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... Last night, after being asleep for just 2 hours, I woke up and had fluid that evidently came out of my ear and was just sitting there in my ear canal, and it seemed to be a consistency almost like tears. Anyways, freaked me out as I've never experienced or heard of this before. Could this be related in any way to the colon cleanse program I am doing, specifically Dr... (1 replies)
... The ingredients in the Dr Natura Colonix product do contain things that will cause you to have to go to the bathroom, but you can do that with a few dollars by buying a laxitive. ... (8 replies)
... I'm still taking Wellbutrin now, and no longer on the cleansing program, but I am still regular.. I do'nt know if that's because the Colonix program helped, or because my body just got used to the Wellbutrin. ... (8 replies)

... Ive also read that Chemo cures cancer online and we all know how legit that is :( (8 replies)
... im concerned about this colonix being a scam also. ... (8 replies)
... do think there is a logic to getting this stuff out of our bodies. I have Fibromyalgia and have had a headache since December that cannot be diagnosed. I'm doing Colonix as a part of detoxing from my meds and everything else too so I can start at square one and see if my body doesn't handle what I take in better. ... (10 replies)
... no man,, dr natura colon cleanse for me worked wonders, it is awesome, of course you have to change your diet, and that goes without saying,,as for being FDA approved there is nothing out there that is,,, ALLI weight loss was and it causes liver problems,, now i did not get some of the stools they showed on their web site but some of the stuff that came out of me was pretty... (4 replies)
... oking for the most effective colon cleanser. I have read both positive and negative things about everyone that I research. The main ones that keep popping up are Colonix by Dr. Natura, Liquiboost, and bowtrol. Can someone help? ... (2 replies)
... i take a fiber pill called "fiber force-6" by puritans pride that works very well. i would stay away from any colon cleanse right now until you have your tests. miralax is an otc laxative that works well. just taking magnesium will do the trick also--just don't go over 600mg/day or it can cause diarrhea. (4 replies)
... thx for the reply judy.. in all honesty its just been recently that i changed my diet to a more healthier diet. When I was young all the way till recently i was a heavy red meat eater. Nothing but McD, The dinner cheese burger deluxe, pizza, white castle, burger king eater for most of my life. I regret doing that to my body and is something i wish i can change. I am trying my... (4 replies)
... Considering your symptoms, I would NOT go near any such product until you complete medical tests. And, just in general, personally I believe it is much better to encourage natural cleansing of the body by eating nutritious foods, especially plenty of fresh veggies and fruits and legumes. On that subject, how is your diet? Do you get plenty of fiber? (But here, too, I would... (4 replies)
... So I have been experiencing really bad constipation and other bowel problems for the last couple of yrs. Its a problem that I have never been able to solve. Even till this day its been giving me problems. I still make frequent visits to my primary health doctor. On january 7th i am getting my first cat scan to see why I'm having so much abdominal pains on my left side and why... (4 replies)
... The best cleanse I have ever done is the Dr Natura Colonix. You will see a lot more than just little pieces of worms. This one works. (2 replies)
... I just got a PM from person on another board that sufferd from IBS and Diverticulitis. He swears by the stuff. With that said, it depends on the person. If you don't have any problems to begin with, you might not see the results he has. He stays on it. (8 replies)
... Are all those testimonies real? Is this product as good as it sounds? (0 replies)
... My daughter, Kristina, has been using Dr. Natura's program for about 4 months. Yes, she has had some interesting stories with too much information. But, she is now very regular and she has lost 21 pounds just from this detox program. And she has more energy. The energy she has, though, is not that noticeable as a surge, but more like a steady energy that she has not had in a... (8 replies)
Dr Natura colonix
Dec 18, 2007
... Has anyone used the cleanse,and a week later broke out in a rash that itched to the bone? My wife and I finished it in March '07 and I got the rash. She was not affected. I have been to three doctors,including a very prominent dermatolagist, and they all said, allergic reaction. They all gave me steroids. We drank the kleri tea each day as recommended, took the freindly... (0 replies)
... Since nobody has answered this in the alternative medicine board, I am reposting this in ear, nose, and throaught (1 replies)
... I just posted on the parasite thread that we use Colonix by Dr. Natura. I think you can only get it online. We love it! ... (6 replies)
... It's important to cleanse your colon while you do a parasite cleanse. Parasites can lodge and hide in the buildup in your colon, making getting rid of them difficult. Also, you want to make sure your body is efficiently getting rid of what has been dislodged, especially what is dead so that your body doesn't turn toxic. That's why many parasite systems include fiber and a... (54 replies)

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