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... et your dad be railroaded. Your father may have a vision problem rather than a cognitive problem. Not blaming you but I would NOT take my parent in for possible Alzheimer unless he became an obvious danger to himself. You may have to fight this, now. ... (14 replies)
... You could certainly try increasing her meds. It is most likely caused by the disease and her frustration with it. (1 replies)
... My mom has Alzheimer's and I kept her home as long as I could. She started wondering off and I had to move her to a secure place. I deal with not being able to keep her home everyday but I visit her daily. She now has gotten to where she is nice to everyone but me. She started not talking to me this week. She also seems to get more depressed when she sees me and cries and... (1 replies)

... This study was conducted by researchers at the University of California Davis Alzheimer's Disease Center and Rutgers University. The result showed that a vitamin D deficiency in seniors can lead to "substantial" memory loss. Memory loss was three times faster compared to those who had adequate levels of vitamin D. ... (0 replies)
... SMike, my first question... is this a huge problem? Unless she is biting them until they bleed or become infected I would just let it be. Mom would chew on her nails, probably a result of anxiety, but it was never a huge problem. Evidently, she found something soothing in that behavior. So I just let it be. Taste is affected by Alzheimer's so what taste bad to us... (2 replies)
... Perhaps if you post on the Alzheimer's board someone will have an idea. In the absence of that, have you talked with her doctor about an anti- anxiety med? (2 replies)
... Anyone here have suggestions as to how to keep an Alzheimer's patient from biting her fingernails? My mother is in the advanced stage of the disease and lives with us. She bites her nails almost constantly and we are continually trying to get her to stop. Putting a foul-tasting substance on her nails did not work. Distracting her by talking or handing her something to... (2 replies)
... Nina, this is typical of the older generation. They tend to close ranks when something is wrong and protect themselves and each other. It is also a function of denial. Dad's in a happy place in the moment.... so it's not that bad and we will not do anything. She's grasping! That is how she wants it to be. Do not cancel the appointment. If necessary tell her, as I... (15 replies)
... Nina, what you described here is not normal memory loss in old age. If he forgot where he but his key but could retrace his steps back to finding the keys, that is normal. But the examples you gave is a cognitive decline bad enough to interfere with normal daily life. That is the definition of dementia. What you are seeing is the typical beginning stages of some type... (15 replies)
... Hi all, I am new here,I am thinking dad may have onset of Alzheimer's. I feel so bad he has been through heart diseas, back problems,colon cancer twice,now this. His memory is getting bad...he got lost while driving home the other night and had to ask someone for directions. He has misplaced money, and has also given money out to the grandkids then forgets he did so. He... (15 replies)
... Baseball, you are right that it is difficult to make these types of decisions for another person but sometimes it is necessary. I believe you are on the right track with your thinking. You have to weigh the benefits and the negatives. You goal at this point is to give Mom the best quality of life possible. As you have seen, there is so much that can go wrong and make the... (4 replies)
... This is my belief...if your mother has a terminal diagnosis, along with poor quality of life due to Alzheimer's, it is ok to spare her the awful side effects of treatment for cancer. Hospice nurses are wonderful, and will know how to guide you all ...And the to what treatments for pain are best. This is a hard time for you and your siblings, but hopefully you... (4 replies)
... Hi Everyone Once again I'm back for your help. My Mom was DX with stage 4 breast cancer in OCT. Nov first we started hormone therapy, two weeks ago I called her GP to ask if that pill causes Alzheimer's to get worse, the doc said only in 2 to 5% of people. Well, my Mom has gotten a lot worst since starting the medicine. Her doctor told me to stop it and see if it makes a... (4 replies)
... Hello. I am really struggling as to what to do. My dear dad (aged 79) has Alzheimer's (stage 4), and prostate problems. He has been on medication for his heart for 11 years. He keeps falling and suffers hallucinations. My mother (aged 68) is an incredibly bitter lady with anger issues. She has always suffered with depression, but she will not do anything about it. She is... (6 replies)
... I don't think I would tell her even though at stage 5 of Alzheimer's she can still comprehend a lot of things but won't remember them if they're not brought up repeatedly. Make her as comfortable as you can while you have her, create good memories, take lots of pictures, indulge her in what she likes to eat, drink, and do. In other words, spoil her and love her as much as... (7 replies)
... The answer definitely depends on the person and stage of the disease. Ask yourself... Would she understand the conversation? Would she remember the conversation? Would she have the cognitive ability to understand the consequences? Would it improve her quality of life. Bad news is difficult to process and in the later stages the ability to process and remember are... (7 replies)
... I do not believe you should tell your Mom either. I used to work in an Alzheimer's unit in a nursing home. If she is at stage 5 she would not remember what you will tell her, you are fortunate she remembers you. Besides what good will it do to tell her anyway?And perhaps from what your Mother is saying to you...she already knows. But this is just my opinion! Keep her happy,... (7 replies)
... I found out yesterday that my Mom has breast cancer that has spread to her liver and lungs. She had breast cancer 12 years ago. I feel telling her this is going to make her give up. I would say she is at a stage 5/ level 5 with Alzheimer's. The cancer was discover in her liver first, she never felt anything in her breast. She says things like, she thinks there's something... (7 replies)
... Please be aware that behavioral changes may be the first thing you notice. Those little bizarre moments when they are paranoid, irrational, or seem to be beyond their normal personality. Some will know that something is not right but deny it. Some will be able to understand that something is wrong and cooperate with diagnosis. Some will have no idea there is a problem and... (2 replies)
... Is there a solid link with this? My mom's grandmother had alzheimers. Her mother showed some memory issues but unfortunately passed away from a stroke so who knows if it would of developed into something or if it was just normal old age. My mother, to my anyway, makes me nervous sometimes with her memory. Sometimes she cant remember the word for something. She literally... (2 replies)

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