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Hello all. I am new to this kind of stuff so forgive me if i screw something up.

I will jump right into it with my symptoms and what i have done so far to find out exacting what is wrong with my body. its a bit long but i would definately appreciate everyones opinion.

My first symptom that i got was after i was recovering from pneumonia back in July. My eye sight started going a little haywire on me, i could see everything just fine but my vision seemed off(hard to explain). It came and went but hasn't gone away. I went to a [B]opthomologist[/B] for a full exam and they told me that i have a convergence insufficiency. A month or so had passed and other symptoms started popping up. I felt like i was talking funny(nobody seemed to notice), both of my knees felt weak, short of breath, get light headed if i stood up or turned to fast, lack of appetite and nuasious feeling to go with it, ringing in my ears and sensitive to high pitched sounds, and i felt like i had a lump at the bottom of my throat. I went to an [B]ENT[/B] doctor for my hearing and everything looked good. I asked to have a balance test, i have not got the results back yet. And i am going in for a videostrobe this coming monday, November 14. I will get the results from my balance test monday as well.

So I ended up getting a brain MRI done to see if there was a tumor. Thankfully it came back normal. After that came normal i was sent to a [B]nuerologist[/B]. Before i made it in to see the nuerologist i started have muscle twitches all over my body, which really freaked me out. I seem to have a sleep apnia problem, waking up after 4 hours asleep. The muscle twitches have really calmed down since then, only 5/6 a day now.

When i saw the nuerologist and expressed my concerns with possibly having ALS he wanted to have blood work done and conduct an EMG of my right leg and right arm. I got the results and everything came back normal, both. I don't know what to do next.

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