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... I've had my adenoids and tonsils both removed. ... (1 replies)
... Ever since I can remember my nose has been stuffed up to some degree. I can usually only breathe out of one nostril. It does not run it just gets heavy and blocked. Blowing my nose seems to make it worse. ... (2 replies)
... And I hate these stupid nose sprays cause I just blew my nose to a bunch of bloody boogars... blah. ... (9 replies)

... I had blood work done a few days ago to have my thyroid checked... it has been checked in the past but they always told me it was "normal". I will post the results though and see what you guys say. ... (9 replies)
... Ok, maybe its cause its 3 am and I'm extremely tired and can't sleep...but I'm getting very angry at my nose! ... (9 replies)
... I've always had an itchy nose, my whole life. I remember as a kid I would often have a runny nose in the mornings and be sniffing and wiping my nose with the palm of my hand every few minutes. This would fade after a few hours and I'd feel fine by lunch time. ... (3 replies)
Slight wheezing?
Sep 28, 2010
... once in a while i get slight wheezing is that cause of my allergys i have a lot and my nose is stuffed? ... (3 replies)
... So you say I should double my Allegra and my nose spray...instead of using the OTC nose spray? ... (9 replies)
... I use a humidifier in my living room and bedroom. That helps keep my nose open. I irrigate at least twice a day and that helps keep things clear. ... (9 replies)
... D as well as all my inhalers for my asthma. I've gotten to a stage where my allergies were well under control and did not need the shots any longer... ... (9 replies)
... Thats what my doctors keep telling me, that it's sinuses and allergies. ... (3 replies)
... Try Nasonex...and wait about 2 weeks before you would see its effect. (4 replies)
... why is my nose constantly stuffed (4 replies)
... I went through the same thing for years. Terrible post nasal drip! I went through all the drugs, allergy shots, and nasal washes too. My allergist said my deviated septum wasn't bad enough to cause me any problems. Then I had an appointment with an ENT who said it could cause my problems. ... (9 replies)
... etc. I got rid of all that and my son doesn't have to take Claritin anymore. He had congestion and was always sniffing. Just a thought if you've tried everything else. ... (9 replies)
... Feeling a "little" better is all I was hoping for as my sinuses have been screwed for years. So I was never expecting any miracles. ... (9 replies)
... My left side has been considerably worse than my right for a few years now. ... (9 replies)
... allergy meds....OTC and prescription.....i have found something that works for my 13 year old daughter. she is CONSTANTLY full of nose congestion. i decided to try mucinex worked like a charm. after a few days of being fine, she quit taking it...the next day? ... (9 replies)
... How is your thyroid? ... (9 replies)
... I think i have allergies. for the past 3 months when i go to bed and throughout the night i cant breath because my nose is stuffed up. it is really starting to bug me. i told my parents but they refuse to take me to an allergiest. is there any otc cheap meds that have a quick fix for this? ... (4 replies)

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