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... ot a lot of info from everyone, but I believe if you REALLY have parasites, then I can probably help you the best because I also have parasites and Candida, both of these conditions cause the same symptoms. However if you only treat one, it will do nothing. ... (54 replies)
... i told her all of the problems ive been havin and all my symptoms. straight up told her at the beginning that i thought i had a parasite infection. i showed her the dark blue mark across my belly button and she mentioned somethin about yeast....that she suspected i had a yeast build up there. ... (54 replies)
... when they talk about wormwood being unsafe to take orally they are talkin about oil of wormwood that you use topically right? ... (54 replies)

... remely fast....this time last yr it was only slightly thinning and receding now it is coming out in patches whenever i touch it. i dont think this is just a case of MPB. also lots of skin problems...discolored, psoriasis on my hands, acne breakouts where i never really had acne in my teens. ... (54 replies)
... Do you have any idea what type of parasite you have? ... (54 replies)
... also, i heard clove oil too for getting rid of parasites. the only thing im worried about is that it says its not to be used internally if you have an autoimmune disease. ... (54 replies)
... is there any specific type of oregano oil? ... (54 replies)
... so the only way i can get rid of it is antibiotics? ... (54 replies)
... i have a worm and cant get rid of it through parasitic cleanses. ive seen evidence of it through little pieces and the biggest evidence my stomach stickin out and a dark blue mark across it. ... (54 replies)
... It's important to cleanse your colon while you do a parasite cleanse. Parasites can lodge and hide in the buildup in your colon, making getting rid of them difficult. ... (54 replies)
... it seems like the tea is the key as ive heard others mention this. this is also a detoxifier as well as a parasite cleanse? ... (54 replies)
... If you have a health food store near you get Oregano oil, not capsuls. ... (54 replies)
... it sounds like you took one of those cleansing kits. mine didnt have any directions to stop and start or anything like that. it was just a bottle of capsules with daily dosage and i took them everyday til they ran out. ... (54 replies)
... the other symptoms you listed sound like me too. i have so many i cant even list them all yes please do tell me what worked. i dont want to try 20 different things and have none of them work, im tired of wasting money only to have my health not improve and i dont own any pets (54 replies)
... You can’t avoid it unless you never go outside and you are strictly indoor like you pet. Lol funny thing is like I just said. You go outside and then give it to your in door pet as you carry it on your cloths and shoes. Parasites are no different form bacteria, they are very small, you can’t see them. Worms however you can. But again start out very small, and grow... (54 replies)
... If there is a certain kind of vinegar you want to get. Get the kind with the mother in it. It looks like floating things are in it, you shake it up before pouring it. I'd look into it more too. ... (54 replies)
... whats the type of oregano oil i need to get? ... (54 replies)
... get them from many foods YOU eat... ... (54 replies)
... How do you GET parasites or worms? ... (54 replies)
... I'm going thru same thing, 7 mo ago I told my dr I think I have parasites even saw something weird in my stool. He kind of ignored it. ... (54 replies)

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