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Allergy question
May 15, 2018
... ne week. I finally went to an acupuncturist and she has done more good for me than anything else. It takes a little time, but an acupuncturist will relieve the pressure and headaches to a great degree. ... (1 replies)
Allergy question
May 14, 2018
... I am not congested but I been having strong headaches, pressure and or fullness around eyes and cheekbones, toothache, dizziness, ears popping but not sick. ... (1 replies)
... Let me know where you move to if it will help your allergies! You may find a lot of moving vans behind you because everyone in the city is complaining. (8 replies)

... an be debillitating ! The last 3 or 4 years have been my worst by far ! My wife never had them and has suffered terribly the last 3 yrs.I believe the weather and pressure fronts play a huge part in that ! here,we have had very little rain the last 5 years andI beklive that surely contributes.We are actually moving because of this. ... (8 replies)
... You are right; few people realize how debilitating this is. I've had a horrible allergy year and am just realizing how much my allergy symptoms have slowed me down my whole life. Brain fog, facial pain, extreme fatigue - takes a toll after years and years. Allergy shots helped me a lot but I quit taking them when I moved. I recently went to see an ENT who recommended... (13 replies)
... All the posts about brain fog,dizziness, lack of energy and anxiety hit home with me.I've been through the gamut with remedies over the years with this..everything but surgery.People that don't suffer from this don't realize how debillitating it is.I'm on a regimen of steam inhalation and I'm ramping up the nasal irrigation to twice daily.The only other thing I know to do is... (13 replies)
... ill not convinced all my symptoms are allergies even though I've had endless tests. I've never had such horrible feeling of sinus pressure, facial pressure, ear pressure , post nasal drip , upset stomach from post nasal drip, muscle tension, and dizziness just an all in all god awful year!! Or since March at least for me . ... (13 replies)
... ved through. I began feeling lightheaded and at times experienced actual vertigo. In addition, I woke up every day with a headache over my eye as well as facial pressure and constant congestion. The dizziness was the most unsettling feeling, though. ... (1 replies)
... Steven: Have you noticed anything that you have been around that could have triggered these reactions? It is very helpful to keep a diary when these reactions come on and note what you were doing, where you were, anything that you have been in contact with when these reactions occur. You also need to check under the section for "environmental disorders". I kept a diary and... (6 replies)
... Many things could cause u feel dizzy especially sinus pressure, and headaches. Sometimes you could be having both. You are more likely having dizzyness problem because completely of those assocated with your sinus draining (nausea). May take a test and let your doctor decide about your medication. (51 replies)
... I am currently having symptoms of crackling in my ears, dizziness, trouble focusing my eyes, and feeling pressure in my ears(not to the point of pain) and some pressure in my forehead (not always but sometimes to the point of pain).My neck is also a little sore. I have been to an ENT no sign of sinusitis, or fluid in the ears. I was prescribed flonase and took it for a week... (2 replies)
... Yeah. I honestly don't know how to describe it. It's not dizziness. I'm trying to get into see an ENT in the next couple of weeks. I just don't know if it could be my allergies. Normally, my allergies consist of itchy eyes. Haven't had that at all. Just this swimmy type feeling in my head. I've had minor ear popping off and on as well. (7 replies)
... Hi, i am a musician(violinist),and i have a problem with getting a lower head pressure coming from the neck up and subsequent dizziness,it feels like if there is some problem of circulation of blood,it happens mostly when i am on stage and consequently under nervous pressure,i sometimes start to yawn as well.Is there any help for me please?thank you (0 replies)
... did you have the allergy blood testing done too....or just the skin scratch test for your allergies?:confused: (6 replies)
... Hey! Dizziness and sometimes even low blood pressure are things I get from my food allergies all the time. If I were you I would totally go off of soy for 3 weeks and then go back on it and see what happens. ... (6 replies)
... the first one happened when I was drinking a banana shake, made with soy milk. I'd get sudden feelings like I was going to pass out, like I could feel my blood pressure going way low. ... (6 replies)
... Everyday around noon or 1 i get really dizzy, lose my balance and feel like I'm spinning. I start hallucinating. I get nauseous. My head aches and the pressure is so intense it feels like it might explode. My ears ring. My vision gets all blotchy. My brain pretty much shuts off. I feel really foggy. ... (11 replies)
... rgy shots for a couple weeks now, feelin iffy at best. Right now, doctors are suggesting that i rule out lyme disease before we go on, because these unexplained dizziness and fatige could be a sign of lyme. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this site and I am hoping to find some info. that might be helpful. I have been to numerous docs and no one has given me any help so far. Here is my story... for the past 4 months I have been experiencing constant dizziness. It is not vertigo, but an off-balance rocking type of feeling. I was referred to an ENT who sent me for a hearing test and an ENG... (8 replies)
... You're not crazy, The ear-allergy connection is well known to most ear, nose and throat doctors (ENTs). Some ear-allergy problems are common. Severe nasal allergies can cause eustachian-tube dysfunction, which in turn may cause a variety of ear symptoms, such as recurrent infection, ear pressure, decreased hearing, tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and even vertigo (dizziness).... (3 replies)

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