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... I thought you might have other allergies. I love beer, and thank goodness I am not allergic to any foods. Bananas make my throat itch, and if I eat too many strawberries, I start to weeze. Cats are my downfall. I have to wash my hands immediately after petting them, or my throat itches and my eyes swell shut. I have seasonal allergies to grasses and pollen. Here in Montana... (4 replies)
... Yep. All kinds of beers kill my sinuses. I can drink a couple of glasses of a white zinfandel wine without much of a problem, but if I drink too much of it, my sinuses go nuts. ... (4 replies)
... You're very lucky if beer is your only allergy! Any other food allergies? ... (4 replies)

... If I drink a beer or two I wake up the next morning with my sinuses clogged and shut, and it stays that way for a couple of days. ... (4 replies)
Am fed up
Feb 26, 2012
... When I used to drink beer, my sinuses would swell shut and clog up with nasty, thick, discolored mucus; leading to an infection. Currently, if I drink anything alcoholic, I'll get an erratic heart-rate and long-lasting breathing problems. Your breathing problems could be caused, or made worse, by consuming too much alcohol. Besides having problems breathing,... (10 replies)
... I SWEAR this is me! I have the same issues. BAD. Lot of pressure in my ears, HORRIBLE itchy burny eyes, and you're right. It's not REALLY vertigo or dizziness, but a feeling of being buzzed almost. I know a lot of it's allergies. Everything can swell and retain fluid (nasal passages, ear canals, even sinuses in your forehead). I'd go to an ENT or at least start with... (19 replies)
... rgies have been acting up like crazy, i just assumed it was the weather changing since thats when it usually happens. well i drank again the next weekend..and my sinuses were going nuts... i didnt get drunk and i didnt go into anaplhyactic shock or anything. ... (6 replies)
Jun 21, 2005
... I really love beer and would hate to give it up, but the way my health is lately I think that would be in my best interest. ... (11 replies)
... Similarities abound. If I have much wine, or other alcoholic drink, I tend to feel lousy as well. I'm convinced that manufacturing is NOT the industry for me. I can relate to sinus pain from fumes. I get that all too often here. They melt certain metals, and naturally, the aromas/fumes find their way conveniently to my head. The rabbit allergy makes sense. I grew up... (48 replies)
... I moved far away - to an arid region of the U.S. where mold is scarce. Also, have you eliminated moldy foods from your diet? Lots of food has hidden mold and can lower your threshold for environmental mold. Avoid fruits that get mold on them. Berries taste great, for instance, but the fresh ones always have mold on them. Try the frozen kind if you really like them. Oranges... (5 replies)
... Sounds like your turbinates are swollen. When the turbinates are swollen, if you lie on your right side, your left middle turbinate will flatten out somewhat, and open up the left side, while your right middle turbinate will close up the right side, and vica versa. If I had to start someplace, I would treat the sinus problem as if it was a reaction to food allergies.... (5 replies)
... I think that thick, discolored discharge can be caused by sinus infection, damaged sinus membranes, allergic reaction, or any combination of the three. I am very allergic to beer. When I would drink several beers, I'd wake up in the morning with thick yellow discharge and miserable sinuses, which would usually lead to a sinus infection. There are other foods that will... (13 replies)
... If I have a couple of beers, the next morning I wake up with stuffy sinuses and a thick yellow nasty discharge. If I drink some wine, I am OK, but if I drink a lot of wine, it gives me the same problem as beer. ... (6 replies)
... The next day, I double my normal dose of the beclomethasone nasal spray. That seems to help prevent major side effects from the beer or wine. ... (1 replies)
... Feeling a little better today. Have to irrigate my sinuses and taking Sinus tabs. ... (1 replies)
... I had surgery to correct a deviated septum, and treat an infected cyst, around 25 years ago. I wish that I had known about flooding the sinuses with peroxide back then. I would not have had the surgery. The surgery did little to improve my sinus problems, and the scarring actually made my problems worse. ... (5 replies)
... For about six months after the surgery, I felt great. Had no sinus swelling or discomfort. Then BAM! From that point on I had sinus misery, with swollen sinuses and one sinus infection after another, all starting in the right sinus. ... (3 replies)

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