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... (20 replies)
... Let me say that I agree with your dr who does not think you have ALS. My brother had ALS and I was assured that the symptoms I was experiencing, which sound like yours, are not indicative of ALS. Sounds like you have some type of neuropathy. ... (20 replies)
... In a way i almost feel guilty that i wasn't diagnosed with ALS which is really a sick feeling. But going to live every day the way. Every day counting myself as lucky. ... (20 replies)

... Well it's great that you've been cleared of ALS or MS. Did you go to Baylor perchance? ... (20 replies)
... I had her go through EMG w me. She said all of the ALS markers clean. Explained it all. I left w copy of it and mri's. ... (20 replies)
... online you'll be able to see some examples. This doesn't sound at all like what you are describing and it's evident in a neurological exam. Secondary cramping in ALS is due to the effects of wastage and significant signal degradation of the muscles. It doesn't really sound like that either. ... (20 replies)
... All of a sudden over past three weeks I have had muscle spasms in my legs, arms back, stomach, everywhere. They are not like charley horse cramps, but just pain in a very small area that comes and goes. ... (20 replies)
... I met with my examining Neurologist and she said my EMG was normal but I had cervical radiculopathy and a few other minor things. I was focusing on ALS and she said you do NOT have ALS. So I will get a copy of the EMG report this week when I meet with her about MRI's. ... (20 replies)
... Cramps are very common with pinched nerves as are fasciculations. A cervical radiculopathy would not cause cramps in your legs of course but about 40% of people that have cervical issues have lumbar ones as well. Also if there is any compression on the spinal cord that could cause symptoms pretty much anywhere. It's true your pending MRIs should give you more info. I don't... (20 replies)
... EMG which is the gold standard test for ALS only shows a specific type of damage to the nerves that, if present, may suggest ALS. ... (20 replies)
... i did more research i realized it is very tough, but can be managed in most cases. Then my stinking neurologist said how everyone that walks in thinks they have ALS or MS. Then it put it in my mind. ... (20 replies)
... Honestly, ALS is rare, and its not a disease which too many people just get. I really dont think you should be jumping to that point right now. ... (20 replies)
... Hi there. There is a very particular test which is done to dx ALS. Its not one of those diseses, like MS, where its "hit or miss" with the testing....if you have ALS, they can tell. Talk to your doctor and see if she has any reason to suspect it. WIth MS< there are 400 other diseases which mimic MS. Allot of them have similar symptoms. Its a very tough disease to get a... (20 replies)
... She has lot of experience with MS and ALS patients so pretty confident in her skill level. ... (20 replies)
... Remember ALS does not come and go, even at rest. You're muscle twitching doesn't sound like ALS related muscle twitching. My moms twitching looked like little creepy crawlies under her skin AND she could NOT feel them. ... (6 replies)
... Is it ALS or Anxiety or BFS? ... (11 replies)
ALS symptoms?
Jun 19, 2008
... NO.... it's NOT ALS. Muscle twitching happens to the majority of people at one time or another. What you are experiencing is common. Rest assured!! ... (1 replies)
... ever of having ALS. I went thru this same ALS scare about 2 years ago. I had months of violent muscle twitching in legs, calves, biceps, etc., and I too searched the internet for symptoms and found ALS!! ... (2 replies)
... d the symptom on the web and ALS came up and scared me too death. ... (2 replies)
... mation I can found from here after reading posts from this board and Ilike to get some comment more about ALS's symptom. So in the initial stages of ALS, do the muscle twitching come and go.. or it is an ongoing thing? ... (2 replies)

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