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What are you worrying about?

[I]I have been having shooting pains in my head for about 9 months.[/I]

Pain isn't a symptom of ALS onset.

[I]It seems that the MRI was clean but at about the same time I started feeling pains in my legs. Tingly sensations that were never there before.[/I]

Tingling is not associated with ALS.

[I]This started about a month ago. Now I notice my right wrist feeling weak. I am tried much of the time and am fatigued. [/I]

Certainly a result of stress, anxiety, worry or a million other things (including mental thoughts - if you think your hand is weak, and begin worrying about ALS starting, then your hand truly will feel weaker and you will feel fatigued most of the day, that is a fact of life. Stop wasting your time being concerned with 'weakness' and it will go away, maybe not tomorrow or the day after, but eventually I guarantee you...if you forget about it, IT. WILL. GO. AWAY.)

[I]I keep having twitching in my left foot.[/I]

Muscles do that all the time. Everyone experiences it, just accept this as meaningless unless you actually start tripping, falling, losing your balance, lifting and/or having difficulty using your hands for the easiest tasks, along with noticing muscle wasting, all of which I anticipate will never happen, of course.

[I]I don't have trouble with tripping or using my fingers to do little things. My talking seems to be ok too.[/I]

The 'signs' you described prior are NOT consistent with ALS. The symptoms/problems you describe just above as not experiencing, those are the ones consistent with ALS. Clearly, you don't have ALS. Put your mind at ease immediately.

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