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... what can you do when allergies make you dizzy? ... (2 replies)
... they have done more for me than any dr. I could not walk a straight line when I first went in and walked out much straighter. Allergies can make you dizzy, throw your balance of and make you outright miserable!!! ... (2 replies)
... debilitating dizziness that was caused by food and mold. I figured out on my own that mold was affecting me but the foods were a real surprise. Since getting my allergies identified I am doing much better and find that all other treatments have a higher success rate. ... (2 replies)

... oh i think i offended him because he said "if the MRI comes back normal, and the therapy doesnt help,then you can get a second opinion, but you have to try and do the excrises cause it will retrain your brain, yes it will make you dizzy, but also teachs your brain to fix itself" (51 replies)
... rt of april i have had awful sinus drainage, dizzy, ringing ears, nausea and diarreha..i feel day ok the next sick as a dog..can sinus problems and allergies make you feel like this? ... (3 replies)
... Chiggans, I was the one that originally posted about Chlortrimeton and lightheaded/dizzy relief. I started posting on this forum about 4 or 5 years ago and still visit it occasionally. The C-trimeton has worked for me for about 5 years. Last year I probably became more allergic and the 2-12 hr. C-trimeton was not enough. So now, I suppliment the C-trimeton with the Nasal... (17 replies)
... ms at all. No runny nose, no green things coming out of my face, no sneezing, no nothing. I was dizzy, felt weak and just felt crappy. I have never suffered from allergies my entire life. This went on for two weeks. ... (20 replies)
... I hope you dizzy people are well! Well unfortunately I'm not. ... (20 replies)
... My whole family now is experiencing gassy stomachs and I guess this is from the mucus dranaige in the belly. My nose is not stuffy though. You know your going to have a bad day when you wake feeling dizzy, disoriented, and your eyes itch. ... (30 replies)
... Definitely you can be dizzy from allergies. I have hay fever for sometime now, since I was a young girl, and when it hits me bad I am dizzy and the worst part is that the meds I take for the allergy also making me dizzy so it's pretty much the same. ... (51 replies)
... well i currently have two cats,extremmmly fluffy,both of them.i love em tho! :P we do have some minor mold thats around some windows,we allways clean it and stuff tho.can a food allergy make you dizzy/lightheaded etc? and not just enviromental? (15 replies)
... is something that will throw one way off balance and it is nothing but the crystals in the ears that have become dislodged. This is VERY common. As to whether you have it, I have no idea. ... (51 replies)
... what allergy meds do you take? ... (51 replies)
... By that time, you'll probably be feeling much better! I don't get why Dr's do that. They can't get you in when you are feeling badly. Just doesn't make sense! ... (7 replies)
... Food allergies ARE important to pay attention to. ... (5 replies)
Feel Awful
Sep 20, 2006
... I have been feeling like I have the flu for about 4 days. I do not have a fever. I've had this feeling off and on for the eight mos. I am a little dizzy every once in a while, I'm tired and weak, acid reflux symptoms, my ears are plugged now, headache, I don't always have an appetite. ... (1 replies)
... If you are sneezing like that it very well could be allergies. Allergies are weird because with age they change etc. just because you did not have them before does not mean that it could not be allergies now. ... (9 replies)
... Rule out a sinus infection or inflamation. Sinus infections can take a while to get rid of sometimes, but they can make you feel this way. ... (6 replies)
... But the symptoms of a lot of these ear problems that people are posting about have overlap and I can certainly see why it is difficult to get an accurate diagnosis if you don't see an ENT that is well educated in all the types of disorders. ... (12 replies)
... Please don't be put off by the size of this post. I know it's long but I have so much to say and it is all important. I know I've posted similar things so you may simply consider this an "update" to what I have already posted. ... (2 replies)

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