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Allergy question
May 15, 2018
... I have a lot of the things you mentioned and know mine are caused by the spring weather and all the stuff that is flying around plus the barometric change. My allergy injection dose is the strongest one can be on and the effects only last one week. I finally went to an acupuncturist and she has done more good for me than anything else. It takes a little time, but an... (1 replies)
Allergy question
May 14, 2018
... een having strong headaches, pressure and or fullness around eyes and cheekbones, toothache, dizziness, ears popping but not sick. Since I am not sick and not congestion I wonder if this is allergies and the headache may be a sinus headache? ... (1 replies)
... It usually takes me about three days to feel normal. I'm sensitive to milk and ice cream, orange juice, and really cold food and drinks, like slushies or smoothies. I get terrible congestion, dizziness, and a "drunk" feeling. It's not worth it. I don't think it's allergies, just sensitivity. (4 replies)

... There is a lot of good info in this string relating to Brain Fog, dizziness, etc., so I thought it might be beneficial to bring it back up. (48 replies)
... Have you tried any decongestant nasal sprays (Afrin, etc.), or steroidal sprays (like Nasonex, Flonase, etc.)? I like to avoid decongestant usage as much as possible for similar reasons. Certainly sounds like some of your troubles could be allergy related. If you indeed have a nasal allergy, then perhaps your doc could prescribe something akin to Nasonex. I've found that... (48 replies)
... I suffer with the same symptoms. I'm stuffy & have fluid in 1 ear and dizziness. It happens to me every time the seasons change. I can't tolerate decongestants (heart palpitations). My doc recommends antihistimines. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (48 replies)
... I'm not a doctor but a sufferer as a few here are also, our little group seems to be growing larger :) Has your doctor prescribed anything for your allergies? And I too, this is the first year at almost 40 feeling the affects of vertigo allergy related. I would definately dig deeper into your allergies and see what some have written here about the different types of... (48 replies)
... This is my first year experiencing dizziness with my allergies. ... (48 replies)
... Similarities abound. If I have much wine, or other alcoholic drink, I tend to feel lousy as well. I'm convinced that manufacturing is NOT the industry for me. I can relate to sinus pain from fumes. I get that all too often here. They melt certain metals, and naturally, the aromas/fumes find their way conveniently to my head. The rabbit allergy makes sense. I grew up... (48 replies)
... We seem to have the same problems, pollen, dust ect.....where I work there is alot of dust, manufacturers of feed screws, the polishers kick up alot of dust in the back, but manages to find its way up to the office. We got a new polishing machine before the beginning of the year. When this machine is running I can't walk out to this area, the dust hits me like a brick. ... (48 replies)
... sinuses constantly. I first noticed the dizziness while simply sitting at my desk. No noticeable sinus problems at the time, just pretty severe nasal congestion. ... (48 replies)
... Thank you Halls for your help, its good to get helpful advice and info from someone who is suffering. I know that my vertigo and dizziness is from sinus and ears, just not sure about treatment, which is why I am seeking further advice from specialists who deal in this area (I hope). Next week my doc will refer me to a specialist, I have had sinus x-rays done which will be... (48 replies)
... Now, the dizziness that I have I can tell you right now comes from my sinuses. I've known that from the get go, and most people can tell you where their dizziness comes from as well. Mine started with a really bad sinus infection. ... (48 replies)
... Re: the secretary, I think there might have been a misunderstanding. I don't think she meant to tell you that inner ear problems can't cause dizziness, but that other causes such as low blood pressure needed to be ruled out first, hence the referral. Also, I agree with Tichou, I've had better luck with allergy immunologists than with ENT's. Although most ENT's are... (48 replies)
... Wow. I think I opened a BIG can of worms. I really appreicate all of your comments, questions. I have to agree that the secretary, mentioned earlier, doesn't have a clue about the sxs of allergy/sinus problems. I am certainly no doctor, but I can tell the instant my allergies start going hay-wire. Stuffienss gets worse, headache, pressure somewhere between my nose and my... (48 replies)
... You know there are some not so good doctors. I had my first attack and really bad vertigo, almost passed out in my car a couple of time driving to work. Anyway I went to a new doctor and she told me it was anxiety! so on lorazapam thinking it may be allergies, even after telling her how stuffy I felt in my head, my breathing problems, the rash on my arms from the rabbit... (48 replies)
... secretary. I firmly believe the dizziness comes from my allergies and nasal passages being blocked. ... (48 replies)
... NT's office and asked did I need a referral and the lady said no. She then asked me what my symptoms were and I told her, including the dizziness. She said for dizziness you need a referral from your Dr. because they must rule everything else out first. She said dizziness was not a symptom of anything ear, nose and throat. ... (48 replies)
... I see an ENT surgeon. He does have an allergy clinic in his office where I get my allergy shots. I think the ENT is the better person to see when you are having dizziness/vertigo as it usually is a structural problem and they deal with that better than an allergist would. (48 replies)
... for me since I moved to the south. I am thinking of making an appointment to see an ENT doctor because I am getting no where with the allergist. I have the bad congestion in my nose, I get the bouts of dizziness and the brain fog. Lots of times I have severe fatigue as well. ... (48 replies)

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