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... Anyway, we gave her both Zyrtec and Zantac and her hives went away a few hours later. ... (2 replies)
... The "d' in Benedryl D is a decongestant. If you have no congestion, you should not be taking the "d". ... (8 replies)
... Benadryl has never made me drowsy...and I was taking Benadryl-D daily before the doctor told me to switch to Zyrtec. I took the Benadryl after I posted and then took the Zyrtec in the morning as per usual (no, neither one makes me drowsy in any way). I'm not on a nasal decongestant. My doctor was going to put me on one, but because I wasn't too congested when I saw... (8 replies)

... whereas the Zyrtec is a 24 hour med. You could call the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what to do. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, it's with "D" I get so congested I'll try the benedryl at night time, I've never taken this Just started these bad allergies this spring. Go figure. thanks for your help (7 replies)
... BTW, I'm 5'2, 109 pounds and 63 years old and have never had a problem with zyrtec or claritin. ... (7 replies)
... I tried Allegra but it never helped me. Switched to Zyrtec a number of years ago and it works well for me. ... (7 replies)
... My kids have used zyrtec and singulair both, off and on for years, without problems. ... (6 replies)
... I take a zyrtec most mornings and a benedryl at bedtime every night (for sleep - it's the PM in Tylenol PM). I never experience any excessive drying or other side effects. (4 replies)
... ulair and side effects lots of people have experienced depression as a side effect from both singulair and zyrtec. My son had extreme side effects and now takes benedryl only. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, not a problem to use on a local place while on an antihistamine. One works from inside and the other from out. Actually, I take a Zyrtec every morning and a benedryl at bedtime every night (it's the PM in Tylenol PM). (4 replies)
... have palpattaions with zyrtec, but claritin when it was still prescription only gave me fits. It is possible, but not very common. See your allergist and take benedryl in the mean time. ... (4 replies)
... If were going to get used to it you would've by now. I would ask about Allegra. Also maybe ask about taking the pediatric dose of Zyrtec. My Claritin experience was like Tichou's, I might as well have taking a sugar pill. But I agree the Claritin/benedryl thing wouldn't be harmful. I'm just not convinced it would work well. (5 replies)
... benedryl thing. I ake a benedryl every night even if I took a Zyrtec that morning. But claritin was ike taking a sugar pill for me. You might want to try the allegra. ... (5 replies)
... It will make you sleepy, but you can do it. I used to take some children's benedryl with my Zyrtec when my allergies really acted up. ... (2 replies)
... P.S. Wow...Just for fun I checked my local pharmacy's retail price on 30 tabs Zyrtec and it was $84.90. Then I checked a Canadian source: $41.87 Of course shipping adds to it for a total of $51.82 So it's certainly significantly cheaper via Canada. But it still makes me crazy that before, when Calif. Blue Cross and Blue Shield covered it, I only had to pay $10. (16 replies)
... and as I said, neither covers Allegra or Zyrtec anymore here.. I mean one would think Blue Cross is Blue Cross, whether "merged" or not. ... (16 replies)
... f year. I am a 47 yr old male, nothing seemed to work. Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, but this year I finally got some relief by taking, believe it or not. Childrens Benedryl easymelt tablets. I can breath, and sleep all night. Only take one in the morning. ... (16 replies)
... BS of Texas and covers my Zyrtec not sure about Allegra since it does nothing for me, but the cost is high! ... (16 replies)
... BS of Alabama covers both Allegra and Zyrtec. I'm surprised at all these that have dropped Zyrtec since it's the only one FDA approved for animal allergies. ... (16 replies)

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