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... My mom has alzheimer's since 2009. She lives alone, close to 3 daughters. She doesn't take her meds, doesn't cook just eats pizza and drinks cokes. She went to the hospital last week by ambulance. Very confused, was very cold, didn't make sense when she talked. It took her several hours to come out of this. She is in rehab to get her meds straight and to eat right. She will... (2 replies)
... Kba, I think I have more questions than answers. How long has she been on the Cholesterol Medication? If she just started this medication then I would consider the connection that David mentioned. I personally had the cognitive side effects from Statins and it comes on rather quickly... and includes the personality and emotional changes along with the memory problems. If... (7 replies)
... SMike, my first question... is this a huge problem? Unless she is biting them until they bleed or become infected I would just let it be. Mom would chew on her nails, probably a result of anxiety, but it was never a huge problem. Evidently, she found something soothing in that behavior. So I just let it be. Taste is affected by Alzheimer's so what taste bad to us... (2 replies)

... Perhaps if you post on the Alzheimer's board someone will have an idea. In the absence of that, have you talked with her doctor about an anti- anxiety med? (2 replies)
... Anyone here have suggestions as to how to keep an Alzheimer's patient from biting her fingernails? My mother is in the advanced stage of the disease and lives with us. She bites her nails almost constantly and we are continually trying to get her to stop. Putting a foul-tasting substance on her nails did not work. Distracting her by talking or handing her something to... (2 replies)
... Nina, this is typical of the older generation. They tend to close ranks when something is wrong and protect themselves and each other. It is also a function of denial. Dad's in a happy place in the moment.... so it's not that bad and we will not do anything. She's grasping! That is how she wants it to be. Do not cancel the appointment. If necessary tell her, as I... (7 replies)
Refusing to eat
Feb 19, 2015
... I so understand exactly what you have said here Sandy! Dad was the one with cardiovascular disease. I watched Mom take care of him through heart attacks, bypass surgery, stints, afib, and the first years of his vascular dementia. As with your Mom, she did everything for everybody and her worst fear was Alzheimer's as she cared for her Mom with Alzheimer's. Mom survived... (3 replies)
Refusing to eat
Feb 19, 2015
... I've been reading your excellent advice here for years. Mom's biggest fear was Alzheimer's. I've been to other message boards and just have not found them to ring true or to be as helpful to me. I figured the next step was hospice, but just so hard to do this again less than a year after doing the same for my Dad. My Mom did everything for my Dad, he was weaker physically... (3 replies)
Refusing to eat
Feb 18, 2015
... My 91 year old mother has Alzheimer's disease. A month ago she was living in an assisted living facility, she fell and was transported to the ER. At the ER they found she had a UTI. I know that this will cause worsening of the dementia. My mother has totally changed and declined in health. She was hospitalized for 8 days and was released to skilled nursing. I knew at the time... (3 replies)
... With any new med watch for side effects. It is always best to start or stop one medication and wait for at least 10 days to 2 weeks to see what changes happen. Check out the known side effects. If you see something new then ask your pharmacist! Not your doctor but your pharmacist. They are the ones trained to know medication interaction and side effects. Recently I... (17 replies)
... Actually it is not that abnormal for a General Practitioner or Family Practitioner to make this type of assessment. I wonder if they ever consider that there is a reason behind Dad not controlling his blood sugar and eating properly? I wish they would listen to family members!! I would definitely give the doctor additional input. As for the blood work to check for... (7 replies)
... Well the appointment was two days ago, I couldn't go because my daughter was sick so I had my brother go instead. That morning Dad was being so defiant, arguing, took much convincing to get him out, then he tells him half way there that he lost the health card, so poor brother had to pull over call the office which they allowed him to go ahead, and bring card later which we... (7 replies)
... Wel today mom called to let me know that dad is fine,back to his old self, not need for she kidding me, it's so frustrating, I'm not cancelling his appointment,why is she being like this? No he is not back to himself, in fact she just told me he is not remembering how to use a remote for the tv....I don't know why she is having a change of heart. (7 replies)
... I like the Hospice inpatient facilities that I have had contact with. My FIL was in one after his stroke and a good friend went from a care facility to one locally. Mom and Dad were both in a care facility with Hospice and never needed the inpatient facility. If you plan to keep Mom at home it might be nice to have a Hospice inpatient facility to fall back on instead of a... (4 replies)
... Thank you both very much for responding. My whole family has decided to stop treatment. We have a meeting with a hospice place tonight. There are 3 different ones to choose from in our area. I'm slowing learning about hospice now. How important is it that the hospice place has their own inpatient program? One in our area has that, the other two would have my Mom in a nursing... (4 replies)
... Although this is mainly a long way around to ask a question, am I doing the right thing? I also want to appeal to those who donít think they or their loved one will benefit from outside help. In the Alzheimerís game it has never been more true ďit takes a villageĒ. Donít hesitate to ask for help I did and it is not pretty. I have posted here before and over time have read... (3 replies)
... Nina, what you described here is not normal memory loss in old age. If he forgot where he but his key but could retrace his steps back to finding the keys, that is normal. But the examples you gave is a cognitive decline bad enough to interfere with normal daily life. That is the definition of dementia. What you are seeing is the typical beginning stages of some type... (7 replies)
... Hi all, I am new here,I am thinking dad may have onset of Alzheimer's. I feel so bad he has been through heart diseas, back problems,colon cancer twice,now this. His memory is getting bad...he got lost while driving home the other night and had to ask someone for directions. He has misplaced money, and has also given money out to the grandkids then forgets he did so. He... (7 replies)
... Baseball, you are right that it is difficult to make these types of decisions for another person but sometimes it is necessary. I believe you are on the right track with your thinking. You have to weigh the benefits and the negatives. You goal at this point is to give Mom the best quality of life possible. As you have seen, there is so much that can go wrong and make the... (4 replies)
... This is my belief...if your mother has a terminal diagnosis, along with poor quality of life due to Alzheimer's, it is ok to spare her the awful side effects of treatment for cancer. Hospice nurses are wonderful, and will know how to guide you all ...And the to what treatments for pain are best. This is a hard time for you and your siblings, but hopefully you... (4 replies)

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