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... weeks ago I was having trouble swallowing and it seemed to get better but over the past week it seems to be getting worse, I am feeling like a pain and heaviness in my tongue and the back of my tongue near the throat feels like its hard to move even though it isnt. ... (2 replies)
... Please look into Lyme disease. Your symptoms sound like the classic case. Try to find a Lyme literate doctor in your area to get appropriate tests done. I was in your shoes last year and thought I had als, ms, fibro etc. Lyme can mimic these to a T. (12 replies)
... Hi James, It's really encouraging to hear that you can do all of those activities, even though you suffer from chronic pain. I understand you not feeling comfortable offering an opinion. Hopefully other people read this thread too, maybe someone could recognize some of the symptoms, even though there's so many. That's really lucky that you got in so soon, that's... (12 replies)

... Unfortunately I can only speak to ALS and a few other neurological conditions. I would not feel comfortable offering opinions. ... (12 replies)
... Hi James, I'm glad your symptoms haven't gotten worse. Is there anything else out there or something you can do that can help with the muscle cramps? You're right, it would be better to have fibro than other things like ALS. I just have to work on staying positive, I guess. I'm really up and down every day. I know I'll feel better once whatever is happening with me stops... (12 replies)
... Obviously from your post ALS is not a concern. I know ALS pretty well. I am not a doctor and thus can't really comment to all of your symptoms. ... (12 replies)
... l. Next day it was in my left hand, and started getting tingling in my legs and feet. Then it turned into aching in my toes and ankles, knees, elbows and burning pain in my heel and foot. Random sensation that I'm being pinched, anywhere on my legs or arms, and on my throat that is mainly a deeper ache now. ... (12 replies)
... ms started 19 months ago. The first two said no diagnosis. The third said neuromuscular in nature, possibly ALS. The last one, a neuromuscular specialist said no ALS and undiagnosed neuropathy. ... (12 replies)
... I'm 22. I've been having pain since mid September, all through my body that's gotten worse. In my knees, ankles, toes, especially shoulders, elbows, and fingers. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, it doesn't sound at all like ALS. Pain is not a presenting symptom nor are other sensory things like pinches. ... (2 replies)
Fear of ALS
Dec 4, 2017
... non drinker, non smoker. I keep a good diet and have no family history of neurological disorders but I was diagnosed in 2010 with chronic pelvic pain syndrome. ... (1 replies)
... sometimes i get little pain in my biceps. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not sure what's going on it started with the arms and now it's spread down to my legs when I wake up in the morning it's a lot worse and very stiff and the pain is awful.. also a new symptom has been on going I've started having muscle twitches or facilitations in my legs mostly but some in my arms too.. ... (3 replies)
... ogist who lowered my thyroid medication dose again. I went into the hospital with my legs feeling stiff and twitching and the Dr told me I was too younge to have ALS and told me to start klodipan again. They did a chest x ray that came back normal. ... (1 replies)
... tching in my right bicep, I then looked this up on google and was lead to ALS. After this all the symptoms I described above began. Before the atrophying and arm pain in my left hand, I got sharp stabbing pains in my upper abdomen and left shoulder, not sure if this has any relation. ... (1 replies)
Jan 30, 2017
... away". Well it hasn't. There are no motor neuron diseases in my family of that I am aware. I've more always worried that my husband will get the familial form of ALS at some point. I am on no medication that would cause this. I have taken all the "by myself" ALS tests i could find on net. ... (2 replies)
... and sometimes my abdomen twitches too or I get crampa or my legs jerks or my whole body (8 replies)
... OK so I was diagnosed with a DVA last January and I have a small mass in my thymus during that year I've had like clavicle pain I never thought too much of nit until the last few months where my legs ,arms, fingers began to twitch like it feels like small pulses and they are random like I could have one twich on my calf and a few seconds on my other leg, I've noticed a few... (8 replies)
... im 19 yo and i have muscles twitching when im sitting especially i keep looking and googling my symptoms and reading about horrible disease like ALS !!! ... (6 replies)
... forgot to mention I have weakness in my right pinky and have been dropping things from time to time. Mostly noticeable in the pinky and ring finger. I also have pain in the forearm like it make my hand feel better to rub it. ... (22 replies)

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