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... Does anyone here have bad breath because of that thick mucus/pnd/sinus problems/lpr thingy? (18 replies)
... It sounds like allergies to me. Have you tried just taking an antihistamine and seeing if it helps? (18 replies)
... I hope this is an allergy. It gives me comfort to read the same symptoms. Mine are thick mucus that will not go away. Suffering for at least 3 months, anxiety, fear of choking, always on the right side. ... (18 replies)

... hi all, I have very thick mucus in my throat that never goes away. It just sits in my throat no matter what I do I can't swallow it down,it's to thick and seems to get stuck in the same spot. My Ent thinks it's stomach acid from my Gerd. my gastro Dr. says no way. My family Dr. thinks it might be allergies. ... (7 replies)
... Please if anyone knows share the information. I reduced the amount of mucus but the thickness and overall problems just seems to go on. I do have an ent appointment. ... (18 replies)
... Actually I'm pretty sure it caused by the mucosal thickening blocking your nasal passages and causing sinusitis. Normally, mucus is watery and runs down your nose (or throat) but in our case this does not happen. (18 replies)
... r in the bedroom. The doctor said use the humifier at night only, but never turn off the hepa. I also take 2 mucinex 600mg time released in a.m. and p.m. The mucus is far from gone. I also have a ton of meds like nasacort aq and zyrtec. Next trip to the doctor I will explore the gerd possibility. ... (18 replies)
... is there anything that will help get rid of the PND? i wake up several tiems a night coughing...also get a tickle in my throat....i wake up coughing every morning for the first couple of hours and i also cough after i eat from the doctor says my coughing is asthma and gave me an inhaler...well i still have the coughing so i dont think thats it...all i know is i... (18 replies)
... I take zyrtec, mucinex and nasacort. There may be other options but because of high blood pressure my doctor won't let me take it. I am working to get my weight down with watching my diet and walking. I seem to have developed the high bp followed shortly by the mucus. I am hoping to get off the bp meds and see if it helps. I would look forward to sneezing, it might get... (18 replies)
... It could be a sign that you have damaged nasal mucus membranes, which was probably caused by a previous infection. ... (10 replies)
... It's hard to tell if the allergies cause inflammation in the digestive system or it's mucus draining. I think it's probably both. For excess acid, the generic pepcid is good. ... (18 replies)
... Some of of these that came up that were mild include black pepper, garlic, soybeat, oat, wheat, chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, mustard, chocolate, vanilla, peanut etc. It really is a lot of things. My plan is to not eat anything that scored a moderate level and I'm just so stressed about the things that came up mild because it's in every single dish that I eat. I do have to... (4 replies)
... I've been following this board for a while and thought I would post some recent symptoms and observations. I am a 30 year old male with history of seasonal allergies, and allergy to dogs. Claritin was my antihistamine of choice, but the allergies were mostly an annoyance, not debilitating. I have always been somewhat athletic. Enjoy the outdoors, running, and weight... (0 replies)
... o your stomach is one of many. Each of use react differently. This year, I am going through severe waves of sickness, congestion, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, thick mucus to name a few. ... (30 replies)
... is chronically dry, and it sometimes feels like I have tissue paper caught in it behind my tongue. My voice is often affected by this. Other times it feels like thick mucus is running down my throat. It feels like my throat is mildly swollen. ... (1 replies)
Post Nasal Drip
Mar 20, 2010
... nasal drip because I have this constant thick mucus in my nose and throat that started after I contracted the flu in May 2006. ... (7 replies)
Oct 18, 2009
... i pull out the mucus from her nose by using a tissue,the mucus is about 15 cm long!! ... (0 replies)
... My 2 year old has been diagnosed with allergies. He has been taking singular for a month now, while this medicine does seem to break up the thick mucus attacks, it appears he's having night mares and lost of appetite... ... (0 replies)
... Then it could be a sign of an infection - anytime you get discolored mucus it's a sign that the mucus is stagnant and may be infected with bacteria (or a virus) - it's probably worth talking to a doctor about. (4 replies)
... If it only happens in the morning and is ongoing (not just something that happens for a week or so after you've had a cold), and you don't have asthma or other respiratory issues it's most likely from acid reflux - at night acid can irritate the lining of your esophagus and cause it to become inflamed. Lots of people who have this complain of feeling a lump in their throat... (4 replies)

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