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... free diet". The message board was created by a woman suffering from a yeast allergy and, once she had been diagnosed and treated, lost approximately 25 pounds and was even cured of her depression! ... (0 replies)
... Please can somebody help me about 2 years ago i started getting broken skin/ rash/ scratch marks appear on my body they were absolutly NOT self inflicted or caused by bugs or whatever this continued and i couldnt for the life of me figure out why itd be very painful deep and each time last a week or two. the other day i was eating bread and suddenly i felt a sharp... (1 replies)
... had recent allergy tests done, and they scratch tested me for several foods, too. ... (0 replies)

Soy allergy
Apr 2, 2007
... or the third time. They are giving me a refund and claim to be making one without the soy lecithin. I had to laugh though because they say some people with a soy allergy can ingest soy lecithin and others can't. Wouldn't you think it would be more fair to let the consumer make that call? ... (7 replies)
Soy allergy
Apr 1, 2007
... I have a severe soy and yeast allergy. Have found a yeast free bread so that helps somewhat. I am a diabetic with no appetite and need a shake in the morning. Cannot find one that doesn't have soy in it. ... (7 replies)
... gged. The fog is terrible, and I am taking time off school in order to figure it out. When all my problems started, I also was noticing other more recognizable allergy symptoms popping up. ... (19 replies)
Food allergy?
Mar 21, 2005
... toast and peanut butter. It was only after I found out I was allergic to yeast and peanuts that I put 2 and 2 together! Now I enjoy rice and veggies for breakfast, and I feel like a million bucks with energy to burn! ... (3 replies)
... Is a yeast allergy similar to Candida? ... (19 replies)
... There are yeast free bread products! ... (19 replies)
... Read the labels on the baked goods. Not all use yeast for leavening, so some are safe . . . ... (19 replies)
... In a recently allergy test I tested positive to brewers yeast. I have given up beer to see if my headaches go away. Do any of you know whether I should exclude all yeast? ... (0 replies)
Yeast Allergies
Nov 10, 2003
... Hi everyone, I was just diagnosised with several food allergies and was wondering if anyone could offer some insight to my yeast allergy. I am a beer drinker and would like to know if all alcohol is the same. Does vodka have yeast? ... (1 replies)
Yeast allergy
Mar 16, 2003
... I have just had skin prick test for a number of things and one thing that came up was a mild reaction to yeast. I was wondering if anyone else has this allergy as I think it is a contributor to my congestion and sinus problems and can't find a good web site dealing with this one. ... (4 replies)
Yeast allergy
Mar 31, 2001
... Does anyone out there have an allergy to yeast? ... (1 replies)
... and there are some people who are just bothered by, say, the yeast in beer. ... (2 replies)
... im at the stage now where im too scared to eat any more processed foods anymore besides just basics like fruit i seem to be allergic to everything and anything ive been allergic to milk since a very young age (1 replies)
... I have tried antibiotics, anti yeast medicine, steroid creams, the lot, with no relief. ... (1 replies)
... OK, I went back and reread your original post. Since Bactrim is a sulfa drugs, you should stay away from that whole class of antibiotics. If Cipro works but gives you a yeast infection (very very very common ocurrence for women0, then ask your doctor to give you the med that counteracts that to take at the same time (I forget the name of it!). That is commonly done. (11 replies)
... can you really get an allergy to an antibiotic days after you quit taking (and had been taking that pill for a week?) and I've been having this rash since Friday, now my gums are bleeding, tounge is starting to burn, esophagus hurts like hell, the rash does look like an allergic reaction (only strikes during the night) does get a little itcy, but there's not one darn thing I... (11 replies)
Potato Allergy
Mar 1, 2009
... I have been allergic to potatoes as long as I can remember, I can't even breath them or I have an asthma like reaction. I am doing as much research as I can on potatoes because I notice other foods trigger a reaction as well but usually not as severe. tomatoes, peppers, (something I just ate, not sure what ingredient but I am having a reaction) and others. I am not sure... (8 replies)

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