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... Hi, i am a musician(violinist),and i have a problem with getting a lower head pressure coming from the neck up and subsequent dizziness,it feels like if there is some problem of circulation of blood,it happens mostly when i am on stage and consequently under nervous pressure,i sometimes start to yawn as well.Is there any help for me please?thank you (0 replies)
... You are right; few people realize how debilitating this is. I've had a horrible allergy year and am just realizing how much my allergy symptoms have slowed me down my whole life. Brain fog, facial pain, extreme fatigue - takes a toll after years and years. Allergy shots helped me a lot but I quit taking them when I moved. I recently went to see an ENT who recommended... (13 replies)
... All the posts about brain fog,dizziness, lack of energy and anxiety hit home with me.I've been through the gamut with remedies over the years with this..everything but surgery.People that don't suffer from this don't realize how debillitating it is.I'm on a regimen of steam inhalation and I'm ramping up the nasal irrigation to twice daily.The only other thing I know to do is... (13 replies)

... ill not convinced all my symptoms are allergies even though I've had endless tests. I've never had such horrible feeling of sinus pressure, facial pressure, ear pressure , post nasal drip , upset stomach from post nasal drip, muscle tension, and dizziness just an all in all god awful year!! Or since March at least for me . ... (13 replies)
... Yeah. I honestly don't know how to describe it. It's not dizziness. I'm trying to get into see an ENT in the next couple of weeks. I just don't know if it could be my allergies. Normally, my allergies consist of itchy eyes. Haven't had that at all. Just this swimmy type feeling in my head. I've had minor ear popping off and on as well. (7 replies)
Foggy/cloudy head
May 18, 2008
... Grillo - did you find any relief for these symptoms. I suffer from exactly the same things, and I'm sure that people think I'm crazy. I can't stand it. (49 replies)
... I see...and have you ever gotten this at night? Do you or anybody have any tips or quick solutions to relieving the head pressure/woozyness when a hot shower isn't handy? By the way, thanks for all the replies - chiggins and everyone. (17 replies)
... hello everyone i am still somewhat new to this health board but love it...i have a question i have been having troubles the last 4 -5 months started out with ear fullness and a feeling my ears were clogged headache face pain etc went to the doctors he said i had a sinus infection put me on a antiobitic didnt work then was put on several more that didnt work either now some... (1 replies)
... if your head feels "full" with pressure in your forehead and behind your eyes, THAT'S YOUR SINUSES. ... (19 replies)
... and lots of dizziness EVERYDAY!!!. Also aches and pressure in the back of my head. ... (4 replies)
... I have the same issues. BAD. Lot of pressure in my ears, HORRIBLE itchy burny eyes, and you're right. It's not REALLY vertigo or dizziness, but a feeling of being buzzed almost. ... (19 replies)
... You're not alone. For the past week or so I've been dealing with head pressure, watery eyes, watery nose and dizziness too! I guess I've developed some allergies. The air conditioning bothers me too and whatever is in the air at this time of year. What is it? ... (9 replies)
... I have had the worst pressure in my head. I wake up every morning and I am somewhat congested but not annoyingly so. Once I am up and around I am aware at times of postnasal drip. ... (5 replies)
... Everyday around noon or 1 i get really dizzy, lose my balance and feel like I'm spinning. I start hallucinating. I get nauseous. My head aches and the pressure is so intense it feels like it might explode. My ears ring. My vision gets all blotchy. My brain pretty much shuts off. I feel really foggy. ... (11 replies)
... ear problem which caused dizziness and nauseau about a month ago. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this site and I am hoping to find some info. that might be helpful. I have been to numerous docs and no one has given me any help so far. Here is my story... for the past 4 months I have been experiencing constant dizziness. It is not vertigo, but an off-balance rocking type of feeling. I was referred to an ENT who sent me for a hearing test and an ENG... (8 replies)
... Hey chiggins, (or anybody) do you ever get a numb-like feeling at the top of your head (like a low grade pressure sensation) that accompanies the lightheadedness? I get this at times. It can sometimes last from 2 minutes to nearly 30 minutes or more. It happens only late in the afternoons but lately (in the past 2 weeks or so) I've also noticed it at night when I'm trying to... (17 replies)
... OMG! I never thought would find someone who has all the symptoms as that I have. As earlier I wrote the same problems, the stuffiness and pressure in my head, sinus blockage and pressure in my ears and soreness, eyes some swelling, vertigo/swooning feeling and of course then panick sets in :eek: . I also noticed prior to a attack my legs would start to feel funny like my... (48 replies)
... boom, within 24 hours the dizziness was gone. ... (2 replies)
... which allows fluid to accumulate in the inner ear, leading to the dizziness. Is it a spinning feeling of dizziness or something else? ... (4 replies)

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