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I drink Lifeway Kefir about every other day or so and have had no problems-- about 4 ounces.

Several years ago-- I made my own Kefir with grains that I got from a person at a health food store --- I did not buy them she gave them to me. I used them for awhile with no problem but as you know you make alot and it goes bad if you don't use it and you generate alot more grains. So, I stopped doing it and started buying it.

It sounds like you are very sensitive to 1 or more of he cultures in the kefir. Your white tongue is an indication that your friendly bacteria is our of balance and need to be re-balanced.

I have found over the years it is not an easy thing to get your friendly gastro bacteria back in balance. I have never done it with kefir by it's self or alone.

I have had best results using probiotic supplements. The ones I have had best results with are Reuteri, Bifidus both by Nature's Way, Culturelle, Primal Defense and PB-8.

I get a white tougue and gastritis every time I take a round of antibiotic. But, there are many things that get your gastro bacteria out of balance like too much sugary food, salty food, spicy food,stomach/intestinal acidity, even some tap water and of course all kinds of meds.

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