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... it may not be Alzheimer's but Vascular Dementia, Fronto-Temporal Dementia (FTD), Dementia with Lewey Body or any of other types of dementia. All dementia is not Alzheimer's. Each type of dementia has a different set of symptoms and progression. My Dad had Vascular Dementia. His ability to be rational was not impaired. You can talk through an idea with him. He would... (1 replies)
... My mother is having major hallucinations and is very delusional. She was given the "test" for Alzheimer's, which she did not pass. Her memory is wonderful and every day conversation is fine, when she is not talking about the hallucinations. Her doctor said that 7% of Alzheimer's patients exhibit hallucination/delusional thinking at the onset of the disease. Wondering if... (1 replies)
Parent's Dementia
Aug 21, 2014
... Your post hit a cord in my heart because I have been right where you are. If I can help, it validates all I have been through. There are a couple of books that helped me along the way. "Creating Moments of Joy" by Jolene Brackey is a good one to get back to focusing on what is rather than what is not. Also "Coping with Alzheimer's, A caregiver's Emotional Survival Guide"... (3 replies)

Parent's Dementia
Aug 21, 2014
... Rellie, I know and understand exactly where you are!! My Dad had Vascular Dementia and my Mom had Alzheimer (at the same time)... YES!! I get it!! It is difficult enough with one but two at a time is overwhelming at best. Even when you "understand" the disease it is so very difficult to understand that the parents you loved, trusted, and looked up to are acting the way... (3 replies)
Parent's Dementia
Aug 21, 2014
... Hi, my Mum has Alzheimer's and Dad has Vascular Dementia, I am having a hard time with this. I feel like I am being selfish because I am finding it hard to deal with the changes that my parents are going through. My Dad was this bright happy man, who always had a smile, but of late he is always sleeping, unable to walk, only just a few step rest of the time in wheelchair, to... (3 replies)
Very Rapid Decline
Aug 18, 2014
... My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2010, he's now 90 years old. He had a stroke in 2012 & with our care he went from a wheelchair to a cane & a move into assisted living. This last year we have noticed the ALZ progressing, in the last month worse & in the last 2 weeks & 2 days even worse. He's had a few infections, caught early & treated & I know this will affect his... (0 replies)
... Marcy, It would take a lot more information than you have provided here (actually a crystal ball) to determine what to expect next. Each, with vascular dementia, will follow their own path through the disease. Since the deficiencies are determined by which parts of the brain are affected and how, it is almost impossible to determine what is next. Vascular Dementia is caused... (2 replies)
... It would help to know what type of dementia your Mom has (each type of dementia is different) and what other symptoms does she have (what stage she is in).... is she ambulatory, can she feed herself, does she communicate effectively, can she follow instruction? In the late mid stages of Vascular Dementia my Dad started sleeping more and more. It was a result of his... (3 replies)
... Many do go through that hostile, combative, aggressive stage. My Mom did, and my Dad even had his moments. I know very few that have not been angry and combative at some point in their journey though dementia. The facility should have been a bit more proactive about paring residents. You don't put a calm resident in the same room with a combative resident. As for the... (3 replies)
... My husband who has late stage Alzheimer's is now in a small nursing home/rehab center. I visit my husband every evening and have come to know a lot of the residents and they know me. They moved my husband to a different room with a different roommate and now I have to ask them to move him again. His new roommate was a minister in regular life. Now, he's the devil... (3 replies)
Jul 28, 2014
... Silkey, my husband has Alzheimer's and is taking Namenda. It seems to help keep his mind clearer and doesn't seem to have too many side effects. He did complain of headaches when he first started taking it but, those went away after a couple of weeks. He also has suffered from sleep apnea all his life. (4 replies)
Jun 28, 2014
... He is in the hospital, just had surgery, and definitely out of his normal routine. It is all traumatic. So see what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully there are no more infections and he will recover from the confusion. Yes, you Dad could have NPH and Vascular Dementia, or Alzheimer's, or a combination of all three. Only time will tell.... so be patient. Hope for the best... (129 replies)
Looking for advice
Jun 25, 2014
... My name is Sean and I live in WI. My step dad has been diagnosed with alcohol related dimension and early onset Alzheimer's. His long term memory is still there but his short term memory is not good. We have gotten him to stop drinking any alcohol besides n/a beer. And that has helped. Where I am in need of advice is that he does not treat my mom very good anymore. He... (2 replies)
What should I do?
Jun 24, 2014
... greetings: I'm a 64 year old man and I have a 72 year old friend who I've known since I was 22. I am disabled and shouldn't be doing any heavy work. Our house needed a new roof for some time, it's small but we can't afford to hire the typical high dollar big money contractors in this area. I had a deal with a guy in town that I've known for a long time to help me shingle... (3 replies)
Jun 13, 2014
... Nattydresser, yes I have seen this before and heard of it many times. My Mom was worse on Aricept as well and I eventually took her off the medication. Perhaps it was your lucky day when the VA ran out of the medication and you were able to see how she was without the medication. If she was my Mom, I would leave her off the medication. Putting her back on will not make... (1 replies)
My mom
Jun 13, 2014
... I totally agree that this is one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with... twice... three times.... with my grandmother, my Dad, and them my Mom. What we truly wish is that they didn't have this disease which has no cure and no effective treatment. We are helpless to truly help them. So we try to compensate by making life as pleasant as possible for them. We... (3 replies)
My mom
Jun 12, 2014
... Ttsmith, it is difficult from what you have said here to know if you are doing the right thing for your mom. Yet I do understand all you are saying here. Believe me, yours is not the only dysfunctional family around. Untangling a lifetime of mess complicated by dementia is not easy. But it can be done. I hope your Mom has had a complete physical exam. Medication,... (3 replies)
... No, your life is not over once you are diagnosed. I know many that are living well with dementia. We fear this disease more than any other disease. I am here to tall you that you can live well with dementia, especially if it is accurately diagnosed early and you take advantage of the mentoring, support, and medication available. It is when you put off, delay, and deny what... (2 replies)
... I'm 62 and have what I would consider to be very mild symptoms of dementia/Alzheimer's. My father has severe dementia, don't know if it's specifically Alzheimer's, though. I'm due to get a mri soon for an ear problem (which of course has nothing to do with anything). My concern, though, is that something might show up on the mri that will suggest dementia. Will my life as I... (2 replies)
... I also think it is human nature. Fortunately all the caregivers in the dementia unit are understanding. One caregiver even joked "Am I your girlfriend?" I think a little teasing is OK. It is not just the loneliness. I feel it is the nature. Given dementia. the man loses the abilities to be polite or proper. Often he would be so frank to say would you go to bed with me. He... (7 replies)

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