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Very Scared, ALS?
Jan 26, 2006
... While i was there they did another MRI and MRA, found nothing wrong with me. Did heart dopplers, neck dopplers and everything turned out fine. They could not tell me what was wrong. ... (2 replies)
ALS symptoms?
Sep 23, 2003
... I had an MRI for brain and spine, which came back normal except for, and I quote, "normal brain". No MR findings suggestive of MS. ... (3 replies)
... Somebody please help me out - going crazy here! Sorry for the novel but want to give the whole background. A month ago I had a procedure done under general anesthetic and afterwards had lots of leg/hip pain (it was a cervical thing so that could explain the leg pain). Then a couple of weeks ago I had numbness/tingling (like novacaine wearing off) that began on my left... (1 replies)

... ared! But two days later it returned in my left arm again. Since then it spread to my right arm but not as weak as the other and has stayed this way since. If ALS involves the death of motor neurons how could I have recovered so quickly? ... (1 replies)
... performed an EMG. We found out this week that his EMG came back abnormal. Yesterday morning he had blood tests and urine tests done. On May 5th he is having a brain and spinal MRI. We are very scared. The doctor has not told us what he is thinking. ... (14 replies)
... So I went on a lower dose. He scheduled an MRI to follow up on a swollen pituitary gland I had since my diagnosis. Mri with and without dye came back normal. I was still having body tremors and I could only sleep 3 hours a night. I started going to therapy. ... (1 replies)
... new neurologist back to back. I am very happy that I do not have ALS!! I am lost to where I go now. I was diagnosed by a neurosurgeon and a primary care doc with ALS because of MRI and symptoms prior to EMG and was not going to accept the diagnoses so I went for a second opinion. Now I am completely lost. ... (5 replies)
Could This Be ALS?
Aug 27, 2005
... (9 replies)
... I have been having some issues over the last few years that have been building to almost a panic in my head. My story... I had a disc herniation 6 years ago at C6/C7 and the resulting disc fusion surgery was very successful. The pain and numbness I had in my left arm was almost immediately relieved. Awesome! About 2.5 years ago I started having walking balance type... (2 replies)
... I have had blood tests, a CAT scan, MRI with contrast and without of my brain and a carotid artery test as well as an EMG. They have diagnosed me with ALS. The only symptoms that I have are speech and swallowing issues. ... (2 replies)
Pls Help
May 10, 2011
... Family and all doctors say that dont listen your body coz you create problem about your health, its just a depression and so hard.I want to belive them but when als sympthoms start i lose my reality.My half part says that i have ALS,but other part says that you are just in depression. ... (2 replies)
... One thing about your post caught my attention. You said that your MRI had some white spots. This is not indicative of ALS. ... (9 replies)
... of her muscled twitching, she tells me that they are very sore as though she has overworked her arms all day. We went to the Dr. again and she was sent in for a MRI of the neck to possibly see if she had a pinched nerve, plus blood work. The blood work came back fine and so did the MRI. ... (9 replies)
... CK all have come back fine. MRI of brain came back fine. Paraneoplastic disorder blood tests came back with 2 of the 3 tests negative and 1 "borderline". ... (3 replies)
... I posted a few weeks ago and switched to the MS board. Now I think ALS is still a real possibility. ... (5 replies)
Jan 10, 2004
... After going to my Neurologist and after Brain MRI and MRA , he diagnosed me with Migraines with prolonged neurological aura....... ... (1 replies)
... He wasnt looking for ALS though. ... (9 replies)
... ebruary, I was having sensation on the left top of my head that worsened to sharp pains if I was tense or stressed. I went to see a nuerologist, and he ordered a brain MRI. I also started seeing a chiropractor, and that really helped the sensation and pain. ... (11 replies)
... I've been evaluated by an MS and ALS neuro, 2 swallowing studies which show slight nasal regurgitation, a clean EMG and brain MRI. All blood tests for MG and everything else is negative. No other weakness or abnormal neuro exam results. ... (0 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 28, 2014
... I went to the doctor for this twice, first time I seen a neurologists who gave me an MRI of my brain and spine, because I was worried about MS and everything came back fine. ... (8 replies)

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