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... Do you ever feel like you have the flu when your allergies kick in? ... (1 replies)
... Could be but the chills and achy feeling don't sound like it. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, all. I'm a 26-year-old guy who, until now, has never felt like he's had an issue with allergies. About a month ago, I started feeling sick. For a few days, I felt like I had the flu - stuffy nose, sore throat, chills, achy body, exhaustion. After a while, the major symptoms went away and what persists is a sore throat and stuffy nose. Some days the problem is... (1 replies)

... Yes, I have terrible seasonal spring allergies...They just started for me about 2 wks ago and I have been suffering ever since...Along with the itchy eyes, nose and throat, stuffy and runny nose, I have a cough, the phlegm in my chest, and feel so tired and drained...Sometimes I also feel hot and then chills...It is all from these allergies...Benadryl helps but makes me very... (6 replies)
... I woke up yesterday with a VERY sore throat, a VERY painful cough and just overall felt like crap....Today I've been fatigued, low grade fever (99.1) and achey...I went to my college's doctor, and she listened to my lungs and explained to me that it's probably my body's reaction the the first symptoms of my seasonal allergies(the trees and grass are just beginning to bud... (6 replies)
... Sounds unlikely to be pneumonia. Pneumonia would produce fever, chills, weakness and severe difficult breathing. Sometimes the fluid buildup in the lower lobes of the lungs can be audible with a stethoscope and even with someone placing their ear against the sides of your lower back. What you describe may very well be allergy. Are you sure you also feel reflux? It may be... (2 replies)
... Symptoms: Horrible Nausea, very sleepy, low energy, headache, dizziness, faint feeling, fever of 100, chills, sweats, realy bad car sickness. For about a year I have suffered with the same symptoms. I live in Boston and prior to last year I have never experienced anything like this. At first I thought it was some sort of virus and I stuck it out for about 2 wks. When it... (3 replies)
... Last night was out in yard late, dizzy attacks were coming and going, then all of a sudden chest got tight, chills and my sinsus were the most congested ever. Talk about anxiety kicking in! ... (1 replies)
... Apologies but not sure where to post this but believe that it may have an adverse reaction to something in the flu vaccine and/or cause future allergies. I am a 25 year old male and would appreciate any help or comments with this problem. Never had any particular health problems before. Nov 2002 Ė Became extremely unwell after having a flu vaccine (to which I didnít... (1 replies)
... Yes, your glands can swell from allergies. Swollen glands is our body trying to fight off infection or irritation. If you do not have a high fever or chills, your swollen glands are probably nothing to worry about. They usually swell up and down on me when my post nasal drip is worse. I went to see an ENT and they felt my glands and did not think it was abnormal at all. ... (4 replies)
Bad allergies!
Feb 14, 2004
... Well, I had an allergy skin test on Thursday, despire already having a blood test done. Boy was I SHOCKED when I saw all the different things I'm allergic to!! (blood test only showed 4 things!) I'm HIGHLY allergic to 22 different things, dust mites being so high my allergist couldn't believe it. He said he hasn't seen someone so highly allergic to this many different... (8 replies)
... I have had allergies for 15 years. I took allergy shots for 5 years, and have been on every antibiotic available for sinus infections. ... (3 replies)
... If you do continue with the shots, I would get a new Allergist. It sounds like he is not listening to you. I also had problems with allergy shots. I did them for 6 months but wasn't able to make it past my 3rd set of vials. I kept getting hives from the increases and when I went to a different Allergist they told me I'm just not a good candidate for shots. At least I... (13 replies)
... Pisces- Do you have any more specific info on the biofeedback for allergies? Ill try anything for this at this point. Last week I had a severe non anaphylactic systemic reaction to my shots which left me with a huge welt on my arm, extreme nausea, and the chills. My allergist didn't return my calls for 2 days ( nice right?) and so my husband took me to the ER. They gave me Rx... (13 replies)
... My specialist said all the allergies positive tested were good news and he thinks the shots will make me feel better in a few months.. ... (5 replies)
... The last 2 years in the fall I have been getting very sick, not sinus infections but more stomach related illness and chills but no fever. I have been to a GI and had 2 colonoscopies and the first showed colitis the second showed nothing. ... (4 replies)
... wise to have a repeat chest xray now to rule out something going on in the right lung. Particularly if you are having chills. I would also check your temp after chills to see if you actually have a fever. A pulmonologist would want to do pulmonary function tests and possibly a CT scan of your chest. ... (14 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with collagenous colitis and was prescribed AsacolHD (6 800 mg tabs/day). After a few days, various possible side-effects emerged: more diarrhea, headache, chest pain, shortness of breath,etc. After less than a week on Asacol, I developed flu-like symptoms and chills. My gastroenterologist advised me to stop me to stop the Asacol temporarily. He said... (0 replies)
... I had diarrhea and continued to have diarrhea until Friday. I felt generally run down and had some chills Thursday and Friday. I broke out in hives when I returned home from work that Thursday and Friday. ... (4 replies)
... I have a long history of allergies, mild asthma, and gawd knows what else... For many many years, I've been taking Allegra D at night time to help control my snoring. It also helps me breathe better for deeper sleep. For a while, I was taking it twice daily to clear up my sinuses. However - one paticular day - I got really dizzy & chills. I blamed it on *missing a... (2 replies)

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