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... I have the same issue! I am making a slipcover and the fabric fibers are causing me so much pain. It's not an allergy, in fact it's vasomotor rhinitis, or non-allergenic rhinitis. My doctor could not explain why antihistamines work, but they do help. Unfortunately they bother my stomach... So I am suffering right now. (7 replies)
... down with allergies in 1985 and when I got them, I REALLY got them because I am allergic to one thing after another. Had to give up my theater tickets because of all the perfume people wear. Have had a touch of eczema, but just a touch until this year when it broke out on both feet and one lower leg. ... (3 replies)
... itchy chest. BUT in the past year, I have been experiencing symptoms I've never seen before. I wasn't sure what it was, but after months I started losing sleep over the itchiness and went to an allergist who confirmed it was just my allergies. ... (3 replies)

... what would make your lips swell and itchy all over (4 replies)
... I may be new, but Itchy all over body to the point where the skin stops hair growth sounds like something you all want to see a dermatologist about. No really. ... (9 replies)
... I went to France this last week and started to get itchy all over my body- but did not get hives or a rash. This has never happened to me before. The itch is almost painful sometimes and wanes a little bit only to come back really strong. I know it must be an allergy of some sort from something I ate but now that I am home it is still happening and when I eat any kind... (1 replies)
... e or something, because as soon as I could smell the strong fragrance coming through the vents, my pet birds started sneezing, and very quickly I started itching all over, from head to toe! A really annoying, troubling sort of itch, that doesn't stop no matter how much you itch, it just keeps moving around on the body!! ... (7 replies)
... eekend. First the scent coming through the vents. Then my pet birds started sneezing. Then I started to feel itchy, and it very quickly grew very intense. Lasted all night, barely got any sleep at all!!! ... (9 replies)
... Oh my Gosh! Help me please! I have the same itchyness ALL OVER (especially bad at night) and the loss of hair (more than normal anyways). I thought the hair loss was because I just had a baby 3-1/2 months ago and lost about a total of 3 hairs for the last few months anyways, so I thought this was just catch up time. Anyways, looks like there hasn't been any postings for a... (9 replies)
... Do any of you ever get this itching all over without a rash? ... (9 replies)
... I have been searching all over the web for what these bumps on my skin might be and I have been having no luck. ... (4 replies)
... Today, a friend sat beside me and wafts of strong fabric softener scent settled over me from her clothes, and when she shifted her scarf. ... (7 replies)
... Zyrtec shouldn't make you sleepy and it's very cheap in Canada (cetirizine). I strongly suggest you try it. (7 replies)
... gies and haven't needed to in the past. I have been using benadryl the past few nights, it takes a bit of the edge off the itch but it's not a cure and I'm tired all day the next day. ... (7 replies)
... Even though I dreaded it, I eventually knocked on his door. I was actually hyperventilating a bit at the time because of the smoke, but I politely told him that all the smoke was filling my apartment and it was making it difficult to breathe. He immediately apologized and said he would stop. ... (7 replies)
... I have taken 7 of 10 Avelox pills for sinus infection. For two days I have had a horrid itchy as heck rash all over my body. ... (1 replies)
... I woke up next day with hives all over my body but not my face. ... (0 replies)
... Hi All....I haven't gone to check the thread on dermatographism to see if any of you are posting there, but, if not, that could be what your itching is all about. I have it. I was diagnosed about 6 mos. ago. My doctor described it as "leaky histamines". ... (9 replies)
... So now she must eat organic foods, which don't have pesticies, and she needs to read all ingredients to make sure it doesn't have natural flavors or MSG. ... (9 replies)
... been allergic to anything, I hadn't changed anything in my diet or soap and one night I woke up with a swollen lip, the next day I had big red out of shape welts all over my body. I have taken Reactine every day, if I missed even one I broke out in itchy swollen welts. ... (8 replies)

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