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... Hi Everyone Once again I'm back for your help. My Mom was DX with stage 4 breast cancer in OCT. Nov first we started hormone therapy, two weeks ago I called her GP to ask if that pill causes Alzheimer's to get worse, the doc said only in 2 to 5% of people. Well, my Mom has gotten a lot worst since starting the medicine. Her doctor told me to stop it and see if it makes a... (1 replies)
... dear miss muppet - just a couple of things i'd like to add to the was my mom who had this disease and this is what worked for me (this is my personal experience and opinions, everyone is different)....the happiest my mother ever was, was when her Alzheimer's completely robbed her of her memory ! Let me mom was a high maintenance miserable... (6 replies)
... Muppet, the only one you are being unfair to is yourself. Remember you are human, not a super woman. We all carry baggage with us from past experiences. Just the fact that you are caring for him says you are a good person. I don't know a sole, including myself, that has not gotten frustrated with a loved one who has cognitive impairment. It is a very frustrating disease. ... (6 replies)

... Hi, My grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 10 years ago. There have been several stages that we have seen him go through. Recently, he started eating by himself again after a long period of time of having to be fed. Can someone give some insight as to why this might be? It almost makes me worried that he is rallying... Anything would be much appreciated, thanks (1 replies)
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Jan 17, 2015
... I have read all the responses to my first posting and thank all of you sincerely. All responses carried the same theme - to let my husband continue to believe that no one is the wiser and not to tell him that the cat is out of the bag. I really do appreciate your input and shall allow him to think that no one knows he has Alzheimer's until he is ready, if ever, to share that. (5 replies)
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Jan 17, 2015
... Miss Muppet, knowing exactly the right thing to do is difficult in the best of situations. As for me, it would depend on how much your husband comprehends, understands, and retains. He set the path he wanted to take early in the disease. Is it still a well thought out rational choice or just the status quo for him now? If you tried to explain the current situation, would... (5 replies)
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Jan 17, 2015
... There is also an Alzheimer's board here. The people there have a lot of experience and can offer you some good advice. (5 replies)
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Jan 17, 2015
... My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 3 years ago. There's no need to describe how we first noticed it but it has progressed more in the last 6 months or so. He has chosen to not share it with friends although at this point they all know as the changes in him are undeniable. Recently I was made aware of the fact that an acquaintance asked a friend how long he has been... (5 replies)
... Ohh I really feel for you... Unfortunately my Uncle passed away. Final diagnosis was pneumonia infection. Docs found WBC count (and immune strength) very low. So the infection did spread really fast and without any hopes of recovering. We actually had been told that his chances of survival are close to none, a day before. I wish his soul may rest in peace. He was very... (5 replies)
... Yes, an infection does make sense. I am glad they at least know what they are dealing with and hopefully they will find a way to improve his condition. My heart goes out to you. Having lost my Dad to Vascular Dementia, my Mom to Alzheimer's, and then my daughter to a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage.... I do understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Please let... (5 replies)
... Thanks for everyone's input. People are offering options that would in theory work well, if not for people being so unwilling, which I guess is my hopelessness and frustration. Yes my aunt could get or help get my mom ready, she did it with her own mom for years who had dementia. But, my dad will give the same reason, that he doesn't want to put up with my mom's talking... (6 replies)
... You are right that each has their own personalities. When you have met one person with Alzheimer's you have met one person with Alzheimer's. Each is different. The same goes for caregivers. They each are different and a product of their personalities and past. Some are truly stuck in their ways... which may not be what we wish. Caregivers tend to get overwhelmed and not... (6 replies)
... Hello. I am really struggling as to what to do. My dear dad (aged 79) has Alzheimer's (stage 4), and prostate problems. He has been on medication for his heart for 11 years. He keeps falling and suffers hallucinations. My mother (aged 68) is an incredibly bitter lady with anger issues. She has always suffered with depression, but she will not do anything about it. She is... (6 replies)
... I might add, "Mom, these slippers were specially made so they don't wear out", or something in that vein... (3 replies)
... It is difficult to say exactly what is in her mind because each loved one with Alzheimer's is different. What I can say is that her reality is not the same as it was before and she will react differently. My best guess is, those with dementia love routine!! The same thing over and over and over is perfect for them. I solved the problem by buying the same thing over and... (3 replies)
... My mom has Alzheimer's. Christmas was different this year. She received slippers but wont' wear them because she says she will wear them out too soon, she got a nightgown but put it in a drawer and won't wear it, and she received bubblebath and won't use it but says she will soon. What is it in the mind of the Alzheimer's that makes them do this. She is 80 yrs. old and I... (3 replies)
... Hi there. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease. In essence you lose your loved one way before they die- its like grieving for a person who is still alive. Your mom is not the woman you know, or that your dad fell in love with anymore. Its very sad. There are programs which are specific to alzheimer's patients. Youre not going to be able to just get her into any old day care-... (6 replies)
... My mom has Alzheimer's, she's still just 64. Due to her oddities and personality from decades before, she never got her hip fixed and so now can barely walk. That makes things a lot more complicated when you are trying to explain directions of how to walk or move to somewhere when she can't understand it. Although it does prevent her from ever getting far away... She lives... (6 replies)
... Valerie, it is hard to say from what you have said here. Does he have Alzheimer's, Vascular Dementia, FTD, Lewy Bodies? Can I assume he is in the late stages of his disease? Sleep disturbances are common in all types of dementia, for different reasons. Those with Alzheimer's have disruptions in the body clock. Melatonin and light therapy has been used successfully to... (10 replies)
... I think what you are looking for may be "Safety 1st Grip N' Twist Door Knob Covers." David (3 replies)

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