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... Try giving your dad organic coconut oil to calm his moods. (1 replies)
... 3 of 6 of my Aunts and Uncles have Alzheimers. They were 55-ish when noticeable symptoms appeared. Quoted below is what one of my cousins found by having her dad(my uncle) tested genetically. Needless to say, all of my generation are concerned that we have this in us, but the results as shown below explain how there is not that much reason to worry. The early onset is a scary... (4 replies)
... I don't think I would tell her even though at stage 5 of Alzheimer's she can still comprehend a lot of things but won't remember them if they're not brought up repeatedly. Make her as comfortable as you can while you have her, create good memories, take lots of pictures, indulge her in what she likes to eat, drink, and do. In other words, spoil her and love her as much as... (7 replies)

... The answer definitely depends on the person and stage of the disease. Ask yourself... Would she understand the conversation? Would she remember the conversation? Would she have the cognitive ability to understand the consequences? Would it improve her quality of life. Bad news is difficult to process and in the later stages the ability to process and remember are... (7 replies)
... I do not believe you should tell your Mom either. I used to work in an Alzheimer's unit in a nursing home. If she is at stage 5 she would not remember what you will tell her, you are fortunate she remembers you. Besides what good will it do to tell her anyway?And perhaps from what your Mother is saying to you...she already knows. But this is just my opinion! Keep her happy,... (7 replies)
... I found out yesterday that my Mom has breast cancer that has spread to her liver and lungs. She had breast cancer 12 years ago. I feel telling her this is going to make her give up. I would say she is at a stage 5/ level 5 with Alzheimer's. The cancer was discover in her liver first, she never felt anything in her breast. She says things like, she thinks there's something... (7 replies)
... Liz, isn't it amazing what stays with them and what is fleeting? Shifting focus is one of the major impairment that Mom had from early in the disease. She would obsess over some thing and be completely oblivious about others. Importance truly didn't see to be a factor. It was whatever Mom's brain grabbed hold of in the moment. I do hope she will be able to go to the... (7 replies)
... My father is 73 and was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 2 years ago. Looking back, the really early signs were him acting out his dreams and yelling in his sleep. After a traumatic event a year ago, he had a rapid decline. There were no resources. We took my dad to a two numerologists who said that he would not get better and one said to "just let him die doing what he... (1 replies)
... Thanks so much everyone . My sister and I feel my Mom will be obsessed with this news. She has a grand daughters wedding in 6 weeks and she hasn't forget about that. She is obsessed with it, she asks all the time when are we going to shop for a dress, when is the wedding. I tell her when the wedding is but she has no idea if that's in 2 months or the next day. Now we don't... (7 replies)
... I would not have told my mum who had Alzheimers. Just enjoy your mum as much as possible. My husband now has Altz. and is in care and although he still remembers me and has cognitive moments should he be in that position I would not tell him. There could be some understanding that would only upset and I don't see any point when my aim is - to the best of my ability - that... (7 replies)
... Very sad.... If it were me I wouldn't tell her I don't think. There is a good chance that she wouldn't remember anyway. Just keep her as happy & comfortable for as long as possible. So sorry... :angel: (7 replies)
... I have an acquired mitochondrial dysfunction with some symptoms similar to Alzheimer's. I was researching a question about the use of antihistamines if one has a mitochondrial disease and came across Phizer's look at "Dimebond", a Russian antihistamine, for it's reported benefits in Alzheimer's. The resolution of that trial seemed "funny" to me and I received some... (0 replies)
... Please be aware that behavioral changes may be the first thing you notice. Those little bizarre moments when they are paranoid, irrational, or seem to be beyond their normal personality. Some will know that something is not right but deny it. Some will be able to understand that something is wrong and cooperate with diagnosis. Some will have no idea there is a problem and... (2 replies)
... Is there a solid link with this? My mom's grandmother had alzheimers. Her mother showed some memory issues but unfortunately passed away from a stroke so who knows if it would of developed into something or if it was just normal old age. My mother, to my anyway, makes me nervous sometimes with her memory. Sometimes she cant remember the word for something. She literally... (2 replies)
... I do remember you from before :) As for what to call it... Alzheimer's. Dementia is basically a symptom. It is cognitive decline the interferes with daily living. Alzheimer's is the disease that is causing the symptom of dementia. But you are right, when you are in the middle of care giving it's unimportant what you call it. My best guess is that Mom is beginning to... (3 replies)
... It has been a long while since I posted here. As I said before, my wife has Alzheimerís Dementia. I gauge her level and stage to be between 6 and 7, Iím never sure what to call her disease and I guess it really doesnít matter, as the outcome will be the same. She was diagnosed in 2004 by a doctor who did some verbal testing and remarked there were going to be some issues down... (3 replies)
... Rufous, having been through this journey with both my Mom and Dad, I just hope something I learned can help somebody else. Check the Alzheimer's Association in your area for their local support group. Hopefully there is one convenient to you in both time and place. Please give it three meetings before you decide to continue or stop going. It is difficult to get a good feel... (7 replies)
My darker thoughts
Sep 15, 2014
... You are definitely not alone!! This is a slow cruel disease that leaves us with no hope of improvement. It just slowly erodes away the person we knew. We want an end, that we know is coming, to this process. We want peace for our loved ones and peace for ourselves. No more crisis or tragic events to deal with. Just peace. I will say that is why I strongly recommend... (4 replies)
... I'm sorry you have to go through this. I also had to call 911 on my husband after his hallucinations got so bad and he was fighting with multiple imaginary people and picking up furniture to hurl at them (me, being one of them). Our 17 year old daughter was home at the time and it terrified her. He was admitted to a dementia unit at a hospital for evaluation, his meds were... (7 replies)
Sep 15, 2014
... My husband has late stage Alzheimer's and his hands and sometimes his feet started feeling cold several years ago. I mentioned it to his doctors and tests have been done to check his heart. The neurologist told me that they see it in some Alzheimer's patients as well as an immobilized left or right side that almost mimics a stroke. His nose would get kind of purplish too... (5 replies)

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