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... Kava Kava should never be used in my opinion since there is a warning about it in europe that it has caused not only liver damage but liver failure. ... (7 replies)
... I'm more researched in the herbal routes so I'll give you the list: Passionflower-tension, anxiety and insomnia Valerian-beneficial results on sleep and muscle tension Chamomile-relaxing properties Red clover-provides energy and boosts the immune system Griffonia Simplicifolia-a natural pain killer Willow bark- pain killer Rhodiola- an adaptogen which balances body... (18 replies)
... I personally wouldn't try Kava Kava. Around 10 years ago, I learned that it can cause liver damage. I don't know how true that is though. ... (7 replies)

... valerian, kava kava, pharmaGABA, calms, lemon balm, passionflower, L-theanine, magnesium- lots of options just depends on what you are looking for. (7 replies)
... well, all of those are great. I am allergic to Valerian. I like kava, chamomile, passion flower, California poppy. some are those are in tinctures, capsules, teas. also breathing, costs nothing and is the hardest thing for me to do, sitting up feet flat on the floor, head and arms comfortable, close my eyse and breath, in through the nose out through the mouth, and one... (6 replies)
... KAVA is the best for anxiety--has been proven to be just as effective as the benzo's--without the side effects! and it's not addictive! also, gaba, valerian, 5htp, st. john's wort, taurine, theanine, b-complex, calcium with magnesium, passion flower, rhodiola and ginseng. (6 replies)
... Chamomile tea is relaxing and some people think Kava is good... also something called Holy Basil. ... (6 replies)
... Kava Kava has been linked to liver damage, and it's more indicated for anxiety. ... (8 replies)
... an amino acid which makes you feel calm. the result is a state of relaxed awareness. it has been compared to Kava Kava but without the potential drowsiness or other side effects like liver problems. ever found how drinking green tea makes you feel good? ... (7 replies)
... E. Actually Kava Kava worked good, but then I heard negative things about it, so... ... (7 replies)
... don't know about the rest of the world, but this herb has been banned in the UK as it may cause liver problrms in some individuals. try valarian root as an alternative. (11 replies)
... How about Kava Kava herb? ... (11 replies)
... I have heard soooooooo many different claims for natural alternatives to xanax (kava kava, valerian root, passionflower, hops, etc), but absolutely NONE of them have worked like xanax. Xanax (in my opinion) is a wonder drug. I wish to God there was something else like it that doesn't have the addictive tendencies........ I'd be taking it in a heartbeat ! (11 replies)
... But I am confident he would take a alternative type of anti depressant. I just don't know of one!! ... (11 replies)
... I ask this because there are herbal alternative antidepressants but it's not completely known what the long term effects are when taken with heavy alcohol consumption. ... (11 replies)
Kava alternatives
May 25, 2003
... For two years, I occasionally took 2 or 3 Kava capsules for anxiety relief. But lately I have heard that Kava has been linked to liver failure and none of the stores around here are selling it anymore. Can anyone recommend an alternative herbal remedy? ... (9 replies)
... was on Prozac but found it's not for me. I don't want to start trying every thing in the world from the medical field for this, so I've been wondering about the alternative meds. ... (11 replies)
... There are many alternative things you can try to help you sleep. Chamomile is the mildest, but also doesn't always do the trick. ... (13 replies)
... here-here. i dig everything that you say. i feel strongly about the tryptophan issue too- it makes no sense. (18 replies)
... As Kava Kava has been mentioned in this thread, can it cause side effects? ... (18 replies)

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