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... Maybe you have an acid reflux problem? My son had that, and we never knew until he had a camera put in his throat to discover why he was hoarse a lot, and now he doesn't have asthma, and doesn't have so much nasal congestion in the mornings, and the sinus scan did not show anything for him either. Just a wild guess! If reflux could cause asthma, and cause stuffiness, it might... (7 replies)
... During the day my nose is always congested except when I eat or drink something. Then it starts to run terribly. Does anyone has a simple explanation for this strange thing? ... (0 replies)
... It is best to see an ENT for this. If your nose is bleeding then that could be why the odor. If you have thick drainage that could indicate a sinus infection. I would go see an ENT. ... (7 replies)

... Still seeking for help. I have a terrible smell from my nose, really bad. Seems like I have always mucus in my throat. My gp said to take a sinus scan, did so and that was clear. ... (7 replies)
... feels like my head is going to explode. It's not painful, but it's hard to describe. It makes me feel uneasy and tired and can start panic episodes. ... (1 replies)
... Hi I too am having that problem I have had pains in the eyes, congested chest ,blocked nose and even blocked burning ,ringing ears, they said i had sinusitis,rhinitis,and hayfever, well i feel like i have something wrong with my chest as it is always congested ,i am a smoker but i only smoke 6 a day, and am quitting, This cannot be just allergies as it never goes away hope... (8 replies)
... I went to the doctor as I always seem to have a sore throat. He looked at my throat and said it looked a bit irritated. He then prescribed Nasacort nasal spray and regular saline spray? ... (1 replies)
... For the bathroom, always run the fan when showering to help get rid of the dampness in the air. And use a bleach based cleaning product to kill the mold. ... (4 replies)
... lightheaded that in a fog feeling thrat hurts but is not red and the tightness in my chest. I have been to numerous Dr's and they are say yup must be allergies. Nothing seems to work to great for me. ... (8 replies)
... What is it? ... (9 replies)
... my nose is never congested. I sometimes feel something running down the back of my throat, but my nose is always clear. ... (9 replies)
... ed all the time....just not motivated i guess u could say.....just don't have the energy......i feel misreable all the time.....when i lay down to go to sleep my nose get all clogged and congested...when i breath i can hear myself wheezing a little.....i'm so much out of breath when i do something.... ... (21 replies)
... am reluctant as I feel that he should have directly ordered allergy tests since day 1. I asked him if it might be food allergy and he replied that since my chest is clear and the allergy is in my nose, then it is highly unlikely to be food allergy, but rather environmental allergy. ... (4 replies)
... congested nose that I can barely breathe through, but in the meantime, it would really help to try a good allergy medicine for moderate to severe allergies. ... (4 replies)
... it feels like to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I also have constant nasal congestion and a runny nose. No matter how many times I blow it, my nose always becomes congested again after a few minutes. I also have puffy eyes and dark circles under my eyes. ... (9 replies)
... I have had the worst pressure in my head. I wake up every morning and I am somewhat congested but not annoyingly so. Once I am up and around I am aware at times of postnasal drip. My question is..... ... (5 replies)
... time congested. The only time it unplugs is when i take a hot shower but that only last during the time im in there and also when i lay on my side i can feel my nose drain to one side then if i lay on the other it will drain to the other. I also always have postnasal drip i think its called. ... (2 replies)
... allergy meds....OTC and prescription.....i have found something that works for my 13 year old daughter. she is CONSTANTLY full of nose congestion. i decided to try mucinex worked like a charm. after a few days of being fine, she quit taking it...the next day? ... (9 replies)
... Ok. My DD who is now 23 has had allergy symptoms since she was like 4 month old. When we go outside she get a red bloches on her face, watery eyes and runny nose. ... (7 replies)
... Nasal congestion, with a nasal cycle. Sometimes the left nostril is more congested, sometimes the right nostril is more congested. I experienced this before the surgery, and still do. It makes it difficult to breathe through my nose. ... (10 replies)

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