I am definitely prepared to delete the offending item(s) from my life. I have no problem with that whatsoever. I took the Claritin yesterday and I woke up today feeling a lot better. My face isn't as bloated and my throat wasn't sore. I also didn't have the ridiculous fatigue that I usually... (8 replies)
... ay around, not so much. Of course, you have to be prepared to delete the offending item from your life or undergo allergy injections. Just knowing what you are allergic to doesn't do much if you don't do something beyond the testing... ... (8 replies)
... By testing out foods, I found out that I am allergic to gluten. Whenever I eat it I get extremely fatigued within a half hour and almost always fall asleep. ... (8 replies)
Allergic reaction
Dec 23, 2012
... hi, I would start by keeping a food diary if you think its related to that. of course if you've changes soaps/detergent/lotion or whatever. being the upper body like that makes me think its shampoo/conditioner or something. did you try taking some benadryl? of course seeing a dermatologist is the best idea. good luck Cathy (1 replies)
... When I was in jr high, I was in a bike accident, injuring my spleen. I was hospitalized for 2 wks, being pumped full of Benadryl. I had always taken Benadryl as a child and never had a problem with it. I was discharged on a Thurs, being able to return to school that Mon, but no gym for a month or any contact sports. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, i am a 28 year old woman and i have become allergic to nearly everything, i dont know what is going on! ... (5 replies)
... Great idea, I will try changing back to my old bedding. Benadryl at night does help but I feel quite sleepy in the mornings. I figured I'd try something prescribed in hopes of getting "cured" if you will.... ... (8 replies)
... I am allergic to wheat, soy, peanuts and most grass outside. ... (3 replies)
... he begins to have the same kind of allergic reaction as he would to being exposed to peanuts. Tingling and swelling begin in his hands and face and progresses from there. ... (1 replies)

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