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... C7 and the resulting disc fusion surgery was very successful. The pain and numbness I had in my left arm was almost immediately relieved. Awesome! ... (0 replies)
... Yes, it doesn't sound at all like ALS. Pain is not a presenting symptom nor are other sensory things like pinches. ... (2 replies)
... Pain is not a symptom of ALS. Whatever is wrong with you, it is not this. Cheers, Sera (2 replies)

... So the last two months I've experienced weird pain in my bones and muscles. Then a widespread twitches everywhere in my body!!! I don't really feel weak but my bones, joints and muscles are killing me!!!!! ... (2 replies)
... ells me what he thinks hes leaning towards mri of back spine neck because the shooting pains i get in my buttox to foot maybe sciatica, cause ive heard theres no pain in als so thats what he told me so hell call me later this week so what do u think chuckstr? ... (6 replies)
... wide, random twitching that moves around and is present only at rest points strongly away from ALS. In ALS muscles twitch as a last ditch effort after they have been detached from their nerves due to the motor neurons being damaged. ... (5 replies)
... neurologist said it should not be causing any pain anf didnt want to do any further testing...Which leg me to find a new neurologist....The twitching has ruined my life im scared i have ALS... ... (1 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 29, 2014
... as chuck just mentioned, muscles melt away with als, i was a gym rat and my biceps are now like jello. try to find an als center in your town, here in ny there are many. ... (8 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 29, 2014
... and is relentlessly is also clinical weakness, measurable by any competent neurologist. Other hallmarks of ALS are pathologically brisk reflexes and muscle wasting. It sounds like you showed none of these on exam by a neurologist, so ALS is very, very unlikely. ... (8 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 29, 2014
... On ALS boards they keep saying ALS weakness is not being able to pick up something, not just feeling weak. Is this true? ... (8 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 29, 2014
... ALS is a disease of exclusion, i had 50 different tests before my als diagnosis last october. ... (8 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 29, 2014
... ALS is a disease of the motor neurons, sensory issues such as pain are typically not a part of the picture. Also, frequent bladder and eyesight issues are not symptoms of ALS, so your problem does not seem to be ALS. ... (8 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 28, 2014
... is twice, first time I seen a neurologists who gave me an MRI of my brain and spine, because I was worried about MS and everything came back fine. I brought up ALS and he laughed before I could ask about it and said I don't have it but then again my symptoms weren't as bad, minor legs and arms weakness and twitching thumb. ... (8 replies)
... I was wondering is it common for someone with als to have muscle cramps that are very painful at times? ... (0 replies)
... None of these are signs or symptoms of ALS. There is no pain involved with ALS symptoms, merely a gradual onset of weakness in one hand or foot. ... (3 replies)
... Do these symptoms sound like ALS or am I being paranoid? ... (3 replies)
Is it ALS?
Jan 26, 2013
... Symptoms... some of them happened a few years back, but didnt think anything of them at the time. 1. went thru about 2 weeks of excess saliva, then it went away. 2. Weird muscle twitch in my tongue, but never thought much of it. 3. Weak feeling, kinda jittery/shaky and I have to sit down. 4. This past august, went to my car, and my hand slipped off the keys, and I... (2 replies)
... I found it somewhat reassuring. I know that statistically, ALS is unlikely but I am having some symptoms that my neurologist has implied are not consistent with my MRI results. ... (2 replies)
... (12 replies)
... Hi Jenny, I'm doing my best taking each day as it comes,since last post I had my peg put in (July) and this did not go well, I had it removed on Thurs 18th Oct I was in to much pain and because I was not using it feeding and my weight was stable doctors said I need quality of life and would keep any eye my weight will need to reinsert if weight starts dropping again. ... (12 replies)

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