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... Oh that is awful sannah, did you know you had yeast over growth or is that how you found out. ... (66 replies)
... Do you think that you might have a yeast overgrowth? ... (66 replies)
... pass you. thanks for the info. I have a severe yeast and soy allergy so I don't eat anything with them in foods. even canned chicken broth has yeast so I make my own. I'm going to get this right if it's the last thing I do. ... (66 replies)

... we age even we don't produce enough and we don't eat enough raw food as well so doing a bottle or two of enzymes really helps digestion. Do you think you have a yeast over growth, if so treat with a specfic product targeted towards candidia as well as enzymes and the pro biotics and that should help aslo stick to the diet. ... (66 replies)
... i do a yogurt a day and take acidophylis since I was dx with a yeast and soy allergy and that helps but I have been hearing alot about digestive enzymes just can't figure out the best. ... (66 replies)
... As for the allergy shots I haven't see the allergist as of yeat still a month to go and I am on a diet for yeast overgrowth to rule that out, but low and behold taking away the dairy and wheat also sugar has made a great difference in how I feel. ... (6 replies)
... I am suffering for some what of the same situation, have you checked if you have a yeast overgrowth most times this will caue food intolerances or allergies when you other wise didn't have them in return causing leaky gut. ... (66 replies)
False Positives
May 3, 2007
... Yes, there are false positives and false negatives. I only tested positive for wheat, yeast, strawberries, pine nuts and shellfish. But I have oral positive reactions to coconut, mushrooms (full anaphalxis there), all tomatoes but Roma, and a few other minor ones. Keep a journal of what you are eating and any side effects that develop with in 15-30 minutes of... (1 replies)
... You can have an allergy that has not manifested to leathal reactions yet.. An allergy is a immunological response from your body which results in your body producing histamines in response to exposure to said allergen. ... (8 replies)
... I recommend see your allergist about getting allergy testing done.. not just the standard scratch tests but the full blown skin contact studies as well. Also visit a dermatologist. ... (5 replies)
... Although I do not have a milk and egg allergy, I do have a wheat allergy which is still difficult to deal with. From my experiences, I suggest going to a natural food store and reading labels. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry your son has allergies. You can make substitutions and come up with food for him. Pancakes: substitute apple juice for the milk and omit eggs. You can also use Sprite to substitute for the milk. Cornbread: substitute fruit juice and omit eggs. Puddings: omit eggs, use fruit juice. Casseroles: omit eggs, substitute water for the milk. (4 replies)
Feb 2, 2007
... what food allergy symptoms did she have? ... (9 replies)
... number of symptoms including depression and anxiety, hyperactivity, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, irritability, etc. There is actually a difference between an allergy and an intolerance, and it sounds like your daughter can be experiencing either, or both. ... (4 replies)
... food allergy test and found out she was allergic to 13 foods. She eliminated them and over several weeks became much less reactive to the point she is leading a normal life. ... (1 replies)
... iminating certain foods from my diet I know I should be avoiding. Plus I added more supplements, and tried homeopathic remedies so I could decrease the amount of allergy meds I take. Earache is gone. ... (3 replies)
... You son may also have yeast issues and need to but put on an antiyeast treatment... that helps out quite a bit! Does he have a history of antibiotic use? ... (11 replies)
... day around a half hour morning routine of sneezing, blowing my nose etc.. before my allergies would calm down enough to focus on anything else. I was taking OTC allergy meds every day for close to two years before finally inquiring about the NAET treatment. ... (29 replies)
Cant tolerate.
Feb 7, 2006
... lactose, which is found in dairy products. As far as I know this is not an allergy to lactose, but I'm sure I will be corrected if my understanding is wrong. ... (4 replies)
... Why do I feel fine when I'm on antibiotics. What could this be an allergy to? ... (3 replies)

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