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... I forgot to mention I have weakness in my right pinky and have been dropping things from time to time. Mostly noticeable in the pinky and ring finger. I also have pain in the forearm like it make my hand feel better to rub it. ... (18 replies)
... tick medication, and I avoid bugs like the plague. I have a big fear of bugs, so I'm always cautious when I'm outside... ... (12 replies)
... disease. Your symptoms sound like the classic case. Try to find a Lyme literate doctor in your area to get appropriate tests done. I was in your shoes last year and thought I had als, ms, fibro etc. Lyme can mimic these to a T. ... (12 replies)

... Thanks again for the advice and taking the time to reply, take care. ... (12 replies)
... Fortunately I work from home and have own business. I take breaks during the day, swim, etc. I find that moderate exercise is the key for me. ... (12 replies)
... You're right, it would be better to have fibro than other things like ALS. I just have to work on staying positive, I guess. I'm really up and down every day. I know I'll feel better once whatever is happening with me stops getting worse... I think I jinxed myself the other day. ... (12 replies)
... cramps are a hassle. Probably the reason my outlook is positive is that fibro and cfs seem like a godsend compared to the neuromuscular disease route. ... (12 replies)
... How do you manage that and get through that? ... (12 replies)
... At bedtime I take two Advil PM. Usually sleep through the night. Every morning is a little scary. Never know how gonna feel. Sometimes I move and think wow, not bad. Other mornings every muscle is knotted. Once I get moving and take some Ibuprofen it starts to feel better. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, I did have a bunch of bloodwork done, all were normal except my iron was a little bit low. I'm scared of it being, fibromyalgia, I hear it gets worse and worse and the pain becomes so unbearable that it wakes you up from sleep, and makes it difficult to perform regular activities. ... (12 replies)
... I'm 22. I've been having pain since mid September, all through my body that's gotten worse. In my knees, ankles, toes, especially shoulders, elbows, and fingers. In my arms and legs too, and my back. Getting muscle spasms everywhere as well, mainly in my thumbs. ... (12 replies)
Have I got als??
Jul 3, 2015
... The apparently clean EMG, long timeframe, and sensory symptoms such as pain and tingling makes ALS extremely unlikely. ... (4 replies)
Als symptoms?
Jul 2, 2015
... Your symptoms sound much more like radiculopathy or a pinched nerve in your neck. That pinching can cause excruciating pain and can cause long lasting fatigue and the other symptoms you mention in your arm. Brachial plexus injury would also be a possibility. ... (2 replies)
Als symptoms?
Jun 22, 2015
... t doesn't cause problem swallowing though. And over the course of the week, it didn't get any better with very short muscle aches in both arms but that went away and now my leg feels weaker and same with the same arm but it feels like it has been getting slightly better. ... (2 replies)
Have I got als??
Jun 13, 2015
... Hi there, for the last 4 years I've been under constant worry about als! 4 years ago I used to be a boxer, and while I was not training for a fight I used to do a lot of weights, it was this period in 2011 that I noticed my left shoulder had dropped slightly! ... (4 replies)
Possible ALS
May 20, 2015
... None of this sounds even vaguely like ALS by the way. Pain and sensory "feelings" are normally not presenting symptoms because ALS causes motor neuron death. People most often report not being able to do something like button a button, walk on their heels or more rarely form words properly. ... (2 replies)
... 1/6/2015 same burning/chills and tingling in feet pain in my leg and sometimes both legs, around joints and calf but sometimes in thighs too I had pain in arms and tingling feeling in my hands, My hands were also shaking I had pain and stiffness in my shoulders I had stiffness in my face, sometimes on the face, other times around mouth and neck and even forehead ... (4 replies)
... Maybe this is just in my head, I thought i had a Diabetes issue but today got a A1C and it came back to 6. ... (4 replies)
... C7 and the resulting disc fusion surgery was very successful. The pain and numbness I had in my left arm was almost immediately relieved. Awesome! ... (2 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 28, 2014
... I went to the doctor for this twice, first time I seen a neurologists who gave me an MRI of my brain and spine, because I was worried about MS and everything came back fine. ... (8 replies)

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