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... My FIL with Alzheimers was rushed to hospital in an ambulance yesterday after having a seizure. He went deathly pale and then began convulsing violently. ... (3 replies)
... It is my understanding that a small percentage of AD patients can have seizures, perhaps only 10%, but there may be other causes in certain individuals, so it is best to check it out with his physician. Or you can go to your search engine, type in 'Alzheimers + seizures' and see what comes up there. Take care. (8 replies)
... We are trying to figure out if seizures are a part of AD. The Dr at the ER hedged the question and said that it could be part of any dementia, since the brain cells are dying off. ... (8 replies)

The inevitable
Apr 22, 2014
... at she is no longer swallowing. Of course, the nursing home noticed and is already having the speech therapist check her out, etc. Unfortunately, and inevitably, alzheimers has robbed her of yet another function. Still, we remain at peace because her suffering will soon be over...... ... (7 replies)
Checking In
Oct 15, 2012
... He's also having seizures a little more frequently, about 1 a month now. The aides say that they think he might live another year or even two. ... (3 replies)
Ovoid plaques
Sep 19, 2012
... Thank you for the response luau. They started out kinda like a flutter feeling and just a little dizzy feeling and usually lasted for a week or two when they first began and would come back every 4 or so months. They have progressively gotten worse over the 6 yrs I've had them and seems like they come back every week or two after they quit and keep lasting for a longer period... (7 replies)
Ovoid plaques
Sep 19, 2012
... Dear Ptok, I am sorry you are experiencing these very troubling symptoms, and I can understand your frustration in trying to get to the bottom of it all. As you know, MS or fibromalyalgia, not just classical dementias like Alzheimers, can present with memory issues as you are experiencing. The transient "dizzy spells" that you are describing, can you tell us how frequently... (7 replies)
Lucy update
Jul 4, 2012
... The neurologist told me that that seizures are much more common in Alzheimer's patients. ... (66 replies)
... I'd say that the best things you can do right now are (1) start to learn about Medicaid, or whatever other resources may be available if you're not in the U.S. As much as your Mom and the rest of the family thinks she can handle it by herself, the odds are heavily against her. As others have mentioned, the time comes that physically she won't be able to lift him, toilet... (15 replies)
... It is so frustrating not to be able to look ahead and know what will happen (and when). Sometimes you think you're prepared for the next step, but you really aren't. I've been upset over the last few days, since two of the patients on DH's ward passed over Christmas. Patients have passed before, of course. Some of them were expected, such as the lady who was nearly... (10 replies)
... What I am wondering, is if his memory lapses could be due to seizures and not Alzheimers at all. I still find it hard to believe that he has Alzheimers. The dr did however note earlier this morning that he has "quite advanced Alzheimers". ... (10 replies)
... Not sure if this has been asked before. My mother (and some of her close family members) have had early onset of Alzheimer's Disease (avg age: 52). Mom is now 66. Does not recognize her children and she does not speak (mumbles); she can walk with assistance from room to bathroom, etc. She can not bathe or feed herself. Has begun to get seizures. Mom has four children... (11 replies)
... My mum has had about four seizures over the last two or three years. She has recently been diagnosed with parkinsons disease though. ... (18 replies)
... I am not pretending that Mom gave me her diagnosis in my sleep ... but I am wondering if seizures can cause Dementia? ... (18 replies)
... for nothing else, for piece of mind. My daughter who is 25 also suffers from memory loss. It isn't Alzheimers. She suffers from absent seizures. These are small seizures lasting for about 2 second intervals. That is enough to put gaping holes in your memory. It may not be that but like I said, try a neurologist. ... (3 replies)
... Hi. My father in law has Alzheimers and was on both Aricept and rispardol at one stage. First of all a lot depends on the mini mental test given for Alzheimers. ... (5 replies)
Hypermotor stage?
Sep 25, 2007
... Well, first I did an internet search, which proved to be quite difficult as there are A LOT of papers on this subject, but non accessable unless I wanted to pay $. What I did find in bits and pieces was: Nocturnal hypermotor seizures, suggesting frontal lobe epilepsy hypermotor seizures appeared only in FLE (don't know what FLE is) hypermotor and frenetic but... (7 replies)
Mom had a Seizure
Jun 25, 2006
... we can do for ourselves and our charges, but there is a certain point in their illnessess, that it is better to leave well enuf alone! My dad, for instance, has alzheimers and parkinsons, at about mid level. He loves to eat. And he loves to eat what he wants to eat. Not something that is good for him. ... (4 replies)
... about a month ago she was hospitalized for low blood sugar it was 11 she went into sugar shock and had 3 seizures back to back on me. I about flipped out but I kept my head. she had 1 last week but sugar was fine . ... (4 replies)
... or seizures are uncommon. ... (5 replies)

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