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Treatments for ALS?
May 18, 2009
I realize there are no meds available to cure the disease. But are there medicines to slow progression? Medicine to regain any level of strenght? Medicine to help with the fatigue? Is physically therapy helpful? Is diet helpful?

My mom is 67. Within the last 2 months, she has lost all function on her left hand. Hand looks arthiritic, but no pain. Muscles are worthless. She is short of breath after activity. Every day task are extremely difficult ie: showers, dressing, making her bed, etc...

She has a brain MRI tomorrow. What other test were the most useful in getting a definite dx?

Thanks, I know I asked a lot of questions.
Update- We are changing to the MS board. The brain MRI showed lesions thus ruling out ALS. Good Luck to all of you on this board. Healthy thoughts and small goals are keys to quality of life!

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