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... Hi, Sorry to hear about your twitching. I had a brother who had ALS for 9 years before he succumbed to the disease. He was a young father when diagnosed at 31. I cared for him until his death in the mid 1990's. ... (3 replies)
... Don't scare yourself over ALS. If you had ALS, an EMG would have picked up trouble. It doesn't show MS, is what I was told by the doctor who performed my EMG. Sounds like you have an awful lot of anxiety. ... (2 replies)
... plus years ago was joint pain, headaches, and fatigue.... they have done 2 mris, spinal tap, emg last yeareply on hands, legs, and feet, and countless of blood tests nothing. Please put this to rest ......this is not ALS or MS is it? ... (2 replies)

... Still not ALS. EMG clean by neuromuscular specialist. I think you are in the clear. ... (40 replies)
... ok..i had an emg done about 2months ago...restults are... ... (7 replies)
Bulbar Onset ALS
Feb 17, 2016
... Pray for you...I am suffering from twitching all over body for the last 5 months and going to test an emg next week:( (1 replies)
Bulbar Onset ALS
Feb 16, 2016
... rceptible weakness anywhere. Take no prescription drugs except low dose for high blood pressure. So, anyone else out there with slow progression bulbar onset ALS and if so, what happened to you as the disease progressed? ... (1 replies)
... I'm also cramp in my hands and arms to.. (40 replies)
... I had a emg a couple months ago on my left calf and thigh done by a neuromuscular specialist and said it was clean he didn't give any more details other than it was clean. ... (40 replies)
ALS Scare
Dec 10, 2015
... Get a copy of your clinical and emg examination results when you meet with your doctors next. ... (5 replies)
ALS Scare
Dec 9, 2015
... Typically the EMG is done by the neurologist and the NCV done by a technician. ... (5 replies)
ALS Scare
Dec 9, 2015
... James, Thank you for your kindness. I have seen 2 neurologists (one at the hospital while I was there for 4 days and 1 briefly yesterday that conducted the EMG/NCS). I do know the tests showed abnormalities but I am waiting for my appt with my dr that ordered the tests for further information. One thing that seemed odd was while doing the Nerve Conduction Study in... (5 replies)
ALS Scare
Dec 8, 2015
... I am sorry you are going through this situation. As you have mentioned, there is no definitive test for ALS. Also as you mentioned, a 32 year old female with ALS would be almost unheard of. I know that does not put your mind at ease, but just mentioning it. ... (5 replies)
ALS Scare
Dec 7, 2015
... b vitamin deficiency but it was 375 and she likes to see it around 500. I had a spinal tap last night and she said it looked "pretty normal". She has ordered an EMG and it will be at 8am tomorrow. ... (5 replies)
... You're hip could simply be out of place. Trust me..if you had're neuro would know. Get an EMG for peace at mind. You're fine buddy...relax. I would say an allergist next. ... (40 replies)
... Nope. If u stiill find yourself questioning yourself then get an EMG. It is not necessary though, you don't have ALS. Good luck, James (40 replies)
... I know this because I have followed the ALS boards for years while I thought i had it. So i learned quite a bit. ... (40 replies)
... y reflexes and everything I did the heel and foot walk and I told him about the constant twitch and stiffness but he didn't seem concerned. He said I could get a emg done but he said he thought it would be a waste of time and money..... ... (40 replies)
Have I got als??
Jul 2, 2015
... The apparently clean EMG, long timeframe, and sensory symptoms such as pain and tingling makes ALS extremely unlikely. ... (4 replies)
ALS? Very Scared
Jul 1, 2015
... him if it could be ALS. He laughed and said, "I'll check for that..but your exam was normal and nothing stuck out. It's not very likely. " He said patients with ALS typically get pains later as the disease progresses. He ordered an MRI of my lower back and an EMG. I feel like I'm living in fear. I can walk.. ... (5 replies)

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