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... I do remember you from before :) As for what to call it... Alzheimer's. Dementia is basically a symptom. It is cognitive decline the interferes with daily living. Alzheimer's is the disease that is causing the symptom of dementia. But you are right, when you are in the middle of care giving it's unimportant what you call it. My best guess is that Mom is beginning to... (1 replies)
... It has been a long while since I posted here. As I said before, my wife has Alzheimerís Dementia. I gauge her level and stage to be between 6 and 7, Iím never sure what to call her disease and I guess it really doesnít matter, as the outcome will be the same. She was diagnosed in 2004 by a doctor who did some verbal testing and remarked there were going to be some issues down... (1 replies)
... Rufous, having been through this journey with both my Mom and Dad, I just hope something I learned can help somebody else. Check the Alzheimer's Association in your area for their local support group. Hopefully there is one convenient to you in both time and place. Please give it three meetings before you decide to continue or stop going. It is difficult to get a good feel... (7 replies)

My darker thoughts
Sep 15, 2014
... You are definitely not alone!! This is a slow cruel disease that leaves us with no hope of improvement. It just slowly erodes away the person we knew. We want an end, that we know is coming, to this process. We want peace for our loved ones and peace for ourselves. No more crisis or tragic events to deal with. Just peace. I will say that is why I strongly recommend... (4 replies)
... I'm sorry you have to go through this. I also had to call 911 on my husband after his hallucinations got so bad and he was fighting with multiple imaginary people and picking up furniture to hurl at them (me, being one of them). Our 17 year old daughter was home at the time and it terrified her. He was admitted to a dementia unit at a hospital for evaluation, his meds were... (7 replies)
Sep 15, 2014
... My husband has late stage Alzheimer's and his hands and sometimes his feet started feeling cold several years ago. I mentioned it to his doctors and tests have been done to check his heart. The neurologist told me that they see it in some Alzheimer's patients as well as an immobilized left or right side that almost mimics a stroke. His nose would get kind of purplish too... (5 replies)
Very Rapid Decline
Sep 15, 2014
... I'm so sorry about your loss. Yes, as you have found out the last stage of Alzheimer's can go very quickly. May your dad rest in peace. (7 replies)
... Yes, drag him kicking and screaming to a meeting if necessary. Speak up and explain your situation and let him hear others talk about their loved ones. There are also some great books and videos if you can get him to read or watch them. My Dad had heart disease. His first heart attack was at the age of 57. After his second heart attack he had 5 bypasses. He also had... (7 replies)
Very Rapid Decline
Sep 14, 2014
... DadDanny, I am not sure how I missed your post. I am sorry you are having to deal with this with your Dad. Dementia is not the same as a stroke. When a portion of the brain is damaged by a stroke there is possibility of improvement of function as other parts of the brain take over for the damaged part of the brain. In Dementia, which is a progressive brain disease, this... (7 replies)
... Rufus, there is absolutely nothing you can do about your MIL. You are correct that it is the disease and will be what it is. You are also correct that your DH's attempts to appease her, argue with her, reason with her, will be the death of you both! He is obviously in denial as to the reality of the situation, or just does not understand the extent of his Mom's impairment. ... (7 replies)
Very Rapid Decline
Sep 14, 2014
... So sorry you're dealing with this nasty disease. My grandfather passed away in 2006, but lived well beyond they time they'd estimated for his wife is struggling with vascular dementia. While it isn't full on Alzheimer's, she exhibits all the same symptoms...and her decline has been brisk these last couple of years. Seems like after she broke her hip year before last... (7 replies)
... Saya - I am not sure where you are from but you did exactly what you needed to do. Your first priority is to protect yourself and your son. Hopefully your husband will get a psychological evaluation and they will start the process of determining a diagnosis. With a diagnosis you can make the necessary arrangement for the future safety of you and your son. The Alzheimer's... (7 replies)
... Please be aware that behavioral changes may be the first thing you notice. Those little bizarre moments when they are paranoid, irrational, or seem to be beyond their normal personality. Some will know that something is not right but deny it. Some will be able to understand that something is wrong and cooperate with diagnosis. Some will have no idea there is a problem and... (2 replies)
... Is there a solid link with this? My mom's grandmother had alzheimers. Her mother showed some memory issues but unfortunately passed away from a stroke so who knows if it would of developed into something or if it was just normal old age. My mother, to my anyway, makes me nervous sometimes with her memory. Sometimes she cant remember the word for something. She literally... (2 replies)
... At this time, I do not believe it is possible to accurately diagnose dementia with just a MRI. There are some indications that can help in the diagnosis but these are as varied as the different types of dementia. It is just a tool, along with other test, symptoms, and changes in time, that are used to make a definitive diagnosis. What other information did you receive... (4 replies)
... Also wondered this as my husband's brother needed care at age 82. A gentle man who became violent. My husband, at the same age has done the same. Parkinson's, hallucinations, paranoia and violence. Again...a gentle gentleman. Both parents lived to a good age with no problem. However, the father on returning from the war became a violent alcoholic during their formative years... (2 replies)
... it may not be Alzheimer's but Vascular Dementia, Fronto-Temporal Dementia (FTD), Dementia with Lewey Body or any of other types of dementia. All dementia is not Alzheimer's. Each type of dementia has a different set of symptoms and progression. My Dad had Vascular Dementia. His ability to be rational was not impaired. You can talk through an idea with him. He would... (1 replies)
... My mother is having major hallucinations and is very delusional. She was given the "test" for Alzheimer's, which she did not pass. Her memory is wonderful and every day conversation is fine, when she is not talking about the hallucinations. Her doctor said that 7% of Alzheimer's patients exhibit hallucination/delusional thinking at the onset of the disease. Wondering if... (1 replies)
Parent's Dementia
Aug 21, 2014
... Your post hit a cord in my heart because I have been right where you are. If I can help, it validates all I have been through. There are a couple of books that helped me along the way. "Creating Moments of Joy" by Jolene Brackey is a good one to get back to focusing on what is rather than what is not. Also "Coping with Alzheimer's, A caregiver's Emotional Survival Guide"... (3 replies)
Parent's Dementia
Aug 21, 2014
... Rellie, I know and understand exactly where you are!! My Dad had Vascular Dementia and my Mom had Alzheimer (at the same time)... YES!! I get it!! It is difficult enough with one but two at a time is overwhelming at best. Even when you "understand" the disease it is so very difficult to understand that the parents you loved, trusted, and looked up to are acting the way... (3 replies)

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