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Als symtoms
Mar 14, 2007
... t now that with the reduced reflex in my arms has me worried i go for a mri friday nut the nero says he doesnt5 expect to find anything and that he caNT RULE OUT ALS WHEN I BROUGHT IT UP. ... (3 replies)
Als symtoms
Mar 12, 2007
... in my legs and my last visit to the neru he said thet i have decreased reflex in my arms so i was wondering since he said that he doesnt know what it is and that als didnt fit my age which is 34 m if anyone out there might have an ideal. ... (3 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 2, 2004
... LilliLil, Hi, sorry to hear about your worries of ALS symtoms. I was diagnosed last year with a type of ALS. I am still not sure where it is headed, and only time will tell. ... (5 replies)

... e quite different. I have read that sometimes it will present as weakness in one area or limb. With your blood work coming back abnormal Sodium and Calcium, your symtoms may be caused by that, although I don't know for sure. ... (1 replies)
... thanks anxiousme.....I actually started writing down all my symtoms a few days ago, i was starting to loose track of things occured. I am in the process of making another appointment, a specialist on ALS. ... (6 replies)
New here ALS?
Aug 2, 2011
... Hello, I've been having problems for year and 1/2 symtoms: 1st muscle cramping, stiffness, all on left leg, then arm, hand. Also back stiffness and unabe to relax muscles. Now I have "footdrop" and can bearly move my leg upward from laying down position or standing. I dropthings frequently and have a hard time with just about any fine motor functions. a bit off balance... (1 replies)
... Relax....anxiety and worry make things MUCH worse. You're doing a good job of recording your symptoms. Continue to do this. Record how long each thing last. ALS symtoms don't come and go. Usually there is no numbness and tingling. ALS is loss of muscle function then the muscle itself. ... (9 replies)
... HI again Mandy... can't leave you alone!!! i note that another poster said that tongue twitching comes much later in ALS- i have been reading on the net and this is definitely the case...!!! i have also read several posts from others ( on a neurology site) with similar tongue twitching- they were diagnosed with benign fasciculations ( spelling?).... bye for now :) (23 replies)
... Thanks for those of you that have been "nice".I really hope this turns out not to be,but my symtoms are SO classic.And I cant fnd anything else with the tongue twitching being constant whenI look up my symptoms. ... (23 replies)
Als symtoms
Mar 14, 2007
... Hi zac. I am sorry you are going through this. Low magenesium can cause twitching. Did the doctor advise you to take some? (3 replies)
Als symtoms
Mar 13, 2007
... anyone that can help me would be great i am very scared right now. (3 replies)
Feb 11, 2007
... off tingling on left side of face..He kept testing my strength and doesn't suspect ALS but some type of neuropathy. ... (0 replies)
... ssed rather slowly, yet It has moved to my right arm as well. My hands have become almost useless, and I can feel weakness and see loss of muscle in my legs now. ALS symtoms vary from person, I think you should see a Neurologist and have the emg test. It is a long process, as there are no test specfically for ALS. ... (9 replies)
... I'm wondering if you are on any medication to lower your cholesterol? They are known to cause symtoms of ALS (9 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 6, 2004
... first time in this board so I'm a newcomer. I have alot of what you describe also. My symtoms started 5 years ago. I was walking across a parking lot and my right toe dragged. I thought that was strange. Then it become to drag more often. ... (5 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 5, 2004
... hi lililu i also have a lot of the symtoms you describe except for i have a buring sensation in my right toe sometimes when i wake up my hands are curled up together and hurt bad and numb and tingling i have ddd in c2,3,4,5 and pinched nerve in c67 that was verified by mri and emg had series of 3 esi injections in the c67 to no avail had chiro and pt still hurting bad been to... (5 replies)
... HI! all, It has been awhile since I posted here, although I continue to read all the post. I am doing well, My ALS is still progressing slowly in my upper extremities, arms and shoulders. ... (2 replies)
... Fear that you have ALS is not a symptom or indicator that you have ALS. ... (10 replies)
My dad
Jun 20, 2010
... Each person is different in their diagnosis of ALS and in their longevity with the disease. What are your dads symptoms? ... (1 replies)
Feb 25, 2010
... Do you know any thing about ALS and a positive Babinski. ... (7 replies)

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