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Very nervous
Nov 14, 2014
... cially if it's not associated specifically with the muscles that are weak or experiencing other symptoms. It is true that a particular type of twitching known as fasciculations is common in ALS. ... (3 replies)
... palpable fasciculations a day in no particular spot, but most often in my thighs, hands, and calves. ... (1 replies)
... thanks a lot for this. i wish i had had the courage to read this post when i was having some major issues with twitching a week or two ago. i had practically convinced myself i had ALS. the anxiety probably just made my twitching worse. it is gradually subsiding and has become easier to manage. (10 replies)

... Another thing I forgot to tell you is that my neurologist told me that with ALS, fasciculations are the last thing that usually happens with the disease... ... (10 replies)
... I am a 39 year old female. I have had a tendency toward fasciculations since childhood. In my early 20s I saw a neurologist who looked me over and pronounced them benign. ... (10 replies)
... Muscle weakness and fasciculations can mean so many things. ... (2 replies)
... muscle weakness, atrophy and fasciculations over and over again, but there is not a great deal in defining these terms. ... (2 replies)
... figures, my next neuro appointment isn't till April and I am unable to obtain a better understanding through reading the medical material on the web as the word fasciculations are mentioned along with weakness but there is no clarification as to which comes first. ... (0 replies)
... Fasciculations are common with ppl with als. Though a weakness in a single extremity that carries over to another or opposite extremity is usually the first pattern of als. There are two test your neuro will perform with you on your appointment. But you can try them at home. Babinski sign and Hoffman reflex. You might try researching them. (4 replies)
... Now I'm really terrified. I believed with all my strength that i had bening muscle fasciculations and now this new symptoms!? ... (4 replies)
Symptom Questions
Dec 30, 2013
... search brought me here. I am 49. I noticed serious weakness in my legs about a year ago while moving, but chalked it up to old age creeping up on me. Also had fasciculations in the calves around that time and figured it was from fatigued muscles. ... (1 replies)
... (16 replies)
Als or not
Jul 26, 2013
... yup! its now als or not! ......... I am now seeking out a second neurologist, I can't get a hold of my current one, he never answers my calls, I now have fasciculations in my tongue, I have had rapid firing in my legs and stomach for some time, it all started with left leg weakness march 2011, but extreme fatigue started a few months prior....I am out of breath all the time,... (0 replies)
... There's no way to have ALS at your age. Before 20 years I think there are only a few cases Worldwide. Before 40 the chances are 1 in 10 million. It can be anything else but ALS (1 replies)
... I am also scared I have ALS. I have read that the initial symptom presentation can be quite different. I have read that sometimes it will present as weakness in one area or limb. With your blood work coming back abnormal Sodium and Calcium, your symtoms may be caused by that, although I don't know for sure. It would be worth it to look up low/high Sodium and Calcium symptoms... (1 replies)
... Hello! I am hoping to have some questions answered about my ALS concerns. I honestly am pretty convinced I have it at this point, so if you believe I don't please tell me what else could be going on. Three and a half months ago I started getting non-stop twitching in both my calves. It has not let up at all. They are definitely fasciculations I have no CLINICAL... (2 replies)
Worrying Symptoms
Mar 29, 2012
... taken for 7 days now. Once again this past week my symptoms have become worse and unbearable with my thighs, calves and buttocks feeling so tight to move and the fasciculations are still there. ... (0 replies)
... First I noticed very fine twitches in my face whenever I smile in the muscles around my mouth, cheeks, and eyes. (i can't feel them) if I try to hold a smile, my mouth shakes/quivers. At this time I also started getting pulsating twitches in my foot, and random twitches throughout my body. they've gone away for the most part and return occasionally What worries me the... (3 replies)
... The fact that your EMG came back normal is great news! Muscle twitches with ALS don't come and go. My mothers were more like fasciculations than twitches, meaning we could see creepy crawlers under her skin but she couldn't feel them. Continue with your neurologist... ... (6 replies)
... d 2 sets of nerve conductivity tests ans two rounds of muscle conducitivity tests on me. The MD's stated that along with my other symptoms that include wasting, fasciculations all over my body, muscle cramps all over my body, voice problems including hoarseness, nasalness and now unable to articulate, swallowing problems, etc. ... (16 replies)

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