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... Saturday, he was violent with the nurses when he went to the bathroom, he didn't want help. This from a mild mannered soft spoken man. ... (10 replies)
... he demanded a high level of behavior. That became a problem. Mom was not happy and he vacillated between accusing other of making her unhappy with resulted in violent outburst and blaming her for not behaving which caused problems between them. Mom on the other had was stubborn and determined. ... (34 replies)
... top swinging, violent outbursts, screaming. She has previously had confusion during late afternoon, but even that seemed to be controlled....this is out of control. ... (5 replies)

... Sorry you are going through this time of worry and fear. Alzheimer's Disease is just one of the many kinds of Dementia. Some are caused by strokes, brain tumors, and other kinds of deterioration, others by old age. I have no knowledge of alcohol causation, but it might be happening. Is there any chance your husband would go to an AA meeting? it doesn't seem likely to... (18 replies)
... arn me that alcohol can do this after such long exposure to it. Kind of scares me that if his mind is starting to deteriorate, what would stop him from becoming violent when he gets in one of his moods. Is this typical with Alzheimer's? ... (18 replies)
... Dementia and Alzheimers are often used interchangeably. Alzheimer's Disease is actually one form of dementia. There are many more. ... (3 replies)
Mom has Alzheimers
Sep 28, 2007
... My dad has been on Zoloft for about 4 years now and that has helped a LOT with his aggression. He used to get violent before starting on Zoloft. ... (10 replies)
... Thank you Martha, Sally and ibake&pray for your responses to my post. Your replies help so much. I appreciate it. I read through many of the posts here and saw the information about the once a day pill that Australia is testing. I sent the article to my dad last night and this morning he called and asked where he could get a year's supply. He was laughing, but was... (12 replies)
... Hello girls, welcome to our little haven in this mixed up world of Dementia/Alzheimers! Martha & Barbara are both right ... and I'll put my 2 cents in as well ... as long as Mum is SAFE, encourage her independence, but first and foremost, don't let a crisis make your decisions for you .. eg: the car. It is far more safer to be cruel to be kind, because the next crisis could... (5 replies)
... Hi Kamsue, I am sorry that your father is progressing so rapidly. Is he currently taking any meds for alzheimers? Of course, he may be at to high of a level for certain kinds of medicines. But like others have said, the anti-depressants, the mood altering drugs and the sleeping pills can help. He needs something ASAP - because of the threat to your mothers health! If... (17 replies)
... refuses to watch anything violent on TV and gets quite distressed when anything like that is mentioned. ... (6 replies)
... l she passed away last November. We had to put him in a nursing home at the end of December. After just a few days there they sent him to a psych unit due to his violent behavior. He was given many drugs and after a few weeks they sent him back to the nursing home. ... (2 replies)
... My mother is in the middle stages of Alzheimers and has been very combative and even violent on an almost daily basis. This behavior comes out of nowhere. It is getting unbearable for my father and sister who care for her at home. ... (3 replies)
... You definitely need legal assistance! Have you tried the University of Kansas school of law to see if they have an elder clinic? Is there an Alzheimers' Association in your region, who can walk you through your rights and how to get treatment for your husband? I didn't understand your comment about not being eligible for VA assistance due to financial reasons. While you... (6 replies)
... (162 replies)
... Hello Gabriel, My husband had alzheimers for 10 years and was very aggressive and violent, I keeped him home with me the whole time . ... (162 replies)
... ay, and it could be that she's angry because of what's happening to her and taking it out on you, and it could just be the personality changes that go along with alzheimers and might not be her talking at all. ... (10 replies)
... I don't think he's gotten combative or violent with her but I don't think she would tell me if he did. ... (14 replies)
... I thought people with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia, don't recognize their behavior, don't remember what they did and how they acted. Is this true? ... (9 replies)
... With my mother is was more obvious that something was not right -- when my parents moved into a house they built in the White Haven section of Pennsylvania. For the first few years, it was okay -- then I noticed differences in my parents when they came back to Jersey to see the grandkids and us. My father would practically beg my mother to stay longer while he went back... (18 replies)

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