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I wanted to write to get input on whether or not I potentially have als. Over the summer, I had a lot of issues with anxiety. This included blurred vision and major headaches. I had a Brain mri to be safe and everything turned out fine. I ended up going on Zoloft and klonapin but a week later started having major leg cramps. I also started feeling occasional twitching in my right toes. This led me to stop the Zoloft. I'm concerned as I still have the cramps and the right toe twitching/tingling is still there. My dr did all the bloodwork and everything was fine there. This has made me more concerned about als. Do these sound like initial symptoms that mirror als? I want to see if I should push for an emg. Thanks for the help!
I'm also concerned because it seems as if I had trouble swallowing and spit a lot after eating which I thought was bulpar als while I'm also having the cramps. Do they happen at the same time? The blurred vision has gotten better since I went on anxiety medicine. I had a brain mri to rule out ms or a brain tumor. I did have an infection recently from a cyst so not sure if that was part of the problem. Thanks for the input, als has kind of consumed me lately, especially since I'm in the same state as Pete Frates who is also young.

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