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... I can tell you from personally experience that trying to fight an extremely strong-willed spouse is an exceedingly difficult, and thankless job. So in a lot of ways I sympathizes with your dad's plight. As long as your mom is mobile and can get to the grocery on her own, there is simply no way your dad can keep her away from her sweets. He can throw away the stuff she gets,... (5 replies)
... First and foremost, he needs to see a doctor to rule out anything else, such a thyroid deficiency, Vitamin deficiencies and other things. You can't just start making such assumptions without crossing off the 'fixable' things. If the doctor suspects one of the dementia's, he will perform a MINI MENTAL, I have written this out before, but here it is again: You can try... (15 replies)
Oct 27, 2006
... s from hearing trouble and can't smell. He also had a detached retina and operation on his eye. That was one good excuse we had for him to give up driving, his eyesight isn't good anymore. I don't know what it has to do with it, I guess it's all somehow connected in some way. ... (141 replies)

... My mother has old age dementia and she went through exactly the same things as your aunt. It is like deju vu all over again and again and again. ... (6 replies)
Apr 18, 2006
... I understand now - your Dad is really the first person to make such a decision, and if he is in his right mind, there is no way you alone can decide what to do about your Mom. I think most of us have made such promises in the past. I did. I came to NY to be with Mom in 2000 and since she was already 91, I promised to stay with her and take care of her 'forever.' At that... (141 replies)
Jan 29, 2006
... Her eyesight is going to start to become affected too, because she works herself into such rages, that she starts crying, and I can't put her glaucoma drops in. ... (141 replies)
... meaning her eyes are fine, but she just can't see to the left. This affected her spacial orientation as well and, combined with the dementia left from the stroke, makes it much more difficult for her to move about and perform complex tasks. She does, but just at a slower pace. ... (4 replies)
... vokes him to arguing with her. She taunts him and picks on him because of his memory loss. My Dad is deaf in one ear and can barely hear in the other ear. His eyesight is now so poor that he cannot read. ... (6 replies)
UP and down
Sep 3, 2009
... time my mother ever signaled me to her or wanted me in the same room is when my sister pissed her off about something. Yet, my sister could not be out of mom's eyesight for the slightest minute. ... (29 replies)
... the handicap of having macular degeneration, so much of the confusion was also blamed on her eyesight. In fact my sister did not believe or accept that Mom had Dementia at all. Even when her doctor diagnosed it and put her on Aricept. ... (18 replies)
... Much more importantly, your Mom needs to get a thorough checkup from a neurologist or a geriatric specialist and perhaps start on anti Dementia drugs. They help at the start and are not much use later on. ... (14 replies)
Wandering Event
Apr 9, 2008
... Sorry you and your kids had that awful scare. I am sure that a large amount of my gray hair traces right back to Mom doing the disappearing act, several times. In our case, the first 'lost' episode was followed very quickly by two or three more. And there were quite a few I wasn't aware of until neighbors told me they had seen Mom in a different street trying to open the... (4 replies)
... My Mom was the parade example of physical and mental activity. Yet she got dementia. However, she did get it very late (90) so maybe her swimming 3 times a week, walking at least half an hour a day, climbing the steep stairs to her apartment, listening to classical music, reading books until her eyesight went, and then listening to books on tape - all helped to stave it off... (10 replies)
... Welsome to this Board, although no one would want to HAVE to be here. I am an Alzheimer's caregiving survivor. My Mother passed away in December after about 9 years of steadily worsening dementia. At first we (her 3 children) put it down to old age, and poor eyesight, as Mom became less and less capable of doing things for herself. When I went to live with her in 2000 she... (9 replies)
... My Mom's Dementia is called Old Age Dementia because it began when she was almost 90. ... (14 replies)
I Need To Vent!
Jan 17, 2006
... When Mom got dementia our superficially friendly relationship changed radically. ... (6 replies)
... Mom insisted on crossing the street on a red light. She insited that red meant go, green meant stop. Thank God she had stopped driving a couple of years before Dementia hit, due to eyesight. ... (5 replies)
... since this is a dementia patient we are speaking about. It is incredible to me ..of the people she mentioned, one, Ella, died a few years ago and Mom seems to know that ... ... (27 replies)
... This message board is my only support group, since I can't go out of the house except to my job, and THAT is becoming dangerous! I love all you people and feel that without you I would have thrown in the towel some time ago. I have been with Mom for 5 years, but I think Alzheimer-like symptoms first sneaked in - so gradually we didn't understand it - 2 or 2 1/2 years ago,... (31 replies)
Valentines Day
Feb 15, 2005
... Happy Valentine's Day to Sally and Barbara and all my other new friends on this Board. I had to leave school early to get a vison exam to renew my drivers' license by mail. I was surprised to find I have the beginning of a cataract and 'new floaters' which could be a sign of later retinal problems like mom has. I will think about all that later ..when I am settled in... (2 replies)

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